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Posted on: November 18, 2010 10:33 am
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Game Changer 11.18.10: The Greg Oden Debacle

Wrapping up and expanding on the announcement that Greg Oden will have microfracture surgery for the second time, ending his 2010-2011 season and possibly his career. Posted by Matt Moore

Each game is made up of elements which help formulate the outcome. Monday through Friday, we'll bring you the elements from the night before's games in our own specialized version of the game recaps. It's not everything that happened, but it's an insight into what lead to the results you'll see in the box scores. This is the Game Changer.  


In lieu of our regular game changer, we're going to provid you with a wrap up of the Oden news. We'll have more on Chris Bosh's big night in Miami later on.

Eye on Oden

Here's a debriefing on what's going on with Oden, as seen throughout our coverage last night.

As you've no doubt heard by now, Greg Oden will undergo microfracture surgery to repair his left knee. He'll miss the entirety of the 2010-2011 season, and then you have to wonder about recovery time beyond that given the wear and tear on him just from surgeries. Ken Berger spoke with executives around the league and it's widely thought that the Blazers won't even make a qualifying offer to him this summer to keep him in restricted free agency, meaning he would be a free agent.

We covered the press conference live from the arena last night and brought you both video and audio of the press conference. Oden's injuries go far beyond just the left knee and we gave you a comprehensive look at his injury history . Royce Young provided some context for Oden's experience in contrast to the rising star of Kevin Durant, and we examined how Oden's trek back to the league compares with some injury-ridden players who came before him.

Ben Golliver went in-depth on Oden's knee and the situation the Portland trainers are now trying to deal with as they begin to come under severe scrutiny once again.

And you can be sure we'll have more coverage as this unfortunate series of events unfolds. There's a genuine sense of regret and sadness around the NBA blogosphere today. We all wanted to see the next great center. Instead we got the next great disappointment, for Oden and for us.

Around the Web

It took John Canzano to put up the tombstone on the Greg Oden era last night, in what had to be a record.

If you're a sadist, or, if you live in Portland and are a masochist, you can read the reaction from Blazers fans to the news first here in letters to Oden , and here on the Blazersedge reaction thread .

At Hardwood Paroxysm, Zach Harper touches on how this isn't an actual tragedy, but it is a basketball tragedy . (Admission: I'm the editor of Hardwood Paroxysm, but I felt this piece was so good it warranted a link.)

Noam Schiller asks us to remember the Blazers.

Here's an FAQ on the injury with Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus.

Here's another timeline of this particular injury .

Posted on: November 18, 2010 1:35 am

Video: Highlights from the Greg Oden presser

Posted by Royce Young

General manager Rich Cho, coach Nate McMillan and head athletic trainer Jay Jensen addressed the media regarding the decision for Greg Oden to undergo microfracture surgery on his left knee. Jensen gets visibly emotional when discussing the process of telling Oden and Cho talks a little about Oden's future with the Blazers as a restricted free agent.

Posted on: November 18, 2010 12:05 am
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LiveBlog: Blazers Oden press conference updates

With the news coming from a Blazers press release that Greg Oden's season is done before it began as he is soon to have microfracture surgery on hs left leg, the Portland Trail Blazers have scheduled a 12 EST press conference to discuss the injury. Ben Golliver is live at the arena and we'll be updating relevant information to you as well as hopefully some media from the event. Check back here for more info. Here's audio of the presser via Ben Golliver


  • 12:07 a.m. ET: Blazer president Larry Miller preemptively defends Portland's medical staff during his opening statement.
  • 12:09 ET: Nate McMillan: "A young man that's devastated." Says situation was "shocking news" ... Says he told Oden "he has to stay positive." Says "Some things you just can't explain."
  • 12:11 ET: McMillan backing his training staff: "We as society want to find someone to point the finger at... Sometimes things just happen."
  • 12:13 ET: Trainer Jay Jensen with his voice getting emotional: "This is a really tough day for us... Greg doesnt deserve what's happened."
  • 12:15 ET: Trainer Jay Jensen says Oden had normal exam just two weeks ago. But then knee was drained Tuesday. Swelled up multiple times this week.
  • 12:18 ET: "Defect in articular surface" in Oden's left knee was then revealed by MRI. Jensen says it was like a "kick in the gut."
  • 12:19 ET: Rich Cho on his medical staff: "I support them 100 percent."
  • 12:22 ET: As for the articular cartilage issue, Oden has a "9 iron divot of grass" like hole in his cartilege, says Jensen.
  • 12:23 ET: Jensen says it's in a totally different location than patella fracture but "certainly something in his workout in LA that triggered this." This injury is "very similar" to injury that led to microfracture in Oden's right knee, Jensen said.
  • 12:26 ET: Jensen on whether Oden will come back from injury: "I believe in Greg Oden..." says Oden's work ethic "gives me hope."
  • 12:28 ET: Jensen: "Greg is 22 years old... He has his whole life and basketball life ahead of him... I think he has a tremendous future ahead of him."
  • 12:31 ET: McMillan: "I will address the team tomorrow... For us, it's part of the game... We're hurt for him ... "We have to pull together, stay together, we have a game tomorrow."
  • 12:32: ET: Jensen on whether injuries cause him to reevaluate what he's doing: "Are you kidding me? ... Yeah, we ask ourselves all the time ... "There are a lot of things in medicine the aren't black and white. There are gray areas."
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Rudy Fernandez still wants to return to Europe

Posted by Royce Young

Before Portland's media day even started, there was a question of Rudy Fernandez would leave his hotel room and show up.

Eventually he came out of hiding and made an appearance at media day where of course he was asked about the highlights he put in his hair. Oh, and that other thing. The wanting-to-be-traded thing. Fernandez's response? He still wants out.

Fernandez said he "prefers the European style" and wants to return to Europe to play professionally there. "I don't feel good in NBA," Fernandez said.

The Blazers have been pretty clear that they want to keep Fernandez. General manager Rich Cho has given no indication of releasing Fernandez though there are definitely reports of Cho trying to trade him. Nate McMillan has said he wants Rudy on the team and intends to try and find court time for him if he's there.

But that doesn't appear to be changing Fernandez's mind. Over the summer, he made his position clear many times, so much so that the league fined him $25,000 for all his talk. Then right before camp started he wrote on his blog that he was excited for a new season and looked forward to playing. Yet when he actually arrives in his city he can't decide if he wants to leave the hotel and when he does, he still asks out.

With how vocal Rudy has been, it's hard to imagine him actually landing on the court for Portland. Cho is surely still shopping him but Fernandez is too much of an asset to give up for peanuts. But with Fernandez making his wishes so clear, things get a little more complicated. And as if they didn't already have enough to worry about.

Posted on: August 19, 2010 7:11 pm

Fernandez fined $25k for comments

Blazers forward fined $25,000 for comments by agent about wanting out of Portland.
Posted by Matt Moore

The path out of a guaranteed contract in the NBA is a messy, and often expensive, affair. Rudy Fernandez is getting a head-start on what that kind of divorce looks like.

The NBA today fined Fernandez $25,000 for "public statements detrimental to the NBA" according to an NBA release. It's assumed that Fernandez was fined for comments made by his agent regarding a desire to end his time in the NBA and return to Europe. Fernandez' agent spoke with both Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports and HoopsHype.com about Fernandez' desire for a split with the Blazers. Via HoopsHype:

“The impression I’m getting more and more is that he’s lost interest in playing in the NBA, quite frankly,” Miller said. “It’s my impression that Rudy would prefer to be in Europe rather than the NBA at this point.”

The fine is a pretty standard reaction from the league, which automatically fines a player that makes a public trade or release request. Granted the multiple reports which have indicated both Carmelo Anthoney and Chris Paul requesting trades make for an easy loophole, but it's an important distinction. You have to provide the league and your team with plausible deniability. Your agent going on record about you wanting out doesn't exactly provide a lot of wiggle room.

For what it's worth, Rich Cho, the new GM of the Blazers told Spears that they're not in any hurry to do anything about Fernandez. Fernandez' situation is particular, but GMs are always wary of setting precdents which could lead to other situations. The cold hard truth is that Fernandez is under contract with the NBA. If the Blazers don't want to let him go, they don't have to. And if he doesn't play, he doesn't get paid. Unlike the other superstars looking for a new zipcode this summer, Fernandez doesn't have much in the way of leverage.

And the NBA certainly isn't going to be helping him out.
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Shootaround: 8.2.10

Posted by Royce Young
  • Hedo Turkoglu on Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors: “People have to realize something is wrong with that organization and nobody wants to go there any more,” he said in a phone interview from Turkey, where he is captaining the Turkish national team at the World Championships. “It’s not just the players who see this.”
  • Ailine Voison of the Sac Bee has some tough words for Tyreke Evans: "You have to watch the entire video to appreciate the speed, the danger, the prolonged recklessness of the Tyreke Evans speeding incident on May 31. If this were a video game, someone would be dead by now. But enough about the visceral reaction to Evans' mischief behind the wheel. The courts and the CHP have handled the matter – the video was released Friday – professionally and judiciously. The Kings' young star didn't receive special treatment because of his status as the region's most prominent sports celebrity. He cooperated and apologized. He was appropriately shaken. Nonetheless, if you're the Kings? Break out the street signs. Slow down. Stop and think. You can't hand Evans the keys to the franchise if he can't control himself on the freeway. He isn't ready to be your floor leader when he's so oblivious to his surroundings."
  • Jason Quick of The Oregonian on Rich Cho : "One thing is safe to assume about Cho: He won't be asleep on the job. Cho says on average he sleeps three, maybe four, hours a day, for reasons he can't explain. Sund said it isn't unusual for him to get an e-mail from Cho at 6 a.m. Atlanta time, prompting Sund to once reply "Don't you ever sleep?" Cho insists his lack of sleep is not because of stress."
  • Evan Turner says his poor summer league peformance is good for him : "I've been playing pretty much every day against good competition," Turner said. "It was really an eye-opener for me to get my butt kicked, but it was also a good thing, I think. That hasn't happened to me in a really long time, so it made me realize how much harder I had to work to get myself ready for training camp. I can't wait to get started and play with my new teammates and learn from them, and get ready for the season."
  • Brian Windhorst says Shaq might be considering Europe : "Sources have indicated he's even tested the market in Europe trying to land one last $10 million payday. But all of that is unlikely. Indeed, the Cavs may consider re-signing Shaq to a short deal that would pay him $5 million-$7 million and wait for a contender to get desperate to match up with the Lakers or Magic."
  • Assessing where LeBron fits in Cleveland's all-time villainry : "From firing legendary coach Paul Brown, who the team is named after, to completely uprooting Cleveland’s beloved Browns, Art Modell is the city’s original villain. In a way that only furthers the anger towards him, Modell has internalized a lot of this hate and made it part of his persona. When asked if James would surpass him as Cleveland’s most hated villain, he responded “nonsense… I don’t think there’s any basis for it.” Ultimately, James may never pass Modell as Cleveland’s number one sports villain, but he has to come back to the city at least twice every year."
  • Losing Chris Paul in two years isn't the worst case scenario, so says Michael McNamara of Hornets24/7: "As an all or nothing guy I can think of scenarios that are far worse than CP3 leaving in two years. I can imagine other players following Paul’s lead if we trade him out of fear. How do you say no to the next guy who feels entitled when you just appeased Chris Paul’s trade demands? I can imagine becoming a perennial playoff team terrified to blow up the roster; a team that overpays their own players just to remain slightly above average. (I am looking at you Atlanta)."
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Rich Cho to be named GM of Trail Blazers

Posted by Royce Young

Rich Cho will be the next general manager of the Trail Blazers, The Oregonian reports .

The Oklahoma City Thunder assistant general manager interviewed with the team last week in Las Vegas and will be named today. Cho has built a reputation as a young and bright executive who has degrees in engineering and law.

Cho replaces Kevin Pritchard, who was fired on June 24. Cho will step into a great situation roster-wise in Portland with a star already there in Brandon Roy, a great coach and a number of quality supporting cast players. But besides managing questions about Greg Oden's health and keeping one of the best and most passionate fanbases in sports happy, Cho also has to deal with an ownership group that has been characterized as "meddling". So that should be fun for him.

Cho was known as the Thunder's cap expert and has been with the Thunder franchise for 11 seasons and served eight as assistant GM. He was responsible for contract negotiations, salary cap and Collective Bargaining Agreement matters, player contracts and all player personnel issues.

Cho is a native of the Pacific Northwest and a member of the Washington State Bar, a graduate of Pepperdine Law School and achieved his undergraduate at Washington State University.

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