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Video: Jimmy Kimmel gets Ron Artest good

Posted by Royce Young

Ron Artest has been a very giving, caring person over the years. He donated his championship ring to raise money for mental health awareness, raising some $700,000. He's been active in a lot of charities, giving money, helping out by attaching his name to things or by volunteering.

So Jimmy Kimmel thought he'd take advantage of Ron-Ron's kind heart -- by getting him good. I have to tell you, some videos people say, "Man, this one is funny, watch it." But I mean it. This one is good.

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Posted on: May 19, 2011 8:18 pm

Blake Griffin wants to be in this video game

Posted by Royce Young

It always makes me shake my head when I hear people say that Blake Griffin is boring and that he doesn't have any personality. Yes, he's a bit dry and doesn't really open up in front of the media, but don't judge a player just by the way he speaks to some reporter.

There's some video game coming out called "Rage" and they've enlisted Griffin to help market the game for them. Blake does a pretty terrific job making a case he should be in the game, even one-upping his dunk-over-the-car stunt. In this, he dunks over a live tiger. He didn't have a choir singing behind him while he did it, but still, it's good.

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Video: Jamal Crawford finishes the Magic from 3

Posted by Royce Young

Jamal Crawford seems to have knack for exactly these type of shots. He said it immediately after the game in a sideline interview that he likes the pull-up 3 in crunch time. And that's what he was looking for all the way.

Except I'm sure he didn't picture it going in the way it did.

Crawford banked home a 3 with 5.7 seconds left to put the Hawks up 88-84 and seal a 2-1 series lead over the Magic. It was a game the Hawks led mostly throughout, even by as many as 14, only to blow the lead with really horrific offensive execution in the second half. But the Hawks found just enough offense from just enough people. Example: Crawford banking in a freaking 3 to ice the game.

There's a lot of fight in these Hawks (and I don't mean that literally, i.e. Zaza Pachulia). They were entirely run over by the Magic last postseason but have taken complete control of the series. Atlanta found just enough points late and in the playoffs, you take a banked 3 all day every day. It still counts the same regardless.

The series isn't over, but Crawford's 3 definitely tilts things Atlanta's way. Up 2-1 with another game at home means the Hawks are guaranteed a Game 6 in their building. Time is running out and the pressure is building for the Magic. Dwight Howard won't be excited about a first-round exit. Backs to the wall now, Orlando has to respond.
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Video: Blake Griffin dunks. All of them.

Posted by Matt Moore

Blake Griffin made people notice him immediately this season.  The way he did it? Dunk on everyone, with the kind of violence that the MPAA rates as NC-17 most times. Griffin became must-watch television, because you never knew when or how he was going to dunk, but you knew he was going to and you knew he was going to with unparalleled aggression. Griffin killed the rim 214 times this season. Here's every one. 

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Video: Top 10 plays from the regular season

Posted by Royce Young

No, all 10 plays aren't just Blake Griffin dunks. (Though maybe they should be.) As usual, the NBA produced some pretty excellent and awesome plays this season. "Posters" seemed to go to a new level this season, but it was the little things, like buzzer beaters, that were so good.

I like how in the video, there are way more than 10 plays. I don't blame the NBA people that put this together though. How do you separate one awesome block from JaVale McGee from one amazing one from Dwight Howard? What makes one windmill better than another?

Overall, pretty good stuff, 2010-11 NBA season. Hopefully we're not stuck watching this video on a loop next season while we pray for the NBA to come back.

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Video: Melo beats Indy at the buzzer

Posted by Royce Young

Don't tell anyone, but the Knicks have won seven straight. They've now put a pretty good hold on the six-seed in the East and shut most everyone up about whatever it was we all were saying.

They're playing good offense, ood enough defense and winning. Funny how things work out. When the Knicks drop five straight, it makes for great fodder and we go nuts. Now that they've won seven in a row, well, it's just not as interesting. I have no idea why.

But against Indiana Sunday, the Knicks pulled out their seventh consecutive game, but did it with some drama. Carmelo Anthony dropped the Pacers at the buzzer, his second such shot with the Knicks. I don't know man, these Knicks, they're kind of feeling a bit dangerous for someone in an opening round series right now.

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Carmelo Anthony appears on Saturday Night Live

Posted by Royce Young

(Video possibly NSFW: Some of the jokes might be a bit on the crude side, so a heads up there.)

I guess you can see Carmelo Anthony's point a little now. You're not appearing on Saturday Night Live as a forward for the Denver Nuggets.

Melo appeared in two sketches last night and while I can't exactly say either were funny or that Anthony did a great job, I can say that he had his face on a major network television show. Which is one of the goals he had in mind when he forced his way to the Knicks.

The show kind of went with the obvious gag of putting a famous athlete in a funny wig. Though a cameo from Tom Hanks never hurts anything.

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Video: How the NBA time-travel spots were made

Posted by Royce Young

By now, if you've watched just 10 minutes of an NBA game this year, you've seen one of the creepy time-travel commercials. There are four of them: One with an old guy talking to Kevin Durant, one with a kid talking to a little Stephen Curry, one with two Knicks fans watching a high school Amar'e Stoudemire and another with a kid talking to Steve Nash at Santa Clara.

In a way, the ads are very cool. At least the idea is. I can't say the execution was spot-on because they always feel a bit cold. Like something is missing.

But of course everyone was curious as to how they were done. Because the clips of the players are entirely authentic. That's really Durant in high school putting on his sneakers. That's really Steph Curry as a kid. Via Dime Mag, here's how they made them.

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