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Posted on: January 17, 2011 12:31 pm
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Game Changer: Clippers top Lakers in LA

The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the battle for LA and the San Antonio Spurs easily handled the Denver Nuggets at home. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer. 


Los Angeles Clippers rookie Blake Griffin is not only phenomenally athletic, he plays the role of "rookie that doesn't care about your veteran way of doing things" absolutely perfectly. 

Griffin's Clippers defeated the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, and while it certainly wasn't Griffin's most efficient night, he left his stamp on the game in the closing seconds.

With a comfortable lead and the win virtually secured, Griffin continued to battle hard underneath the glass during a free throw attempt, prompting Lakers forward Lamar Odom to swing him by the jersey for his perceived unnecessary hustle and physical play. The two forwards had a staredown which resulted in four players being ejected (video here) and the Lakers left a little salty at Griffin's lack of decorum in a situation that happens hundreds of times over a long NBA career.

Will Griffin still chase every rebounding attempt with absolute ferocity when he's Odom's age? Possibly not, but it's not out of the question. Sunday's exchange was simply proof that when it comes to "motor" -- that all-purpose scouting term that combines hustle, energy level, activity and desire -- Griffin, even as a rookie, rocks the most cylinders and has the most horsepower. 

Not only does he go hard, though, Griffin has shown in recent games that, despite being soft-spoken and even-keeled off the court, he excels in the macho on-court NBA climate of punking and trashtalking. He's been delivering stares after dunks for months now, but his success as a rookie has made him a target of mental attacks from his opponents. Against the Miami Heat last week, Griffin responded to some trash-talking by throwing down a ridiculous double-pump dunk and then letting the Heat know about it. Here, against the Lakers, Griffin holds his ground as his teammates comically come to his defense, as if anyone was really going to mess with Griffin one-on-one, face-to-face.  

Griffin is still finding his way in the league, as demonstrated by Portland Trail Blazers point guard Andre Miller body-slamming him in retaliation for some rebounding skirmishes. But Griffin's message to the rest of the NBA has become clear and consistent: you guys will adjust to me and my talent, not the other way around. 

So far it's working out pretty well for him.


Tony Parker: 30 points, seven rebounds, four assists, two steals on 11-15 shooting in 32 minutes in a San Antonio Spurs home victory over the Denver Nuggets.

Blake Griffin: 18 points, 15 rebounds, three assists in 38 minutes in a Los Angeles Clippers home victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Andrew Bynum: 18 points, 13 rebounds, three blocks on 7-11 shooting in 32 minutes in a Los Angeles Lakers road victory over the Los Angeles Clippers.



Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan serves as a spotter as his teammate does a pre-game handstand.   clippers-handstand


J.R. Smith is the best in-game dunker in the NBA (only LeBron James comes close). One of the reasons why: Smith doesn't care at all about time/score situations. Even in blowouts, he's looking to put you on a poster. Here, down big against the San Antonio Spurs, Smith rises up and over Spurs big man Tiago Splitter for a nasty one-handed dunk.


Here's Splitter's attempt at revenge, a two-handed dunk in transition that was completely unnecessary because the clock was set to run out. Splitter violated the NBA rule of "no unnecessary shooting if the opposition agrees not to foul or play defense" and karma got the best of him. Splitter went crashing to the floor after the uncontested dunk attempt, landing hard on his backside. The good news: no injury was sustained during the course of this blooper.


The Carmelo Anthony saga is driving everyone a little nuts, but leave it to his Nuggets teammate J.R. Smith to find a funny side. Quoted by NBA.com, Smith said the Nuggets give Anthony some grief: "We ask him, 'What are you gonna look like in a Nets uniform?,' How cold it's going to be out there. What (city) he's gonna end up in? He could be playing for some team in Alaska."
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You Got Dunked Off: J.R. Smith

Every night there are spectacular slams in the NBA. And twice as often, there are dunks that would have been amazing if they had, you know, made the dunk. "You Got Dunked Off" profiles the best missed dunks in the league.
Posted by Matt Moore

J.R. Smith is entertaining, that's for sure. Pretty much everything he does makes you shake your head. It's just a question of whether you're shaking your head saying:

"Man, that was awesome."


"Man, that was J.R. Smith."

This one? Manages to be both. So close, Earl. So close.

Posted on: September 28, 2010 9:41 am

Shootaround 9.28.10: Table for three with Cuban?

Posted by Royce Young
  • Want to eat lunch with a billionaire? Jump on Ebay and top the current bid of $2,325 and you can have a nice sit-down with Mark Cuban. The proceeds to the auction are going to the Adrienne Shelley Foundation, a group supporting women filmmakers.
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts tweeted last night: "Now I can jus focus on getting W's & FGM. & STEALS. Y'all know I was top 15 in the league in steals before that guy stop playin me? Smfh!!!" That "guy" was Kiki Vandeweghe last season in New Jersey, if you were wondering.
  • Carlos Boozer on trash-talking with Miami : " We definitely trash talk a little bit, but we're excited. That's what makes the game so good. I'm friends with most of the guys in the NBA and you want to have bragging rights, especially me because I live in Miami in the off-season. So when I go down there, I want to be able to say we kicked their butts. This year, it's going to be different. They're going to want to say they kicked our butts. Those games are going to be lively and exciting… At the end of the day, we know that the Lakers are holding the championship trophy. Championship is going to go through LA. But as a competitor, you want to play against who is supposed to be the best team and you guys, not necessarily you guys, but people are dubbing the Miami Heat as the next best team to the Lakers. As a team that wants to through the best, to be a champion, we look forward to playing the Miami Heat and we look forward to playing the Lakers and Celtics and every other team that's supposed to be better than us."
  • Phil Jackson used the word "collude" to describe how the Heat got together. Matthew Bunch of Hot Hot Hoops looks into it: "Collusion is an interesting and, I’m sure, purposeful word choice. Collusion is an oftentimes illegal agreement among entities to limit market. All acts effected by this means are considered void. Obviously, the matter of the NBA pursuing tampering or collusion against the Miami Heat or its players is virtually dead, but Jackson is always known for playing a psychological game. Sometimes it’s the refs, sometimes it’s the league and maybe this time it’s the league’s fans, painting the Lakers as the good guys against the tainted Heat."
  • Gene Wang of The Washington Post: "Clad in a new No. 9 jersey, a fully bearded Arenas went about his media obligations without so much as a grin. The staid demeanor, like his updated number, represented a vast departure from his former Agent Zero persona, when Arenas carried himself as the exuberant face of the franchise and welcomed the adoration and attention associated with that standing. Arenas did not address specifically his tribulations from last season but mentioned a 'breath of fresh air,' signaling an inclination to redirect his energy toward remaking his image after the franchise reacted to the suspension by quickly removing all likenesses of him from Verizon Center. Part of that purge included an oversized banner hanging on the arena's Sixth Street side and all Arenas jerseys in the team store. 'Any product you own, if something happens to it, you got to do what you've got to do to save your company, so I understand it,' Arenas said. 'Now we've just got to move forward.'"
  • Zach Harper for Hardwood Paroxysm getting sciency with the Lopez twins: "If this theory is true, and I believe science is telling me that it is, then the theory of relativity will help my uneasiness with the Lopez twins. Even though Brook and Robin have different hair, different uniforms and probably different versions of Thor that they enjoy, they’re still so identical that it creeps me out. It gives me some solace to know that Brook is an offensive force while Robin is the answer to many of the Suns’ prayers for a defensive presence in the middle. I’m fascinated at the idea that the two of them excelled at very different parts of the game that probably heightened their skills even more."
  • Mo Williams talked openly about his retirement thoughts at media day: "You're at the beach and you're walking right to that water and you can feel it on your toes and you're a kid and your momma grabs you and says 'nope, you're not going into the ocean today,'" Williams said. "You're looking back and you're like 'wow, I was almost there.' You don't know when you'll be down by the ocean again."
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What about Chauncey Billups?

Posted by Royce Young

Chauncey Billups is 34 years old. He's entering his 14th season in the league. He's won two NBA titles, a gold medal in the World Championships and has been Finals MVP. He only knows winning. And he only wants to play for a winner.

As Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! pointed out, Billups prefers to win over staying in his hometown. "I want to be playing for something," Billups said in Turkey.

And if the de-construction of the Nuggets happens soon and Carmelo Anthony is moved, Billups might be left walking to the front office, hat in hand, and asking for a way out as well.

Wojnarowski also mention in a report he filed Sunday that everyone on the Nuggets' roster is on the block, sans Ty Lawson and Billups. And while Denver might not be willing to deal Billups now, if a complete rebuilding project is underway, Billups doesn't sound like he's wanting to hang around for that.

J.R. Smith was tossed around in a few trade rumors earlier this summer and a player like Kenyon Martin is an attractive trade piece. Productive player, big contract and one that's up after this season.

Some of the deals proposed to Denver thus far give them a chance to stay competitive while also rebuilding. The original mega-four-team deal that brought the Nuggets Derrick Favors and Andrei Kirilenko wouldn't put Denver in complete rebuilding mode. They probably wouldn't be quite as good, but with Nene, Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, Lawson, Smith and Billups, a nice roster is still intact.

But start trading off pieces and acquiring expiring contracts and assets and some of the older players might not be willing to hang in for that. Billups has two years left on his current contract, but that doesn't mean he'll be in Denver for two more years. For one, 2011-12 is non-guaranteed.

If Carmelo can be convinced to stay Billups would likely finish his career in Denver. It's where he was born, where he grew up, where he went to school and somewhere he really likes playing now. But hometown loyalty only runs so far for an aging veteran.

Granted, he might be stuck there this year, but come next season when he's a valuable expiring deal? Billups would likely ship out looking for one last hurrah instead of guiding a batch of restructuring youngsters in the Rockies.
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Shootaround 8.27.10: Chicken Nuggets

Posted by Royce Young
  • Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post: "The task of receiving anywhere near market value for Anthony in trade only figures to be more difficult with a growing perception the 6-foot-8 Denver forward is more interested in winning an Oscar than an NBA title. As a league executive told me: Anthony used to bleed basketball. But if you opened him up now and looked inside, what could be found closest to the player's heart? A love of the game? Or the desire to be a Hollywood star?"
  • Jeremy Wagner of Roundball Mining Company: "I know most observers are saying the Nuggets are going to fail to get equal value for Carmelo, and they are right.  There is just no way around that fact. I strongly believe Denver is in a better position than everyone realizes.  There will be competition between the Knicks, Nets, Rockets and Clippers. The Knicks, Nets are desperate to make a big move and acquire a marquee player.  The Clippers are just a notch below that level. I can see Donald Sterling convincing himself that this is his chance to make a run at the Lakers and doing everything he could to acquire Melo."
  • Howard Beck of the New York Times: "With Fields signed, the Knicks’ roster is essentially set. They have 14 players with guaranteed contracts and no immediate plans to fill the final vacancy. (Center Jerome Jordan, another second-round pick, will begin his career in Serbia. The Knicks retain his rights.) A handful of players will be brought to camp on partial guarantees and perhaps compete for the 15th spot."
  • Steve Nash talking to the Arizona Republic: "It disappointed me because we were close and we're going to miss a big piece, but I think Robert went to or beyond where anybody could ask him to go," Nash said. "This franchise would suffer a severe risk if Amar'e ever got hurt, so I understand why the last two years were guaranteed only if he played 22 minutes a game. I can't fault Robert for that. I can't blame Amar'e. He got that money guaranteed. It's just a shame."
  • D-League Digest continues on with grading teams use of the D-League. I find the differences fairly fascinating.
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J.R. Smith involved in choking incident

Nuggets guard reportedly chokes player during pickup game at Nuggets facility.
Posted by Matt Moore

It would appear, ahem, that Earl Smith felt he had to choke a dude. J.R. Smith, the mercurial/embattled/heavily-tattooe
d-to-a-ridiculous-degree guard for the Denver Nuggets was investigated by the police yesterday in an incident at the team's training facility, according to FanHouse's Sam Amick . Smith was apparently being guarded in a pickup game by a former D-League player not currently in the NBA who was instructed by coaches to get physical with the gunner.

A source in the facility told FanHouse that in the ensuing fight, "J.R. just lost it. He tried to choke the kid, and the kid called the cops."

Right, then.

Let the Sprewell references begin!

Smith had been rumored to be on the trading block this week anyway, with his biggest advocate, Mark Warkentien no longer with the team. Police confirmed their investigation to Amick, but no charges were filed. With this most recent incident, you have to wonder if it was the last straw for the Nuggets and if they will now simply take whatever offer they can get for Smith. Of course, the flip side of that is wondering who is interested in picking up a limited player with shot-conscience problems who just tried to choke a guy in practice. Not exactly ratcheting up the trade value, there, Earl. But at least Smith's $6.3 million contract is expiring this season. That should increase his value to a point they can at least ship him somewhere.

You'd think that Smith would have learned to stay out of trouble, but behavior like this is simply not something the Nuggets can afford, not with their team in transition and their star looking for a way out.  The Nuggets' offseason from hell continues.

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Report: Nuggets looking to trade J.R. Smith

Posted by Royce Young

For the past two weeks or so, any trade talk coming out of Denver has involved one Carmelo Anthony. But it appears one of his teammates may actually be the one to go first.

Chris Tomasson of Fanhouse reports that the Nuggets are looking to trade guard J.R. Smith, a player entering the final year of his $6 million contract. Smith has been part of trade rumors ever since he arrived in Denver from Chicago and before then, New Orleans, but mainly hung around because one of his biggest supporters was former general manager Mark Warkentein. Now that Warkentein is gone, Smith may be as well.

Smith is somewhat of a headcase player that has often had issues with coach George Karl, but it's hard to ignore his production off the bench. He's a player that can routinely explode for 25 points any given night and in 2008-09, finished second for Sixth Man of the Year. Last season he averaged 15.4 points per game, a career high. However, on the flip side Smith's field goal percentage dipped to 41.4 and he shot just 33.8 percent from 3.

The Nuggets would probably prefer to move him before the season starts, but are obviously looking to get some kind of return for Smith. He's obviously attractive to a contender as he has an expiring contract but mainly because he could make an excellent scoring piece off the bench.

While Denver has bigger problems in that the Nuggets still need a general manager to pull the string on this deal as well as the Anthony situation, Smith appears to be available.
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