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Posted on: August 20, 2010 6:37 pm
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Carmelo's wife says New York's an option

Celebrity wife of Nuggets' star says New York is a possibility, and that MSG has a "different energy."
Posted by Matt Moore

Welcome to sports relevance, La La Vasquez. Carmelo Anthony's new wife told the New York Daily News that there is a "possibility" her husband winds up on the Knicks. Hey, no biggie. There's a possibility Carmelo winds up on FC Barcelona or Manchester United. So this doesn't really mean anything. It was what she went on to say that was relevant. From the NY Daily News :

There's a lot of talk about the Knicks, I mean, there's a lot of teams out there, he's a great player and I think collectively we just need to think about what makes sense for our family. But I would never say that being in New York is not an option, I'd be lying to you if I said that."

LaLa, who is from Brooklyn, admitted that she's always been a Knicks fan "until I met my husband, then I jumped ship to the Nuggets. 'Melo will tell you, and all the players will tell you no matter where their loyalty is, there aren't many places like Madison Square Garden. They'll all say that, and it's nothing against their teams but there is a different energy in there, and you really can't top that."

OK, then.

So on the surface, it's nothing huge. But you are talking about the new wife of a player constantly discussed in trade talks talking glowingly about New York, where she makes her home, saying it has a "different energy." If we're tracking the winds of change towards and away from 'Melo leaving Denver, this doesn't blow favorably for the Nuggets. One of the widely speculated, and let me say that again, speculated reasons why Anthony would want a higher profile market for his talents has been Vasquez and her leanings towards the major entertainment centers, like New York.

The questions continue around what exactly New York could offer in a trade , and if they are unable to figure out a package, their odds drop dramatically. With most of the reports saying 'Melo wants an "extend-and-trade" where he signs a long-term extension before the new CBA and then a new team, New York may not get a chance to land him in free agency next summer. The looming CBA restructure and lockout progressively makes that scenario less likely. New York may be the preferred spot for his new bride, but the realities of the situation may prevent the newlyweds from making the Apple their home.

Unless Carmelo steps up his pressure on the team to trade him, that is.

Posted on: August 19, 2010 10:55 am

The Knicks may not have enough for Carmelo

Posted by Royce Young

It's pretty clear that Carmelo Anthony wants to play in New York. And though there are solid deals to be drawn up to get him there, it might not be enough to satisfy the Nuggets.

The New York Daily News is reporting the Knicks might not have sufficient pieces to please Denver. "What do they have?" a Nuggets source told the Daily News. "That makes it tough."

There are reports that the Knicks' offer would include Eddy Curry's expiring contract, a future first-round pick and Danilo Gallinari. Though as the NYDN points out, Donnie Walsh would definitely try and insert Wilson Chandler in place of Gallinari in that deal. But it still might not be enough, especially when other teams can offer better options.

Right now, according all reports, 'Melo would sign with Houston, Chicago, New York, New Jersey and Orlando. All of those teams can put together packages comparable to what New York can, and likely can top it. That puts the Knicks in a tough position.

At the same time, you never know when these executives are just playing the game. The Nuggets are reportedly close to hiring a general manager with it possibly happening as soon as today, so Denver might just be trying to ramp up future offers for Anthony.

And don't rule out the fact that the Nuggets new GM talks Anthony into staying put. With the growing probability of a lockout coming next summer, a three-year extension worth $65 million might look much more appealing.
Posted on: August 18, 2010 2:44 pm
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Other teams are eyeing Carmelo Anthony

Posted by Royce Young

We know about the Knicks. We know about the Magic. But those two teams can't possibly be the only squads in a league of 30 that are after one of the most prized scoring forwards in the world. And they aren't.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated reports
both the Rockets and Nets are candidates in this hunt for a new home for Carmelo Anthony. Sources have indicated to SI that 'Melo would be open to signing a long-term extension with one of those squads if he landed there in a trade.

That's an underrated aspect of this whole thing. Anthony has a player option next season and while he might get traded, whoever gets him is going to want an extension signed right then and there. Nobody is willing to waste assets and players just to rent Anthony for a season or two.

If you recall though, Houston GM Daryl Morey said about a week ago that the Rockets weren't done trading. "Obviously one of our stated goals is that at some point -- and who knows when the opportunity will arise -- we want to make a move for a star, who comes loose like Boston did in trading for Kevin Garnett a few years ago," Morey said. I think Carmelo Anthony definitely fits that "star" description. You have to wonder if Morey knew something might be up when he said that.

And when Houston moved Trevor Ariza in the four-team deal that brought them Courtney Lee, most overlooked the fact the Rockets snagged a $6.3 million trade exception. When dealing for Anthony, this could be massive. A simple deal of Shane Battier and Jared Jeffries goes through just fine for Anthony. And it makes sense too for both teams. Both Jeffries and Battier are expiring contracts, but they're good players that could help fill the void of Anthony. If the Nuggets didn't feel like that was enough, Houston could always toss in a player like Chase Budinger or Jermaine Taylor to add some more talent to the deal.

As for the Nets, they have serious trade pieces that could bait the Nuggets into a deal. Devon Harris could be moved because of Jordan Farmar's signing. Of course newly drafted Derrick Favors would certainly be an enticing piece. Or players like Terrance Williams and Brook Lopez could be dangled. Plus, as I mentioned earlier today, the fact the Nets are moving to Brooklyn, which happens to be 'Melo's hometown. Then there's the Jay-Z connection and the fact Anthony fits well. So the Nets are definitely a player in this.

A lot of teams are going to try and get in the game for Anthony, but the most important issue is whether or not he's willing to sign an extension and play long-term there. And if he is, then it's just a matter of that team putting together the most enticing package for the Nuggets. And while the Knicks and Magic certainly can make good case, New Jersey and Houston are definitely players.
Posted on: August 18, 2010 11:07 am
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Isiah Thomas says Carmelo is coming to New York

Posted by Royce Young

The New York Daily News reports that according to a team source, Isiah Thomas has assured Garden chairman James Dolan that Carmelo Anthony told him he intends to sign with the Knicks.

I don't think anyone really questions whether or not the Knicks could or would sign Anthony next summer. That's not really the discussion here. Right now, it's whether or not the Knicks can do something now. Can they put together a package to satisfy the Nuggets and not wait until next summer? Melo wants to play in New York. He was born in Brooklyn, played at Syracuse and sources told Ken Berger that Anthony wants to be in the Big Apple . So I don't think Isiah is breaking any news here.

And if Anthony's desire to play for the Knicks is that strong and the Nuggets can't come up with an agreement with New York to move Melo there, I wonder if Anthony would prefer just to play out his final season in Denver and wait for 2011. That would definitely be awkward as we'd all pretty much know what Anthony's intentions were, but at the same time, maybe he'd change his mind.

Also in the story is a non-surprising item that the Nets are pursuing Carmelo. And the Nets definitely have the pieces to make an enticing offer. Some combination of Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, Derrick Favors and draft picks would definitely catch Denver's attention. And then of course the Jay-Z connection thing which always seems to play some sort of factor. Plus, the Nets are moving to Brooklyn in the next couple years which would mean Anthony would literally be playing in his hometown. New Jersey might be a player in this deal yet.
Posted on: August 17, 2010 10:18 pm
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What could Orlando offer in exchange for Carmelo?

Posted by Royce Young

You're supposed to believe the Orlando Magic haven't made any inquiries into Carmelo Anthony's availability. At least that's what general manager Otis Smith is telling you.

But we all know better. A tier one superstar is potentially on the block and Smith's team is in the market for an upgrade at small forward. And as Ken Berger reports , the Magic are one of the teams on top of Anthony's list. Yeah, I'm sure Smith hasn't at least asked about 'Melo's situation.

But let's operate under the assumption Smith hasn't. Assuming he might make an inquiry into Carmelo's availability, what might he offer up the Nuggets in exchange? Matt Moore already laid out a thought-provoking plan to get Anthony to where he supposedly wants to be in New York. A package including contract relief in Eddy Curry's dead body plus quality players like Danillo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler or maybe Anthony Randolph is definitely a nice option. But the Magic will try and do better. They have to if they want 'Melo.

First, there's the option for the obligatory cap flexibility/relief move. That means Vince Carter and his $17.5 million deal which actually matches Anthony's current contract. The teams could straight swap players, but no way Denver goes for that. At least common sense says no way. The Nuggets would need to add a player like Chris Andersen to get back Mickael Pietrus or Brandon Bass, but if that's the case, the deal is just getting worse for Denver.

As far as Carter, his contract expires next season (2011-12 is non-guaranteed) and he's at least a player that will contribute unlike Curry. He's not exactly a small forward replacement and will have to fit in with Aron Afflalo and J.R. Smith, but Carter would at least help keep the Nuggets competitive for now.

Why would Denver want Carter? Other than the fact he can still play some , because the the Nuggets have a number of players coming up in free agency soon. Both Nene and Chauncey Billups are up in two years (though Billups is non-guanteed in 2011-12) and J.R. Smith and Kenyon Martin next year meaning the Nuggets would have a large sum of money to toss around next summer all while staying competitive. But overall, this is not a great plan for the Nuggets.

A better, more sensible move for Denver is adding a trio of quality players. Targeting Brandon Bass, Marcin Gortat and Mickael Pietrus means the Nuggets get a good small forward in return, plus two solid big men, a position Denver has been looking to improve this year. (Denver would need to throw in Renaldo Balkman to make numbers work, but if they're getting back two bigs, it would need to clear out room in the frontcourt anyway.) Yes, it's a step down from Anthony, but any time you trade one of the top seven or eight players in the league, it's going to be hard to get a comparable deal. Actually, scratch that, it's basically impossible. But Denver's other option is to let Anthony walk and get NOTHING in return. You know, the LeBron/Bosh exit plan. And teams that could offer really intriguing deals like the Clippers (Chris Kaman and Eric Gordon?) evidently aren't on Anthony's radar.

Though in the end, if you're Denver's yet-to-be-named GM, what deal do you jump at? New York's hypothetical offer of Curry, Chandler and Gallinari (or Randolph) or Orlando's pretend offer of Gortat, Bass and Pietrus? Honestly, that's a tough call. But one the Nuggets' next front office captain will likely have to make sooner than later.
Posted on: August 17, 2010 5:20 pm
Edited on: August 17, 2010 10:21 pm

Carmelo actually plausible for Knicks?

In a time when they have few real options for upgrades, Carmelo Anthony presents a unique opportunity for the Knicks, and one they need to cash in on immediately.
Posted by Matt Moore

The best and worst thing about the New York Knicks (beyond intangible things like history and their fans) is James Dolan. For all his gaffes, his petulant silence , and most damning, for his continued association with Isiah Thomas, the harbinger of New York Basketball Doom, Dolan brings the checkbook. And that's relevant. You don't have to be a big spender in a big market. Look at Donald Sterling. Or Jerry Reinsdorf. You can pull a profit, enjoy the perks, and not push the bill. But Dolan, for better or worse, spends money to try and make the Knicks a contender.

The problem? He's been willing to make deals and put his name on the marker for decisions that it wouldn't have taken much to refute. Say, calling a few friends to ask if they were good ideas. Or opening a window. Asking a taxi driver. Using the internet . Any of these options would have given him some level of insight that hey, you know what I shouldn't do? Anything Isiah Thomas tells me.

The result is that the Knicks are a team you can 100% count on to spend money to improve their team. Dolan will dive into the luxury tax like it's a nice warm pool. He's also had to do that in order for Donnie Walsh to clean up the mess at Madison Square Garden. It hasn't just taken money, but draft picks and roster compromises, though, and that's why they're seldom considered "on the rise" despite their summer overhaul.

The worst move of Donnie Walsh's time in New York was his concession of picks in the Tracy McGrady deal. The plan was simple. Get cap space to bring in two max free agents, regardless of what it takes. But in doing so, they agreed to swap with the Rockets next season (unless the Knicks get the top overall pick, in which case Walsh has bigger issues), and surrender their 2012 first rounder. This is after having to give the Jazz their 2010 pick in the last of the Isiah Thomas collateral damage.

For a team trying to go young, rebuild, and refigure, those draft picks are gold. Or more accurately, perhaps, they're timber. Imagine you're playing one of those civilization video games. You can harvest tons of crops, and train lots of soldiers. But if you don't have timber, you're not building any structures for them to live in. That's what draft picks are. And if the Knicks were going to try and aim for a top player in the league to team with Amar'e Stoudemire, fresh of the free agency gravy train, they needed those picks. It's why a deal with New Orleans was highly unlikely for New York, regardless of Chris Paul's wedding toast.

Quite simply, the reason most NBA fans and media don't think their team will trade with the Knicks is that they simply don't have anything to give back.

Which is why the Carmelo Anthony situation presents such a unique opportunity for the New York.

With Ken Berger's multiple reports that Anthony is angling his way out of Denver and recent word that the Nuggets have started to deal with that reality , even as they try and lock in a new GM, the Knicks are most talked-about as a destination. But Nuggets fans of course don't think the Knicks can return enough assets or, as I said, picks, to make the deal. But if you're looking at the big black barrel of losing Melo in free agency, the Knicks actually have a package that could be enough for Denver, if Denver doesn't take a hard line and if New York doesn't attach itself to outdated ideas.

First, you need money to make up for Melo's contract. That means Eddy Curry. And while taking on Curry may seem a bitter pill for Nuggets fans ("Trading Carmelo Anthony for Eddy Curry?! This is madness!" No, this is the NBA post-Miami Triad), his expiring contract will put them in a position to start rebuilding, which is what happens after you lose a star of Melo's magnitude. Next, they would acquire Wilson Chandler, which again, isn't a sterling asset, but is at least a capable scorer with a reasonable contract and would fill some of the gap. The big talent target, though, would be Danillo Galinari. The Rooster gives the Nuggets a pure scorer with as sweet a stroke as you'll find the league, young, versatile, and capable of playing at Melo's position. Throw in some 2014-2020 picks, and the package isn't toxic. It's not good, but it's more than what the Cavs got from Miami absconding with LeBron James.

There are other options, like recently acquired Anthony Randolph or tantalizing combo-guard Toney Douglas. But the point is the same. The Knicks can't offer a lot of teams what they would want for a star, and can't offer what the Nuggets would want in fair return for Carmelo Anthony. But that's honestly impossible to begin with. Either you're willing to trade Melo for less than he's worth, or you're not willing to trade him. Otherwise you're just standing there, saying "Multipass!" and not understanding why the strange man keeps looking at you longingly. And with the current NBA economic situation, with the CBA future in doubt, the Knicks provide an ideal partner, surprisingly.

Any deal for Anthony will be contingent on an extend-and-trade, where Melo gets the three-year, $65 million extension the Nuggets are offering and gets the new team. The trade partner has to not only be able to swallow his current contract, but willing to take on that kind of deal with the looming possibility of a greatly reduced and possibly hardened salary cap coming about from the CBA talks next summer. To handle that contingency, you need someone with deep pockets. A little down the road, whoever does take Carmelo and his extension, even if it's the Nuggets going forward, their ownership will likely resist any adjustment that eliminates their flexibility. Count Miami and Los Angeles in on supporting that paradigm.

Dolan's checkbook can speak volumes, for better or worse. And if the new CBA restructures the NBA to a hard cap, it'll be for the worse. But just as it's been in the past, Dolan and his wallet will cross that bridge when they get there.
Posted on: August 17, 2010 12:04 am

Blast from the past: Amar'e as high school pup

Video reminds us that Amar'e Stoudemire is and always was an athletic superfreak.
Posted by Matt Moore

Amar'e Stoudemire just inked the deal that will make him the biggest basketball star in the biggest city in the country. His star is shining brighter than ever. And the calls of criticism about his defense, awareness, and intensity will continue to plague him, but so will the accolades and praise for his athleticism and scoring ability follow him to the Big Apple. But as this next chapter of his career begins, we can also look back and say "Man, kid could always get up."

Via Dime comes this video with one of the more bizarre/awesome soundtracks to a mixtape you'll find, including "It's A Wonderful World" of all things. It shows Amar'e in high school, laying waste to his poor peers, and blazng a path of destruction that would lead to the bigs in a few short years. There's plenty of time to analyze how Amar'e defends the pick and roll or his rebound rate. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of Stoudemire blistering adolescents all those years ago.

In closing, express yourself!
Posted on: August 16, 2010 11:45 am

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

Posted by Royce Young
The Knicks had their eye on the summer of 2010 for a few years. It was their chance to return to glory by shelling out big money to big name free agents. In the end, only one signed and New York was left waiting for the next shot at a star.

Well, signs might be pointing to a certain Denver Nuggets stud leaning towards New York. Besides Ken Berger's report that Carmelo Anthony wants to play in the Big Apple, Chris Dempsey of The Denver Post says there are some serious smoke signals that 'Melo prefers New York.
These are some of the dots: He's selling his Littleton estate; the constant reports of Anthony telling friends that he wants to play for the New York Knicks; his New York wedding; his East Coast upbringing; summer trade talk that has cropped up twice in his time in Denver, which hasn't always made him feel wanted; oh, and not signing a contract that averages around $21.6 million per year for the next three years, a sizable amount of money that he may not be able to earn with a new collective bargaining agreement.

Anthony has connected some dots of his own. Even if he was completely happy with the Nuggets now, in three years he may look around at a team that is a shell of the one that reached the Western Conference finals in 2009. It could be young and inexperienced. It could be filled with mediocre talent. His NBA biological clock would be ticking loudly because he would be in his 10th season. There's no way he wants to start over 10 seasons into his career.

It's definitely to the point for Anthony that it's not just wild speculation. The interest appears to be real and even with a $65 million extension on the table from Denver, Anthony has said he's taking his time and also envoked the "do what's best for me and my family" clause.

On the other hand, Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups is hopeful Anthony will stay in the Rockies. "I'm 100 percent hopeful," Billups told the New York Post . "It's between me and my guy. If y'all have a close personal friend and they're going through something and the media asks, you're not going to expose that. Y'all find out when he wants y'all to know."

No doubt Carmelo Anthony's free agency will likely be the major drama of next offseason. And much like New York's courtship of LeBron, there's some serious flirtation going on from both sides. But just The King's decision, we'll likely just have to wait until next year to get the final answer.
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