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Tag:New Jersey Nets
Posted on: November 30, 2011 8:10 pm
Edited on: November 30, 2011 8:14 pm

Report: Humphries files for annulment

Posted by Royce Young

We interrupt your regularly scheduled free agency mania to get back to the Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian beat. Because that's what's important.

According to, Humphries filed for an annulment against Kardashian on the grounds she defrauded him into marrying her.
Kris was not in on the alleged fraud, meaning he did not stage the marriage for Kim's reality show.  We're told Kris wanted this to be a genuine marriage, but Kim was never really on board.


We broke the story the couple has a prenup, but according to the documents Kris claims there are "community and quasi-community assets."  Sources connected with Kim claim there's no community property.

The short story here -- there's going to be a fight, because Kris thinks Kim did him in.
According to the report, Kris wants Kim to pay his attorney fees for this mess as well. The Kris and Kim wedding special on E! paid out some $17 million. Which is why some -- Humphries evidently included -- felt the whole thing was staged just to get a payday. Hence the "fraud" part of it.

With the NBA season coming up and Humphries being a free agent, it looks like he's going to have a pretty serious distraction on his hands.
Posted on: November 30, 2011 2:34 pm
Edited on: November 30, 2011 4:22 pm

Magic GM Otis Smith open to trading Dwight Howard

Posted by Ben Golliverotis-smith-dwight-howard

A new NBA season has apparently brought a new approach to managing the future of franchise center Dwight Howard for Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith.

After months of proclaiming that the Magic would not trade Howard under any circumstances, Smith reversed course on Wednesday in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel
“I think you have to look at everything,” Smith told the Orlando Sentinel when he was asked if he'd consider trading Howard.

“I don’t think you can take anything out of consideration. I think, one, you have to talk to your player first. We have to figure out where his head is, not where everyone thinks his head is, and just more figure out where he wants to be. And then you have to make the best decision of what’s in the best interests of the franchise. That’s how I’ve always went about it: to make the best decision that’s in the best interests of the Orlando Magic."
By this point, NBA observers can read through the phrasing without even squinting to get between the lines. 

As we've learned time and again over the last few years in free agency, "take a look at everything" is the magic code phrase to fellow GMs. Translated it means: "Call me with something to look at." The phrase "talk to your players first" translates to "we will give it all we've got but we admit it might not be enough."  And, of course, the phrase "best interests of the team" translates to "we aren't leaving this process empty-handed."

As recently as last April, Smith told the Orlando Sentinel that the team was taking a firm no-trade stance on Howard.

"The answer will be the same as it always is: No."

Obviously, it's impossible to "look at everything" if you hang up the phone immediately.

This development is not all that surprising. Howard spent the lockout traveling the world and making it clear he was keeping his options open. The Magic, like any team, would be foolish to allow a MVP-caliber superstar like Howard walk out the door without receiving a package of young talent, draft picks and salary cap relief in return.

On Tuesday, word surfaced that the New Jersey Nets were prepared to offer a trade package for Howard. The Los Angeles Clippers are also reportedly interested and the Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly investigating the matter too.

Earlier Wednesday, Royce Young of explored the question of how the Magic might keep Howard.
Posted on: November 30, 2011 12:39 pm
Edited on: November 30, 2011 9:55 pm

2011 NBA Free Agency Buzz 11.30.11

Posted by EOB Staff

On a shortened schedule with the conclusion of the NBA lockout, free agency is going to be fast and furious. To keep track of all the wheelings, dealings, rumors, and reports, check Eye on Basketball daily for the Free Agency Buzz. 

Wednesday, November 30th

9:54 p.m. ET
5:48 p.m. ET
  • ESPN the Magazine reports that the Warriors have reached out yet again to the Grizzlies regarding a trade for Monta Ellis, this time involving Rudy Gay in exchange for the scorer in addition to another asset. The Warriors' other asset to move would be Andris Biedrins, who, in combination with Ellis would represent over $20 million in assets. Kind of a lot for the Grizzlies to take on. Ekpe Udoh is another choice, as the Warriors are said to be pursuing a center in free agency. The Grizzlies have repeatedly said they are not trading Gay, but continue to be involved in conversations to the contrary, because, well, that's how the NBA works.
4:34 p.m. ET
  • According to USA Today, Oklahoma City and Nate Robinson are currently working on a buyout. Why? Why not keep him on and let him just expire? For one, the roster spot. It frees Presti to use it on a D-Leaguer he likes or even to sign someone. Secondly, you have to pay him less, presumably. And third, OKC doesn’t need a fourth point guard. Robinson wasn’t happy at all with his situation in OKC and with Reggie Jackson now in the mix, the Thunder don’t have any plans for Robinson.

3:26 p.m. ET

  • reports that the New Jersey Nets will pursue both Nene Hilario and Tyson Chandler, in hopes of landing one of the two. And then the plan could be to use one as bait for Dwight Howard. I bet Brook Lopez is just thrilled about this.

3:03 p.m. ET

  • The Detroit News reports that the Detroit Pistons do not plan to waive a player using their amnesty clause. The most likely candidates would have been guards Richard Hamilton and Ben Gordon and forward Charlie Villanueva. Hamilton is entering the final fully guaranteed year of his contract and Gordon is productive even though he's overpaid, so Villanueva was the player who was spared the most here. 

2:54 p.m. ET

  • reports the following suitors for New Orleans free agent forward David West: Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards in addition to the Hornets.

1:18 p.m. ET

1:00 p.m.

  • Billy King, GM of the Nets, spoke with Howard Beck of the New York Times and confirmed that the Nets will be offering Deron Williams an extension first thing. Williams can't sign it until December 9th, but that's OK since Williams has already said he's going to wait and see how things play out (read: see if the Nets can actually convince any other talent to join him there). There's a reason the Nets are trying so desperately to add talent in free agency and trade. 
12:31 p.m.
  • On WEEI in Boston, Jackie MacMullen of and a longtime Celtics writer said that Glen Davis drove the Celtics "crazy" by continuously missing fitness guidelines and chasing stats to help his contract versus the team. All of this leads her to the conclusion he won't be re-signed by the Celtics. Not a huge shocker, considering the way Davis' season ended, but it will make him one of the mid-level free agents on the market. His weight is a long-term issue, but he's also an exteremely capable defender and a player who can finish around the basket. He'll get offers.  (HT: RedsArmy)
  • The Knicks need a big man, and they're likely going to get one in free agency, even if it's a short-term solution. Marc Berman of the New York Post says the following names are on their radar: Kurt Thomas, Kwame Brown, Tony Battie, Theo Ratliff and Aaron Gray. Brown is likely the biggest name on that list, but mostly because of his notorious bust status. However, Brown quietly had a quality season for the Bobcats last year and brings a lot of what the Knicks are looking for. He might actually be out of their price range, as crazy as that sounds. Gray is another quality option who had big minutes for the Hornets last year when Emeka Okafor was out with an injury. (HT: PBT)
Posted on: November 30, 2011 1:11 am
Edited on: November 30, 2011 1:41 am

Rumor: Nets to offer package for Dwight Howard?

Posted by Ben Golliver


The feeding frenzy for Superman is now officially in full effect. reports that the New Jersey Nets, having traded the house for All-Star point guard Deron Williams before last season's trade deadline, are preparing to make another bold move in an effort to acquire Orlando Magic center All-Star Dwight Howard.
The New Jersey Nets are prepared to offer a trade package featuring Brook Lopez and two future first-round picks to acquire Dwight Howard before the Orlando Magic center becomes a free agent in July 2012, according to sources close to the situation.

Sources told this week that, to sweeten the proposal, New Jersey would likewise offer to take back the contract of Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu, who has three seasons left on his contract worth just under $35 million. 
The Nets have loads of cap space and will have even more if they proceed with waiving forward Travis Outlaw via the amnesty clause, as is widely expected. Their interest in Howard is obvious. He is by far the best center in the NBA, he is incredibly durable, he is a force on both ends, he is entering the prime of his career and he is a marketer's dream. His financial impact on a team like the Nets would be enormous. He averaged 22.9 points, 14.1 rebounds, 2.4 blocks, 1.4 assists, 1.4 steals and shot 59.3 percent from the field last year. He should have been the league's MVP. He would make an excellent inside force for any point guard, let alone Williams, one of the game's best floor generals.

For the Magic, this is an interesting and not-totally-uncompelling opening offer for Howard, the type of package that hits all three major categories: a quality and proven young piece, major financial relief and draft pick building blocks. A similar trade package saw the Denver Nuggets send Carmelo Anthony and expensive point guard Chauncey Billups to the New York Knicks for draft picks, younger players and cash.

The Magic are way over the salary cap and lack the ability to add truly meaningful pieces to a roster that lost in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs and lacks a supporting star for Howard. This trade would bring in Lopez to fill the mammoth hole that will be left by Howard's departure, an impossible task, but Lopez, 23, averaged 20.8 points and 6.0 rebounds last season, so it could be worse. One complication: Lopez's deal expires after the 2011-2012 season and he will likely command a fair sum when it comes time for him to make a deal.

Any Howard trade will need to clear out Turkoglu too, as he is Orlando's second most ridiculous contract. The Magic would be set up pretty quickly for a post-Howard rebuilding by getting out of the $34 million guaranteed to Turkoglu through 2013-2014 and waiving guard Gilbert Arenas via the amnesty clause. None of the other contracts currently on their books are particularly outrageous and the Magic has no other major salary committments past 2012-2013 other than Turkoglu. The ground-up method is generally considered the best way to bounce back from a departure of a major superstar. This type of deal would get them there.

Still, the price the Magic will be able to command for Howard, assuming they relent in their effort to sign him to a contract extension and agree to pursue trade possibilities, should be significantly greater. That said, this isn't not the worst opening bid.

One thing is absolutely certain: many teams will look to top this reported offer in the coming months. And one major thing is uncertain: How would Howard feel about playing for a team that has gone a combined 104-224 in the last four seasons?
Posted on: November 29, 2011 6:17 pm
Edited on: November 29, 2011 6:17 pm

Turkey's Besiktas retires Deron Williams' jersey

Posted by Ben Golliver.

It took us all awhile to digest what the heck they were up to, but Turkish basketball club Besiktas has emerged as the NBA lockout's winner for most hilariously random.  

Besiktas wasted no time this summer, signing New Jersey Nets All-Star point guard Deron Williams to a multi-million dollar contract and then trying to leverage that into pursuits of seemingly dozens of NBA players, including Los Angeles Lakers All-Star guard Kobe Bryant. In the end, the NBA and its players reached a tentative deal on a new collective bargaining agreement before Besiktas was able to team Williams with another star.

Keep in mind, Besiktas isn't even competing in the Euroleague, so all Besiktas really had to gain was Turkish league dominance and a ton of international publicity. No matter, Williams led Besiktas to a 6-1 record during his stint in Turkey, and despite not selling out the team's 3,200 seat arena, Williams averaged 19.7 points, 6.4 assists and 3.3 rebounds while shooting 54.9 percent from the field. The highlight was obviously a recent 50-point scoring explosion. He leaves Turkey with Besiktas in second place in the standings, one game behind leaders Anadolu Efes, whose roster includes Sasha Vujacic and Ersan Ilyasova

Despite spending less than three months in Turkey, Williams has been formally honored by the team, who retired his No. 8 jersey and raised it to the rafters. I can't think of a better, funnier way to commemorate this incredibly unique experience for both club and player. Just awesome. 

The next, obvious question: Will the Nets retire Williams' jersey after he bolts in free agency next summer?

Here's the video of Turkish club Besiktas retiring Deron Williams' jersey courtesy of YouTube user realderonwilliams.

Hat tip:
Posted on: November 28, 2011 12:01 pm
Edited on: November 28, 2011 1:34 pm

Crawford and Knicks have mutual interest?

Posted by Royce Young

The free agent pool isn't all that deep, but there are a couple decent prizes out there. One that's drawing a good amount of interest around the league is Jamal Crawford who has been flirting with Portland a bit and Miami, but just mainly because LeBron's been tweeting about him.

But according to the New York Daily News, Crawford also has some interest in returning to New York.

"Crawford is one of the top available free agents, and according to a source close to the veteran shooting guard, he prefers returning to the New York area if he does not re-sign with the Atlanta Hawks."

It's fairly unlikely that Crawford re-ups with Atlanta as the team shunned him all last season while he searched for a new contract. The Knicks would love to have his scoring punch to add to Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, but Crawford is likely looking for more than the mid-level exception. And with the Knicks current cap situation, they probably can't do much more than that.

Especially if the Knicks really are going to to try and straighten themselves out for a run at Chris Paul or Deron Williams next summer.

Crawford recently dropped agent Aaron Goodwin and signed with Andy Miller, according to the report. Miller's roster? Chauncey Billups, Jared Jeffries and Roger Mason. Miller's also based out of New Jersey. Not that those things actually mean all that much in terms of Crawford going to New York, but it certainly doesn't mean nothing.

The Knicks though are more in need of post help than another scorer. While Crawford would be enticing because of his scoring abilty, the Knicks need defensive help and a strong big man to play center. Stoudemire was forced to play the 5 all too often last season and with Ronny Turiaf as the likely top option there right now, the Knicks need help.

With that and the cap situation, really the only way Crawford ends up in New York is via sign-and-trade. And then again, are the Knicks willing to spend that money and completely blow any chance, no matter how small it may be, of snagging CP3 in 2012?

So consider this: The report says Crawford has interest in returning to the "New York area" next season. Guess who is in the New York area and will be even more there than in the past? The Nets. With their move to Brooklyn and the fact Crawford's new agent is based in the area, the Nets could be a strong option for Crawford. It makes a decent amount of sense too as the Nets need something to go next to Williams. They have to show Williams they're committed to building a winner and splashing for a guy like Crawford could be a start to saying so.
Posted on: November 27, 2011 1:43 pm
Edited on: November 27, 2011 3:55 pm

Nene is going to get PAID

By Matt Moore 

We've already told you that Nene is the top free agent in the market. But the thing is, it's a weak market. The best players are in restricted free agency and therefore are difficult to acquire. The unrestricted market is full of players with huge limitations or age and injury concerns. As such, you'd expect spending to be limited. After all, teams just got done holding a five-month lockout based on saying that spending to much on players is the problem. 

Nope! Back to the market with their pockets full of change they go!

First, from the New York Post:  
The players the Nets likely will pursue have been out there: Nene, Tayshaun Prince, Jamal Crawford. Then there is always the sign-and-trade route, which seems more feasible again as the new deal apparently will allow for immediate sign-and-trades like in the past.
via Nets ready to get to work on Williams, 'going home soon'.

OK, well, sure, the Nets want to sign him. The Nets are always looking to overpay for a free agent. See: Outlaw, Travis. But surely there's not some sort of huge buyer's market for him, right? Nene is excellent at what he does, but he's not a star. Teams aren't goin to go gaga... oh. From the Houston Chronicle:  
The Rockets have some hard decisions to make. They’re going all out for free-agent center Nene. He’s 29 years old and coming off a season in which he averaged 14.5 points and 7.0 rebounds per game. Nene is 6-11, 250 pounds, and Morey believes putting him in a lineup with Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin would give the Rockets three to build around.
via Rockets will target Nene in free agency, and if they don’t get him, will consider a full-blown reconstruction. | SportsJustice | a blog.

Then you have the Nuggets, who have a world of cap space and every intention of re-signing the Brazillian center. If this winds up being an arms race, they have a good chance as anyone, given Nene's comfort level there. Then there's the possibility Nene could forgo the money and instead opt to chase a ring, putting the Knicks and Heat on the radar. Either way, Nene's goin to be the most sought-after player on December 9th, and there's a pretty good possibility that after a summer talking about controlling costs, a team is going to dramatically over-commit in pursuit of Nene.
Posted on: November 24, 2011 11:57 am
Edited on: November 24, 2011 5:50 pm

Report:Lopez turns down Besiktas, Odom signs

By Matt Moore 

Update: In a typical sign of how flimsy these European deals are, Sportando reports that the deal with Lopez has fallen through, and it's now Lamar Odom who has agreed to a deal with Besiktas. We'll wait to see if this falls through as well. 


After whiffing on Kobe Bryant and swinging out on Kevin Love, it looks like Besiktas has its next NBA star to go with Deron Williams. Sportando reports that Brook Lopez will head to Turkey to join Williams for the duration of the NBA Lockout, via Kartal Basket. 

That makes two Nets on Besiktas, and could help with developing chemistry between Lopez and Williams. Which, if the entire season is lost, won't be much help since Williams may bolt in free agency, and the Nets could jettison Lopez in restricted free agency. But it still makes for a notable teammate for Williams this season in Istanbul, and more time with Williams will help Lopez regardless of where he ends up. Playing with a point guard of his caliber will do wonders for him. 

Meanwhile, Williams hasn't been suffering as of late, scoring 50 points, shooting 17-23 from the field. Not a bad day's work. 

Lopez struggled last season under Avery Johnson, and his rebounding numbers have become an area of concern for his development. But he's still one of the better low-post and high pick-and-roll players in the league and should help Besiktas this season.
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