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Posted on: December 13, 2011 1:53 pm
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Why doesn't Dwight Howard want to be a Bull?

By Matt Moore

Back on Dec. 10th, the Chicago Tribune reported that Dwight Howard was not considering the Bulls. Chicago has not been on the list of teams Ken Berger has reported since February under consideration by Howard and his management. And Tuesday, ESPN reported that Howard's list has been narrowed to four teams, the New Jersey Nets, the Dallas Mavericks, the L.A. Lakers, and the Orlando Magic

So the question now is "Why won't Howard consider the Bulls?"

For starters, it would make a huge amount of sense for both parties in terms of basketball. For the Magic, they'd be able to get back a decent return on Howard, something that not many other teams will offer. Joakim Noah as a centerpiece, with Omer Asik, Ronnie Brewer, potentially Luol Deng, and a salary dump of Hedo Turkoglu along with picks could probably be had. That's a fine haul for the Magic. But maybe Howard simply doesn't care about what his team gets back and in fact wants to make sure they don't give up too much so that he can have a good group behind him wherever he lands. 

The bigger upside is for Howard. He would no longer have to be the sole source of offense and would have the pressure to be "the man" split between he and Rose. Howard wants help? How about the MVP point guard who can create offense for himself as well as anyone in the league? He'd be set with a young player just starting his rise to greatness and already established. Rose isn't an alpha dog and wouldn't have problems with Howard, Rose has good enough vision even as a score-first guard to create oop after oop for Howard on the pick and roll. Throw in Carlos Boozer as now a much-better-fitting third option (unless they unloaded Boozer which they may have to for salary purposes), and some combination of the Chicago shooters and you have all the help Howard's been asking for. 

Furthermore, how about the best defensive player in the league playing under the best defensive coach in the league? Tom Thibodeau could get the absolute most out of Howard's considerable abilities (not that Stan Van Gundy hasn't already done a stellar job and in fact in large part helped make Howard into the defensive presence he is), and would let him dictate what he wants on offense instead of forcing perimeter shots like SVG. 

The only conclusion is that it's some combination of weather and style that Howard balks at in regards to Chicago. Howard is rumored to prefer warm-weather destinations, coming from the south and having played there for his career. Chicago isn't exactly balmy. Then again, not like Brooklyn is all palm trees and sun tan lotion. The bigger question may be from a marketing perspective. New York or L.A. provide him with media opportunities galore, and for a guy who loves the camera as much as Howard does, that might be the kicker. 

One entity sad about this development? Adidas, who have both Howard and Rose under their label. The two teaming up under the colors of Nike's icon Michael Jordan's former team? Priceless. The money would be there for Howard in Chicago, but maybe not the level of fame he wants.
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Deron Williams blasts David Stern: 'He's a bully'

Posted by Ben Golliver


The public backlash against NBA commissioner David Stern over his handling of recent Chris Paul trade talks just got an added boost of superstar juice.

New Jersey Nets All-Star point guard Deron Williams slammed, calling him a "bully" repeatedly, in comments made on Sunday, one day after the Lakers pulled out of extended 3-team trade talks that would have landed the New Orleans Hornets All-Star point guard in Los Angeles.

The New York Daily News has a rundown of Williams' public critique, which could very well end up drawing a fine from the commissioner's office.
"You’re fighting a bully. David Stern is a bully, you can’t really go up against him,” Williams said.

Williams didn’t back off when asked again. “He knows he’s a bully. It’s not a secret,” Williams said, laughing. “You got to be. I think every owner of every big business is a bully. That’s how they become successful.”

Williams said he has tried to contact Paul recently, but understands his friend is in a “tough situation.”
It's hard to dispute Williams' sentiment given how harshly the NBA lockout played out and how authoritarian Stern's stance on the Paul trade appears from the outside, although this type of candor is rare in the NBA as the league office tends to respond harshly to even the slightest criticism from amongst its ranks. 

Williams is an obvious ally for Paul, who saw a great chance to leave behind a disorganized Hornets organization to play for the league's premier organization explode over the last 72 hours. Williams and Paul are friends, were drafted in the same year, led small-market teams against the big dogs for years and are now anxiously looking forward to flex their muscles and improve their NBA situation with free agency approaching. Of course Williams will stand by Paul publicly: he realizes that if something like this can happen to CP3, it can happen to D-Will too. 

The outcry over Stern's decision to step in and veto the Paul-to-the-Lakers trade on Thursday also led Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger to joke that he was considering changing his last name to "Stern's B****." Paul threatened not to show up to training camp and Lakers forward Lamar Odom, who was also involved in the trade proposal, did not participate in Lakers camp on Friday and was promptly traded to the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday.

Stern's heavy-handedness towards players was a hot topic during the lockout. Television commentator Bryant Gumbel criticized Stern for acting like a "modern plantation overseer" and NBPA attorney Jeffrey Kessler said that Stern treated the players "like plantation workers."
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Magic C Dwight Howard requests trade

Posted by Ben Golliver


Get me out of here!

Orlando Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard has reportedly told the team that he wants to be shipped out of town.

The Orlando Sentinel reported Saturday that Howard had request a trade multiple times this week.
Dwight Howard has told the Orlando Magic that he wants to be traded, Magic General Manager Otis Smith told the Orlando Sentinel Saturday afternoon.

Smith said Howard has made the request twice in separate conversations since Monday.
Yahoo Sports reported soon after that Howard, who would be eligible for free agency next summer, had requested a trade to the New Jersey Nets.

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com confirmed Saturday that Howard has requested a trade to New Jersey but noted that "a person involved in the chase cautions not to count out the Los Angeles Lakers" and that Howard "still views L.A. as the best fit for his off-court pursuits." Berger reported on Friday night that the Magic had given permission for Howard to speak with the Nets, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. Howard's particular interest in the Nets was first reported on Friday. Almost two weeks ago, the Nets reportedly offered a trade package to the Magic that includes center Brook Lopez and two first round draft picks in exchange for Howard and forward Hedo Turkoglu.

As noted Friday, if Howard's heart is truly set on landing in New Jersey there's an excellent chance it could happen, especially now that chaos reigns over the Los Angeles Lakers, arguably his strongest other suitor. But that still remains an "if" until we hear from Howard personally or from the Magic, in the form of a completed trade.

Howard, 26, is a 5-time All-Star and the best center in the NBA, by far. In New Jersey, he would be the immediate face of the franchise and he would soon be in Brooklyn, adjacent to the media center of the universe and right in the middle of all the fame he can handle. The Nets, given their cap situation, would have a fair degree of flexibility in building around All-Star point guard Deron Williams and Howard, so he wouldn't be stuck in a capped-out situation like he is in Orlando, at least not immediately. He would figure to have solid input in helping New Jersey build around him, as the Nets surely would want to avoid the Magic's mistakes.
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Dwight Howard Trade Updates: Tampering?

By EOB Staff

While the debacle that is the Chris Paul Trade/Non-Trade continues to unfold, there's drama in the East as well. Dwight Howard is just as much in the rumor mill as Chris Paul, as his free agency in 2012 looms and a potential trade could be coming (if the league doesn't block it). We'll keep you updated on all the latest in news and rumors below.

Magic haven't filed charge

6:24 p.m. -- New Magic president Alex Martins told the media that the team has not filed a tampering charge against the Nets. The NBA confirms this as well. But Martins did leave it open as a possiblility.

Howard denies meeting with Nets

4:22 p.m. -- Via ESPN NY, Dwight Howard said that he did not meet with the Nets. "There was no meeting," he said.

"Right now, my plan is to show up to training camp for the Orlando Magic."

However, the original report maintains that sources insist the meeting took place.

Magic to file tampering complaint?

1:46 p.m. -- Ken Berger reports that the Rockets will not be investigated as originally reportd by SI.com. Magic are still considering a complaint against New Jersey. SI.com says that the Magic decided not to pursue a complaint against Houston due to a lack of "information." SI also says the Rockets have been informed they were not "considered" for the complaint. Confusing.  Good thing, though. The Rockets have enough going on with the Chris Paul debacle. 

1:00 p.m.
-- Oh, this should be fun. David Aldridge of TNT and NBA.com reports that the Magic are filing tampering charges against two unnamed teams for contacting Dwight Howard without their permission. SI.com reports the two teams are New Jersey and Houston. The Nets side apparently stems from a meeting between Howard and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov along with GM Billy King in Miami a week ago.

Meeting with Howard isn't prohibited strictly by the NBA. Doing it without permission from the Magic? Yeah, that's a no-no. Prokhorov can claim he's unaware of the rules, being new. Billy King? Not so much. This could get very bad for the Nets very quickly. The charges against the Rockets aren't known at this time.

Howard to request trade to Nets?

9:00 a.m. -- ESPN reports that Dwight Howard will request a trade from the Magic to the New Jersey Nets Friday afternoon. The Nets are rumored to be offering Brook Lopez and two first round picks, which is not exactly a king's ransom for a multiple Defensive-Player-of-the-Year winner and an MVP candidate who's the best in the league at his position. 

Landing Howard would be a monstrous coup for a franchise that has repeatedly struck out with major deals. They whiffed on LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Amar'e Stoudemire in the summer of 2010, Carmelo Anthony throughout 2011, being used as leverage by the Nuggets. They landed Deron Williams, but gave up a metric ton of assets for him. Landing Howard to pair with Williams makes them an instant powerhouse with cap room to spare. If the Nets want to join the big-time, this is the move to do it. 

Reports earlier in the week indicated that Howard had not informed the Magic of what he wanted, nor had the Magic composed a "wish list" for what to get back in return for Howard.
Posted on: December 9, 2011 1:25 am

Report: Nets are top choice for Dwight Howard?

Posted by Ben Golliver


Earlier this week, word surfaced that the New Jersey Nets were preparing your classic "young piece / financial relief / draft picks" package in an attempt to swing a deal for Orlando Magic All-Star center Dwight Howard. The Nets have been kind of a running punchline for the last few years, so the offer was seen merely as an opening salvo in what could potentially be a long and complicated trade process.

But ESPN.com reported on Thursday that this isn't necessarily a one-way street of interest. Indeed, the site reported that Howard "is expected to ask the Magic to trade him to New Jersey" as the Nets "have emerged as his No. 1 choice."

The benefits for Orlando are clear. They can toss in Hedo Turkoglu's terrible contract, amnesty Gilbert Arenas and begin work on crafting their future. New Jersey can toss in cash, picks and all the other accoutrements to make the bitter pill of trading Howard go down a bit easier. 

New Jersey's motivations are equally transparent. Landing Howard not only gives them one of the league's top-2 players, but it serves as the perfect hook for keeping All-Star point guard and impending free agent Deron Williams in town. Pairing Williams and Howard would give the Nets arguably the best inside-out pair in the game. Williams is 27-years-old and Howard is 26-years-old, so the Nets would figure to be strong title contenders for the next four years, minimum.

This all comes down to Howard and his motivations. He hasn't made extensive public comments to this point so it's not easy to gauge where he stands or what's most important to him, other than the obvious desire to win a title. In New Jersey, he would be the immediate face of the franchise and he would soon be in Brooklyn, adjacent to the media center of the universe and right in the middle of all the fame he can handle. The Nets, given their cap situation, would have a fair degree of flexibility in building around Williams and Howard, so he wouldn't be stuck in a capped-out situation like he is in Orlando, at least not immediately. He would figure to have solid input in helping New Jersey build around him, as the Nets surely would want to avoid the Magic's mistakes.

If Howard's heart is truly set on landing in New Jersey there's an excellent chance it could happen, especially now that chaos reigns over the Los Angeles Lakers, arguably his strongest other suitor. But that still remains an "if" until we hear from Howard personally or from the Magic, in the form of a completed trade.
Posted on: December 5, 2011 1:42 pm

Deron Williams says 90 percent chance he stays

Posted by Royce Young

There was an understandable amount of panic and chatter when Deron Williams decided to turn down an extension with the Nets last week. Though the news wasn't surprising, it still meant that Williams would be an unrestricted free agent next summer with the option to leave the Nets and go anywhere.

This of course is a big deal because the Nets already made a major investment in Williams by trading away a couple of their top assets to Utah last year to get him.

So with a level of uncertainty surrounding Williams' future in New Jersey -- er, Brooklyn -- his name has started to be included in the "should they trade him?" conversations that currently are engulfed by Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

Answer: Doesn't sound like it.

On WFAN Monday, Williams said, "My plan is to stay. Hopefully we can get some good talent to where I can stay."

And when asked what the percent change he would be staying with the Nets is, Williams didn't hesitate in saying "I'd probably say like 90 percent." That's a high percent.

Billy King just fist pumped in his office.

Williams tried to quell some of that distress last week about not signing an extension with a tweet that said, "Don't know why people are tripping just bc I'm opting out doesn't mean that I won't resign with the nets! W/ new CBA it makes sense." He's right. A new deal makes more sense and plus, he wants to see what the Nets do.

Last week when King was asked if he'd consider trading Williams, he answered, "Absolutely not." He probably already knew how Deron felt, but this has to be music to his ears.

Williams did leave open 10 percent though. And in that 10 percent is probably what the Nets do this season to impress Williams about their future. He even said, "Hopefully we can get some good talent to where I can stay." He's thinking about the roster and the future of the team. King and company have probably sold him on the fact that they're going to be major players in free agency, but they're going to have to prove it.
Posted on: December 4, 2011 3:35 pm

Tyson Chandler down to three teams?

Posted by Royce Young

Maybe when Tyson Chandler said he expected to be with a new team before training camp, he was serious. Most took it as free agent posturing, something just part of the negotiation. But it's looking like Chander could be very serious about moving on.

According to ESPN.com, talks between Chandler and the Mavericks have stalled out and he's planning on meeting face-to-face with three teams this week -- the Warriors, Rockets and Nets.
With little movement in the talks in the days since, sources say that Golden State, Houston and New Jersey have emerged as the most serious suitors for Chandler, who is widely credited with changing the defensive culture in Dallas and combining with Mavs mainstay Dirk Nowitzki to spark the franchise to its first-ever championship.
It could still be just part of the process of Chandler re-signing with Dallas though. He wants a big deal and the Mavs are making it seem as if they can't afford him unless it comes with a little hometown paycut.

The Nets could be after Chandler with an eye towards flipping him in a package to Orlando for Dwight Howard. But that's just speculation at this point. Because otherwise, it seems a bit curious that the Nets would be this interested in acquiring either Chandler or Nene, given they have Brook Lopez. Obviously they haven't been thrilled with Lopez's progression, but still, he's potentially a franchise big man already on your roster, especially considering he's just 23 compared to Nene and Chandler who are both 29.

And don't forget either: Lopez averaged 20.4 points per game last season. That's nothing to just gloss over. If you asked me, that's a player I'd keep as a cornerstone.

But the Nets want to make a major splash in order to impress Deron Williams, so they're looking for a big name free agent. Chandler could be that guy, or it could just be part of Chandler's tour to drive up interest and his price tag. There's no doubt he'd be a nice fit in Houston and Golden State has been hunting an athletic big man for a while. He's going to require a hefty number and with his injury history and age, there could be hesitation.

Don't rule out the Mavs completely though. Chandler hasn't signed anywhere yet and you know he wants to return to Big D. It's just about the numbers right now.
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Report: Williams won't sign extension with Nets

Posted by Royce Young

Not surprising news in the slightest, big big nonetheless: According to The Record, Deron Williams will not sign an extension with the Nets and will just plan to play this season out.

Big news because that basically means it'll be open season on Williams in 2012 and the Nets will have to convince him he should stay. Not surprising because the Nets haven't done anything yet to impress him. Just talking about Dwight Howard and Nene really doesn't do a whole lot. Actions, not words, are what are going to impress Williams.

"Deron will not be signing the extension,” Jeff Schwartz told The Record. “Based on the new rules it doesn’t make any sense for him to sign the extension. It has nothing to do with how much he likes New Jersey. Because of the rules, he’s going to play the season out and probably opt out of his deal.”

But this just illustrates what a risk the Nets took last year when they decided to trade Derrick Favors, draft picks and Devin Harris for Williams despite not knowing if he'd stay with the team. The Nets wanted to make a big splash for when they moved to Brooklyn and wanted that cornerstone piece.

Problem is, that cornerstone piece might just be with the organization for one and half lame duck seasons before taking off and signing with Dallas, or someone else. Again, a serious risk taken by Billy King and the Nets.

It could still pay off though. This isn't the Carmelo Anthony situation. The Nets aren't going to be dealing Williams and still have a full season to bring him around. Their eggs are in his basket so they're going to be pushing for another big name to pair with him and won't just pull back and deal him. At least I wouldn't think that would be the plan.

King was asked Wednesday on WFAN in New York if he'd consider trading Williams if he didn't sign an extension. King's response: "Absolutely not."

“Fortunately I was around him quite a bit before July 1st and I felt pretty good," King said. "I still feel pretty good because we have a lot of things going for him. We got a brand new building that will be opening next season. He can be the face of a franchise in a major market, so I think there is a lot of positives in our situation for him. In the other situations those guys have been with those teams for awhile. They may want to look. They may not. I don’t know.”

If Williams makes it painfully clear he doesn't want to stay with the Nets though, shouldn't they just cut their losses and get something back? You'd think so, but again, King and the Nets are planning on Williams be their man for the future.

It could happen still. Don't think for a second that Williams passing now is a death sentence. Lots of time left, but Williams just wants to wait and see. Which is what he should do. In fact, Williams understands that himself. He tweeted this Thursday after all the noise broke earlier in the day:

He's right: He can make more in free agency than he could signing an extension. So why wouldn't he opt out and in the meantime, give himself some options?

Like I said, Williams was never planning on signing an extension before the season. The Nets had to do the due diligence and make the effort, but it wasn't happening. Not until Williams can be convinced that's an organization he wants to commit to long-term. And it very well could be. Billy King's got a year to make it look that way. The clock starts ticking now.
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