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Report: Rasheed Wallace considers comeback?

Posted by Ben Golliver rasheed-wallace

Déjà vu all over again.

One year and one day ago, a report surfaced indicating that 4-time NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace was considering a return to the NBA after retiring prior to the 2010-2011 season.

History repeats itself: Yahoo Sports reports that Wallace, now 37-years-old, is once again getting the itch to return to the NBA hardwood.
Rasheed Wallace is contemplating a comeback to the NBA, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

One league source who has talked with Wallace recently describes him as “serious” about a return to the NBA this season. Nevertheless, no teams contacted by Yahoo! Sports reported that they had any contact with Wallace, or his representative.
Once a physical forward with a feathery shooting touch, Wallace won a title with the 2004 Detroit Pistons and spent the final year of his career with the Boston Celtics. Wallace's former Pistons teammate, Ben Wallace, is also 37-years-old and still playing, albeit in limited minutes, for Detroit. Given the continued success of aging veterans like Kurt Thomas, Juwan Howard and Grant Hill, it's understandable that Wallace would survey the landscape and think he might be able to help a team in a lockout-shortened season that has seen players drop like flies due to injury.

Wallace was fairly durable into his 30s, playing at least 75 games in five of his last six seasons. During the lockout, Wallace played in the North Carolina Pro-Am. Austin Rivers, the son of Celtics coach Doc Rivers and a freshman guard at Duke University, dunked over Wallace during one of the Pro-Am games. Still, it's been 18 months since he's played in an NBA game. Any chance of a meaningful contribution would seem to be an impossibility and anything more than total indifference from GMs around the league would constitute a major surprise. Given Sheed's memorable personality and constant arguments with referees, though, there's surely a segment of hoops heads that would embrace a comeback with eager nostalgia.

According to Basketball-Reference.com, Wallace made more $156 million in salary during his 15 NBA seasons. He posted career averages of 14.6 points, 6.7 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game during a career that included stops with the Washington Bullets, Portland Trail Blazers, Atlanta Hawks, Pistons and Celtics.
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Report Card: Heat fail crunch-time again

Posted by Royce Young

Your nightly report card gives you a big picture look at what happened each night in the NBA. Grades are granted based on team or individual performances, and are graded on a curve for each element. Leave your own grades in the comments.

New York Knicks

You have to give credit to the Knicks. They've been up and down so far this season but against division leader Philadelphia, the Knicks played a quality all-around game getting necessary stops, getting big games from Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire and killing the glass. Everyone was riding high on the 76er bandwagon this week, but the Knicks handled them by getting out to a 28-15 first quarter and never looked back.

DeMarcus Cousins

The embattled big man had himself a ball game against the Raptors. Yeah, it was the Raptors who aren't typically strong inside, but Cousins put up 21 points and 19 boards. That's the type of stuff that makes him worth picking over a coach, no matter what the issues may be. Cousins has serious talent no matter what's going on in his head. If he can ever start channeling it properly, the guy is going to be a beast.

Kobe Bryant

A night after going for 48, Kobe put up his 109th career 40-point game dropping a four-oh on the Jazz in a Laker overtime win. He played 43 minutes, took 31 shots (making 14), grabbed eight rebounds and dished out four assists on top of it all. Kobe has been as good as ever to open this season. Whether it's the German knee treatment or freedom from the Triangle, Kobe's off to an MVP-type start.

John Lucas

Playing for MVP Derrick Rose, John Lucas stepped up and scored 25 points and dished out eight assists leading the Bulls to maybe the ugliest win ever over the Wizards, 78-64. But 25-8 is 25-8. Sure, it took him 28 shots, but that has never stopped us from being impressed with Rose. I think the lesson here is that obviously it's just the Chicago system and basically you can insert any player into that point guard spot and he'll produce big numbers. Also, I'm not at all serious about that. But seriously, what the crap John Lucas?

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clips got their biggest win of the season and while it's a very nice victory, it was U-G-L-Y. Chris Paul was terrific, DeAndre Jordan wonderful (six blocks), but the Clipper bench provided only eight points and Blake Griffin struggled, scoring just two baskets in the second half. It's a great win for the Clippers and something for them to build on, but it wasn't exactly a clean victory.

Mavericks beat the Celtics 90-85

A big game between two very high profile teams with big stars. It should be a good one, right? But the game was just ugly all over. Missed free throws, bad offense, sloppy play -- it wasn't pretty. It was close though and got entertaining late as Dirk completed a three-point play to put the Mavericks over the top, but you were watching two potentially over-the-hill teams look very much like it for 48 minutes.


Across the league tonight, only a couple games saw a team score 100 points. There were a bunch of games played in the 80s and a few with totals down in the 70s. The Wizards scored 64 total and the Hawks scored only nine in a quarter for crying out loud. It's the way life is in a lockout shortened season I guess, but man, there has been some ugly offense lately.

Crunch-time Heat

On a second consecutive night the Heat essentially choked in crunch-time. They missed 14 free throws (including eight from LeBron, four in the fourth quarter) and went nearly 12 minutes without a basket spanning the fourth quarter and overtime. And the one basket they finally got? It was a 3 from Mario Chalmers. We all make a big deal about this fourth quarter stuff with Miami, but it's a thing. You can't ignore it. Going almost a quarter's worth of basketball without a hoop is a problem.

Washington Wizards

Sixty-four points? Really? I mean, really? Are they even trying to score? Yeah, it was against the Bulls who are a great defensive team, but geez. Thirty-one percent from the floor, only one quarter over 20 points and only 27 points total in the second half? The Wizards terrible. Just terrible.


Al Horford went down with a shoulder injury that could cost him a month or more. And he's just the latest in a long line of players getting dinged up. Blame it on the condensed schedule with no camp or just coincidence, but it has seemed like the injury bug has been biting quite a bit this season.

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Video: KG and the Church of Celtic Pride

By Matt Moore

I tend to think of the other side whenever a player dumps a team. There's all the excitement for what that superstar will do with his new city, with new teammates, with, in most cases, better supporting casts. But often the team left behind is overlooked. So it was with Kevin Garnett. I've read countless pieces on Garnett from Timberwolves fans and the refrain is deafening and nearly unanimous: They love the guy. Still. There are no hard feelings over the abandonment, no bitterness. Even when Garnett showed the team up in Garnett's first return to Minnesota, a game that shouldn't have been close considering the gap in talent between Garnett's in-their-prime Celtics and the rebuilding Wolves, with Garnett thumphing his chest more than usual) and popping his Celtics jersey at his former club, Wolves fans loved him for it. The truth of the matter is, when you suffer for a team, and that team is still bad, and you are excellent, you're forgiven.

The comparisons between how Garnett was treated and how LeBron James was treated, outside of the absurd and insulting nature of "The Decision" are staggering and you can read more about that here.

But it's easy, with the Celtics struggling to stay competitive, with their window rapidly shutting and with only one championship ring to show for it (as if that would be a disappointment for any other franchise in the league outside of L.A.), to forget that what made Garnett joining the Celtics special wasn't just a big-name player joining a big-name team. It was this player, a player who demanded excellence out of himself and his team every night, joining a franchise that has expected the same since its inception, since Red Auerbach literally invented the phrase "victory cigar." Garnett may wind up going down behind the true greats of all time because of how his career worked out, but the connection between Garnett and Boston is more than just that of a player who came ring chasing and won a title. He's a continuation of a work ethic, of a devotion to basketball craft. And if you don't get it, you just don't get it.

In short, it's a Celtics thing.

Which brings us to this video:

Those are comments that you hear a lot. "It's about the team." But look at how Garnett talks about it. This isn't a salesman going through the motions at a sales meeting. This is a pastor preaching to the faithful.

This is the testimony from the Book of KG.

Garnett talking about how Doc has "this much foot in (his) ass right now" is a perfect example of what sets this team, this franchise apart from so many. This is Kevin Garnett, a Hall of Famer, one of the greatest power forwards to ever play of the game, and there is total deferral to the head coach. There's no "I think I played fine" or defensiveness. Garnett is actively taking responsibility for his play and for what the team needs him to do.

Garnett makes you believe that the cliches are real. Trust me, when you do this enough, you can tell from inflection who means it and who's going through the motions. And some go through the motions with the press but believe it privately. But KG is one of the few in the league who talks the talk of the walk he walks. In a sport where so many players are steadfast in their struggle to be self-aware, to understand how much greater they can be if they let go of ego, who are always considering themselves and their image and brand first, Garnett is a rarity. He was made to do this. He was made for Boston.

He was made to be a Celtic.

And that can mean more than the rings won by some in this league who simply latched on to a championship squad for the ride. You have to have an identity, you have to have standards, you have to have accountability. And you have to have a leader like Kevin Garnett to stand at the front and say so.

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Video: Kevin Garnett throws water in own face

Posted by Royce Young

Kevin Garnett does things his own way. He's intense to a level that's borderline crazy doing things like talking trash, yelling at everyone and taunting opponents.

But he also takes it out on himself. By throwing water in his own face.

Garnett's water splash is good enough by itself, but Ray Allen's reaction is what makes it so very good. He's likes, "Wait, what was that? Did KG... did he just throw that water on his own face? Why is it all wet back there?"


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Ray Allen wants multiple year deal with Boston

Posted by Royce Young

Ray Allen is 36 years old. And he wants a new, multiple year contract.

Guess what though: It's not so crazy. Because last season at 35, he had maybe the best year of his career, finishing hitting 49.1 percent from 3. This year, he's off to an even better start averaging 20 points a game on 61.1 percent from deep. This is the final year of an extension he signed with Boston two years ago and he wants a new one. Via Fox Sports Florida:

Allen will be a free agent next summer. When asked if he wants to re-sign with the Celtics, he offered a quick, “Yeah.” Does he think he can get another multi-year deal from them at 37?

“Yeah,” said Allen, in the second-year of a two-year, $20 million contract. “That’s what I want.”

Obviously Allen likes his situation with the Celtics, but Boston will have to decide if it wants to commit once again to Paul Pierce, Allen and Kevin Garnett. Or do the Celtics want to start the process of tearing down the wall and rebuilding it. It's not necessarily a matter of Allen's production because the guy is still killing it at 36 and probably could do it at 46. It's just a matter of the direction of the Celtics, especially with them wanting to be players in the 2012 free agency market.

He wants to continue playing and whether it's with Boston or someone else, someone is going to pay him. Having a shooter of that caliber is always a good thing. And even if that's what Allen is as he gets older is a guy that plays for 10 minutes and shoots three open 3s, he has value to someone.

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Report: Celtics have called about Cousins

By Matt Moore

The Boston Celtics have been involved in a half-dozen trade rumors since the lockout ended. It's assumed that they're pursuing one of the 2012 top free agents, but it's also apparent that they're just looking towards the future after the Big 3 to build a core going forward.

Meanwhile, the Kings continue to clash with temperamental power forward DeMarcus Cousins, even as Cousins rejoined the team off the bench Tuesday night in a loss to Memphis. The Kings continue to insist they will not trade the fiery big man, but having openly said he's demanded a trade, they're going to get offers.

You see where this is going. From the Boston Herald:
The Celtics, like most teams, have called Sacramento to gauge what it would take to trade for DeMarcus Cousins. The young, disgruntled Kings center has been suspended from the team for his disagreements with coach Paul Westphal.“It’s highly unlikely,” a league source said of the Celtics’ chances of landing Cousins. “I’m not sure that any team is going to get him. The thing is that everyone knows he’s a wreck. They’re not going to get what he’s worth.”
via Celtics plays it safe, sit hamstrung Jermaine O’Neal - BostonHerald.com.

The Celtics make a ton of sense as a trade partner. They have expiring contracts of veterans who could help the young players on the Kings go forward while keeping the team's financial flexibility. But they lack any significant asset to lure the Kings into even talking about moving Cousins, which they're resisting anyway. The Celtics wouldn't want to part with Rajon Rondo without getting a player like Tyreke Evans back alongside Cousins, and that's too much for the Kings to surrender, despite their struggles this year.

But for the moment, enjoy the concept of Kevin Garnett sharing a locker room with DeMarcus Cousins. The word, I believe, is kaboom.
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Report Card: Hawks fly over the Heat

Posted by Royce Young

A: Atlanta Hawks

It's easy to overlook the boring old Hawks when talking about the class of the East. But remember: That team went to the Easter semifinals and gave the Bulls a decent run. Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford -- there's talent there. And while we all may want to forget about them and talk about the Heat, Knicks and Celtics, the Hawks aren't some team to take lightly in the East. They sent a pretty clear message by outscoring Miami 33-21 in the fourth while executing halfcourt possessions and holding the Heat's big three in check.

A: Minnesota Timberwolves

Dating back to last season, the Wolves had lost 18 straight games, including their 0-3 start. But with a win over the Spurs, the Wolves have just taken two in a row. Luke Ridnour showed Ricky Rubio that the starting job isn't his yet (nine assists), Kevin Love was terrific and the Wolves handled the Spurs with pretty much no problem. Minnesota's 2-3 on the season with two really tough losses to Oklahoma City and Miami. Not far off from being 4-1.

B: Dwyane Wade's block

Sometimes Dwyane Wade does stupidly incredible things. His block on Vladamir Radmonovic was one of these such things. Why only a B? Well, it came in a losing effort and let's keep in mind, Wade denied Vladamir Radmonovic at the rim.

B: 2003

Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter turned back the clock Monday. McGrady put together a big night for the Hawks with 16 points in a win over the Heat and Carter added 14 against the Thunder for the Mavericks off the bench. The cousins were doing work on the same night for the first time in... well, a while.

C: Boston Celtics

Boston got back to .500 with a home win over the Wizards, but it wasn't easy. It took a big fourth quarter to put away Washington and the Celtics actually trailed with six minutes left. It's a win, which is what's important, but it wasn't exactly an impressive performance against an overmatched team.

D: Miami Heat

The Hawks aren't terrible. So if you want to openly mock the Heat for losing their first game, keep in mind the Hawks are a playoff team with some good players. However, Miami's offense went completely stale, the Heat never tried to run and with everything shut down in the fourth, neither LeBron nor Wade tried to go to work on the block. Which I thought was the plan, right? Miami wasn't going to go 66-0, but this was a decent wake up call.

F: Flip Saunders

The embattled Wizards coach didn't get to watch his team for long against the Celtics as he picked up two technicals and was ejected in the first quarter.
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Report Card 12.30.11: Heat escape from Wolves

Posted by Ben Golliver


A: LeBron James to Dwyane Wade game-winning inbounds lob

The Miami Heat really, really should have lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves, which is one of those phrases that you expect never to  think, much less write. But it's true: rookie point guard Ricky Rubio's 12-point, 12-assist effort kept Minnesota in it until the very end, and a careless LeBron James turnover on a critical late possession gave Minnesota multiple chances to steal their only game against the Heat this season.

Instead, order was restored by an absolutely brilliant play design from coach Erik Spoelstra. Miami set up a sideline inbounds play out of a timeout, using James as the inbounder. Miami ran two players to the near corner to pull Minnesota's defense away from the middle of the court and then ran guard Dwyane Wade on a looping pattern using a high screen from forward Chris Bosh to free himself. James then threw the lob pass to a suddenly open Wade, who did well to catch it from behind his body and finish a lay-up smoothly in one motion, as the Timberwolves defense tried, too late, to contest his shot. Final score: Miami 103-101. Can't draw it up any better than that.

A: Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls

You'll rarely see two teams play harder than the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers did during the third quarter on Friday night, when bodies were flying all over the court on both ends. Chris Paul and Derrick Rose went tit-for-tat, blow-for-blow throughout, and DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin finished more dunks than anyone could keep track of. But the Bulls, led by Rose, remained their steady selves, down the stretch, pulling out a 114-101 win at Staples Center. Rose finished with a ridiculous 29 points on just 14 shots, adding 16 assists on top of that. Elite, elite, elite play. Paul was excellent; Rose was on a different level.

B: Boston Celtics and Paul Pierce's return

It must have felt nice for the Boston Celtics to enjoy a return to normalcy. After a dismal 0-3 start to the season in All-Star forward Paul Pierce's absence, Boston got its first win of the year by thumping the pathetic Detroit Pistons at home, 96-85. Pierce wasn't dominant, finishing with 12 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists in just 23 minutes, but the contribution was much needed. 

C: Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers remained undefeated on the season, improving to 3-0 on Friday night, but it took overtime and a gift from the Gods to make sure it happened. Indiana struggled to shoot all night, finishing just 36-for-94 from the field and a pitiful 2-for-10 from deep. The Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the league's weakest sisters, were almost exactly as terrible (34-for-88 overall and 5-for-25 from deep) but one Cavaliers miss swung this in Indiana's favor. Rookie guard Kyrie Irving made a beautiful series of moves to free himself near the rim on the final possession of regulation, staring at a point blank lay-up that would have given Cleveland a thrilling buzzer-beating victory. Instead, Irving, who finished with 20 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, saw his attempt rim out, forced to hold his head in disbelief. The Pacers slammed the door, winning overtime 14-7, to seal the 98-91 victory. But, Indiana: you're better than all that.

D: New Orleans Hornets' bricklaying

The Phoenix Suns have had a rough start to the 2011-2012 season but they got an elixir for their ills in the New Orleans Hornets' bricklaying. Minus guard Eric Gordon, who didn't play because of a knee bruise, the Hornets starting backcourt of Jarrett Jack and Marco Belinelli combined to shoot 9-for-33. The starting frontcourt of Trevor Ariza and Carl Landry was only barely better, at 8-for-27. In fact, not a single one of the 12 Hornets who played shot 50 percent or better. The final damage: 26-for-90. Unreal.

F: Chris Bosh's ridiculous pass

Oh, Chris Bosh. Just when you were starting to look invincible and slightly more likeable you had to pull us back in. The following blooper brings plenty of unintentional comedy. Bosh, working near the three-point line, hesitates to pass the ball to center Joel Anthony, who decides to move away and set a pick for a teammate. With Anthony's head turned, Bosh decides to fire a pass to him, which richochets hard off his back and out of bounds. Bosh doubles down on the hilarity by giving Anthony a death stare, pointing at his own eyes as if to say, "Watch for the pass." Sorry, man. That one was on you.

Here's the video.

E for Effort: Minnesota Timberwolves

Just like the Charlotte Bobcats earlier this week, The young, frisky Timberwolves watched an excellent shot at upsetting the Heat slip between their fingers at the last possible moment thanks to miracle work by Dwyane Wade. Now 0-3 after suffering varying degrees of heartbreak throughout the first week of the season, Minnesota now possesses what it hasn't in previous seasons: its dignity. A respect level is beginning to develop around the league, thanks largely to the hype building around Rubio, and these close encounters will surely turn into nailbiting upsets before too long.
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