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Carmelo Anthony pumps brakes on trade talk

Denver Nuggets All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony says that a trade involving the Nuggets, the New Jersey Nets and Detroit Pistons isn't happeningcarmelo-anthony  quite yet. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com outlined Monday morning  that the Denver Nuggets, New Jersey Nets and the Detroit Pistons made progress on a three-team trade that would send Nuggets All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony to the Nets in a complicated, multi-player deal. Berger noted that there "were miles to go -- not inches" and that progress hinged on whether Anthony would agree to signing an extension with the Nets.

As I noted Sunday , Anthony has played his cards fairly close to his vest, and there has yet to solid word that he would sign off on a move to the New Jersey Nets, who are downright awful and would be mostly gutted of their talent base in the trade scenario outlined over the weekend.

NBA Fanhouse reported on Twitter from Nuggets practice Monday that Anthony plans to meet with Nuggets executives at an undetermined time in the near future and that his future in Denver "is in the air." Anthony also noted, "until something happens, I'm a Denver Nugget."

Asked directly if he would sign an extension with the New Jersey Nets, Anthony responded, "I really don't know. I'm waiting to see Masai and Josh... They haven't been here." Masai and Josh are Masai Ujiri and Josh Kroenke, Denver's GM and President, respectively. Anthony also added that there was "no desperation" present in the scenario, leading many to conclude a trade isn't imminent.

Meanwhile, multiple media outlets reported that Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups and Nets forward Troy Murphy, who were each involved in the three-team trade scenario, both did not attend practice on Monday. However, Billups was said to have a "headache" and Murphy was said to be "sick."  Initially, their absences triggered speculation that a trade was underway, but that line of reasoning has quieted down Monday afternoon.

In other words, our long, national nightmare continues. 

For more on the Carmelo Anthony trade talks, check out this week's edition of CBSSports.com's NBA podcast . You can also watch Berger breaking down the Anthony situation with CBSSports.com's Adam Aizer and Greg Urbano below.

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Nuggets, Nets, Pistons advancing on Carmelo trade

The Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, and New Jersey Nets are reportedly advancing on a three-team that would include Nuggets All-Star forwardcarmelo-anthony Carmelo Anthony. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Multiple outlets are reporting Sunday that a three-team trade scenario involving the Denver Nuggets, New Jersey Nets and Detroit Pistons that would send All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony to the New Jersey Nets is edging closer to fruition.  The initial trade talks were discussed here on Saturday.

Yahoo! Sports reported that talks were "progressing" and the Bergen Record reported that "things definitely are moving forward" and that a trade could take place "within the next 48 hours." Sports Illustrated added later Sunday that the deal is "as close as it's ever been.

ESPNNY.com recapped the trade specifics as they stood later Sunday. 
A three-team deal involving the Detroit Pistons that would include at least 15 players -- with Rip Hamilton and Chauncey Billups winding up in New Jersey with Anthony -- could be completed as soon as this week, sources said.
The primary elements of the scenario currently on the table, sources said, call for New Jersey to acquire Anthony, Billups and Hamilton; Denver to land Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow and at least two first-round picks; and Detroit to acquire Troy Murphy and Johan Petro.

The Pistons do not want to take back Petro, even though shedding Hamilton's contract in exchange for Murphy and the Nets' center would represent an overall savings of roughly $17 million.
This version is slightly tweaked from the original trade scenario laid out on Saturday.
The Nets would send Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and at least two first-round picks to Denver and Troy Murphy and his expiring contract to the Pistons. On top of that, ESPN.com reports the Pistons would have to take on Johan Petro's contract as well as send the Nets a first-round pick.
The Nets would of course get Anthony, but also a couple of surprise pieces. In addition to Carmelo, New Jersey would bring in Chauncey Billups from Denver and Richard Hamilton from Detroit. The Pistons have been shopping Hamilton and his remaining two-year, $25 million contract pretty hard this season.
Of every Carmelo Anthony trade proposal to hit the internet, this version is by far the most plausible, and it represents about as close to a win/win/win as you're going to find when a superstar of this magnitude trades teams. Here's a brief rundown.

For Denver, they get exactly what we've been saying they should want all along in an Anthony deal: younger talent, draft picks and some salary cap flexibility by moving Billups' contract.

For New Jersey, they get Anthony at a fairly reasonable price and get to surround him with another solid starting piece (Hamilton), and also potentially undo one of the worst signings of the 2010 summer, Johan Petro.

For Detroit, they get great value in dumping the unhappy Hamilton and saving big-time dollars down the road, and would get to enjoy the financial relief provided by Murphy's large expiring contract at the end of the season.

This one likely comes down to the last big hurdle: Whether Anthony will agree to sign a contract extension with the Nets, and whether he will agree to it now or decide he wants to wait longer. Yahoo! Sports reports that it "seems unlikely" Anthony wouldn't agree to a three-year contract extension with New Jersey now that Hamilton is in play, but Anthony has held his cards very close to his vest, so it's difficult to be sure.

Stay tuned.
UPDATE 8:32 p.m. ET: Chris Mannix of SI reports that New Jersey is "convinced" Melo will sign the extension. Meanwhile Yahoo! Sports reports the following players are also involved in the deal, in addition to those previously discussed: Ben Uzoh, Stephen Graham, and Quinton Ross will go to Denver in the proposed deal, while Anthony Carter and Shelden Williams will go to New Jersey. Detroit is still only slated to get Troy Murphy and the point of contention that's holding the deal up: Johan Petro. 
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If traded, Chauncey Billups would want a buyout

Posted by Royce Young

Chauncey Billups loves playing in Denver. It's where he's from, it's where he went to college and it's where he really wants to stay for the rest of his career.

But with his name being brought up in the Carmelo Anthony trade talks that could include as many as 17 players, Billups has said he's fine with being moved, but he'd like to keep his options open after the season.

Via FanHouse, Billups' agent Andy Miller said the veteran point guard would look for an offseason buyout so he could become a free agent. To presumably re-sign with Denver.
"I've been in constant contact with Masai [Ujiri] and made it clear that Chauncey's desire is to remain a Nugget for the rest of his playing career and thereafter,'' Billups' agent, Andy Miller, said by phone Saturday to FanHouse. "If any of these rumors were to come to fruition, Chauncey and I would definitely want to maintain our flexibility and explore our free agency as soon as possible.''
Billups is making $13.5 million this season and will make $14.2 million next. However, Denver -- or anything other team that might acquire him -- can buy out Billups' contract five days after the 2010-11 season for the Nuggets (or whoever he's with at that time) for just $3.7 million.

The report mentions the possibility of Billups asking for an immediate buyout if dealt to the Nets. Instead of playing with Anthony for one last hurrah, Billups might would rather go straight back to Denver and re-negotiate a new deal.

This type of talk really has to be nice to hear for the Nuggets though. Trade Billups and get his $27 million over two years off the books. Then have someone else buy him out, but re-negotiate a new deal with him afterwards, for what will probably be for fewer dollars or at least, in the area the Nuggets are comfortable with for their future.

Really, it kind of makes dealing Billups along with Anthony that much intriguing if you're Denver. You'll get more in return, plus you may end up with Billups again in the end anyway.
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Nets involving the Pistons in 3-way Carmelo deal?

Posted by Royce Young

Just over 24 hours ago, we told you about how the Nuggets were possibly involving the Cleveland Cavaliers in a three-way deal that would send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey. But as the world turns with this Carmelo crap, things have changed. I'm telling you, this is never going to end.

According to The Bergen Record, the Nets are in talks with of course the Nuggets, but have also involved the Detroit Pistons. Let me warn you, this gets a little complicated. But reportedly, the Nets would send Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and at least two first-round picks to Denver and Troy Murphy and his expiring contract to the Pistons. On top of that, ESPN.com reports the Pistons would have to take on Johan Petro's contract as well as send the Nets a first-round pick.

The Nets would of course get Anthony, but also a couple of surprise pieces. In addition to Carmelo, New Jersey would bring in Chauncey Billups from Denver and Richard Hamilton from Detroit. The Pistons have been shopping Hamilton and his remaining two-year, $25 million contract pretty hard this season.

The report says that more players would be involved to make the salaries line up, but this is just one of the many, many scenarios New Jersey is pitching. Also, reportedly the Nets are trying to trade straight up with Denver for Carmelo.

As Ken Berger has reported, the Nets have had an offer of Favors, Murphy and first-round picks on the table for a while. But as Berger has said, that type of trade might not happen until closer to the Feb. 24 trade deadline. The Nuggets aren't psyched about paying Murphy's salary right now, but might warm up to it when less is owed to him.

At first glance, this is a pretty tremendous deal for New Jersey if it were to happen. To unload Murphy, plus get Anthony, Billups and Hamilton? The question wouldn't be if this were a good deal for the Nets, it would be, "Are these guys contenders now?" Billups, Hamilton, Carmelo, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez -- that's a pretty darn good starting five, is it not?

The Pistons move Hamilton -- something they desperately want to do -- and get a nice expiring deal in return. The Nuggets probably feel like they could've had more, but Harris, Favors and picks isn't bad at all. I'm not sure they're going to do much better than that.

However, Chris Broussard of ESPN.com tweeted that while the deal has been discussed, it's not happening in its current form. The Pistons aren't willing to give up Hamilton and a first-rounder for Murphy and Petro. And nor should they be. Pretty cruddy deal on their end.

Again, this is just the latest scenario that's surfaced that would move Anthony out of Denver. It doesn't mean this is The Trade that will happen or that in 24 hours we'll be hearing this went official. But it's clear the Nets are motivated to make a deal happen. They don't want to hang around until the deadline. They want to make this move now. And they're willing to call just about any and every team out there to get them involved to make it happen.

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3-Up, 3-Down: The top keeps rising

Posted by Royce Young

Three teams that are rising and three that are falling in this week's edition of our Power Rankings:


Chicago Bulls (6): The Bulls are quickly becoming a strong riser in the East. They made the biggest jump going up five spots in the rankings. They're winning with a ton of defense and with Carlos Boozer back, are a cool 6-1 and winners of six straight. Now with Boozer playing at a high level, coupled with Derrick Rose's MVP emergence and the fact Luol Deng is a capable third scorer, the Bulls have every right to stake a claim as one of the East's true contenders.

Oklahoma City Thunder (10): Floundering a bit here and there, they have. While the Thunder just rose up two spots this week, they are definitely in the category of rising. Oklahoma City is playing better and have three more home games after blowing the doors off the Cavaliers Sunday by 29 (largest win ever by the Thunder in OKC). Expectations were a bit inflated before the season so some were a little discouraged with OKC's up and down start, but the Thunder appear to be settling in. Kevin Durant is regaining his scoring machine swagger, Russell Westbrook is tearing apart opponents and even James Harden is finding some offensive game.

Milwaukee Bucks (16): The Bucks were a big riser, going up five spots this week. A lot of that is because of their big road win over the streaking Mavericks, but the Bucks are winners of three straight and of four of five overall. Plus, the wins are against quality opponents (Magic, Pacers, Rockets, Mavs). At 10-13, Milwaukee has been disappointing after its playoff run last season, but it appears that the Bucks might be finding themselves a bit lately.


Phoenix Suns (19): The Suns have slipped five spots and could be heading for an even bigger dip as the schedule doesn't get easy ahead. After a winnable game against Minnesota, the Suns play at Dallas, at Oklahoma City, at San Antonio and home against the Heat. Yikes. They've lost three straight and have fallen below .500 at 11-12. After next week, Phoenix could be multiple games under.

New Orleans Hornets (14): The fall continues. The Hornets are 3-7 in their last 10 and have dropped three straight. And this is after starting the season 8-0 and then 11-1. Consider this fun fact: The Hornets haven't scored 100 points in their last 13 games. Offense is a big issue late in games with Chris Paul desperately looking for scoring options. Trevor Ariza hasn't been the answer and coach Monty Williams continues to sit potential spark Marcus Thornton.

Denver Nuggets (12): This feels like a temporary fall, as the Nuggs have dropped three of four, but all were on the road against decently decent teams. They're quite inconsistent though, so Denver is certainly a candidate to drop multiple games. But at the same time, the Nuggets also look like one of the top teams in the West on any given night, so who knows, they could be headed up. But Chauncey Billups is now battling a wrist injury and with the Carmelo stuff reaching its apex, the distractions could weigh heavily on the Nuggets.

Be sure to check the full rankings out here.

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Nuggets' Billups out a week with wrist

Denver Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups is reportedly out a week with a wrist injury. Posted by Ben Golliverchauncey-billups

Veteran Denver Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups has been bothered by a wrist injury for the better part of a month, after falling on it during a Nov. 20 game against the New Jersey Nets. The Denver Post reports today that Billups' pain continues and, after receiving an MRI on Monday, it was decided that he will "miss a week to rest ligament damage to his right wrist." The 14-9 Nuggets are at home this week, hosting the Orlando Magic on Tuesday, the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday and the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday.  The timing of the news is tough for Denver, who has lost three of their last four games and will face two title contenders in Billups' absence. Stepping up to replace Billups will be backup point guard Ty Lawson.  Lawson, a productive second-year guard out of North Carolina, is one of the league's top backup point guards when it comes to player efficiency and figures to be Denver's starting point guard of the future.   When that future comes is anyone's guess, as the Nuggets are tied up in a tangle of Carmelo Anthony trade rumors. But Billups' playing time is slightly down (from 34.1 MPG last season to 32.6 MPG this year) and Lawson's is up (from 20.2 MPG last season to 23.7 MPG this season). Those two numbers will converge in Billups' absence, and when you look at their respective salaries -- Billups is on the books for $14.2 next season, Lawson will make just $1.6 million on his rookie deal -- one continues to wonder whether the point guard regime change should happen sooner rather than later. 
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Nuggets would be right to move Carmelo Anthony

The Denver Nuggets' new management is reportedly ready to trade Carmelo Anthony and they have an idea about what they are looking for in return.carmelo-anthony Posted by Ben Golliver The writing has been on the wall since last summer: the Denver Nuggets need to trade Carmelo Anthony if they cannot get him to agree to a contract extension, so they aren't left empty-handed like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors, when LeBron James and Chris Bosh, left those respective towns as free agents without looking back. With such an obvious predicament, the organization brought in a new front office this fall led by first-time GM Masai Ujiri to help make the best of a bad situation. The group has so far looked thoughtful and restrained, shopping Anthony with solid results, biding its time to think through the possibilities, and hope that their all star forward magically decides that stability in Denver is more important than the lures of free agency and/or the big city lights. Any time you considering a franchise-altering trade, it's critically important to investigate all options, weighs the pros and cons of each and carefully plot the course going forward. With the Dec. 15 date for players signed during the summer coming up next week, and the trade deadline inching closer by the day, Ken Berger of CBSSports.com reports that the Nuggets have gone through the necessary machinations and come to the same inevitable conclusion that faced them over the summer: trading Anthony is a necessity, and receiving a rebuild-friendly offer that includes young players, reasonable contracts and draft picks is of the utmost importance.
According to people in contact with the Nuggets’ management team, there is far more clarity today about what the team is seeking in a potential Anthony trade than there was in September, when new GM Masai Ujiri was thrust into the tempest in his initial days and weeks on the job. Executives believe the Nuggets have decided they would like to receive the best possible package of young players and are not interested in stopgap options that would hamper their flexibility. Acquiring a high-priced veteran player -- such as Andre Iguodala, whose talent the Nuggets value but not his contract -- would only hurt the team’s ability to build around youth while maintaining payroll flexibility into the uncertainty of a new collective bargaining agreement. 
The Nets’ package of 2010 No. 4 pick Derrick Favors, guard Devin Harris, the expiring contract of Kris Humphries and two first-round picks remains the most attractive option to the Nuggets, sources say. Additional trade partners such as Charlotte and Utah are not eager to get involved in the discussions again, but wouldn’t necessarily be needed this time. 
If that offer is on the table, there should be absolutely no hesitation on Denver's part. Two solid starting pieces paid reasonable salaries, plus picks, plus a measure of financial flexibility heading into a potential lockout? If you're Denver, what more could you possibly want and reasonably expect? Pull the trigger before the Nets realize Anthony isn't actually that good. The next step would be to move veteran point guard Chauncey Billups in a similar fashion, and the future would be upon the Nuggets far more quickly that they could have hoped. One needs look no further than the mess in Cleveland for added motivation to go through with trading Anthony. A coach who wonders whether his players are listening. Players who lay down and get punked by James in his return to Cleveland. All sorts of mismatched, expensive roster pieces that no longer fit together after the centerpiece is gone. A lack of young talent, save forward J.J. Hickson, to provide an element of excitement and hope to a starving fanbase.  Denver: you really, really, really do not want to be Cleveland. Move Anthony, and ensure your future is brighter.
Posted on: November 17, 2010 10:42 am

Billups hits a 75-footer; too bad it didn't count

Posted by Royce Young

As long as I can remember, people have complained about traveling in the NBA. "They never call it!" they say. Well Tuesday in Denver, it was called and it's a darn shame it was.

Chauncey Billups swished a 75-foot shot at the end of the second quarter, something that was truly incredible. But he took a hop, step, a crab dribble and switched pivots all on the way to the heave. The video:

Of course that was the right call and no I don't actually wish it wasn't called. The ball still went in and it's still very impressive. But the fact it didn't count just kind of taints it. I guess it's a lot like a Barry Bonds home run.
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