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Posted on: October 6, 2010 1:22 am
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Wade may be "a couple of weeks"

Triad star says he may be out " a couple of weeks."
Posted by Matt Moore

So Dwyane Wade strained a hamstring after only 3 minutes in Tuesday night's preseason opener. It's no biggie, but after the game, Wade went ahead and gave a timetable for his return. As in, he will not be bouncing back immediately; it is preseason, after all. The Palm Beach Post blog Heat Zone first reported Wade's comment:

Wade said that he would see how what he called a “hamstring pull” responded to treatment… in about a week.

“In a couple of weeks, I’ll be back and running,” Wade said.

So fans on the Heat's miniature tour of the country, including a Friday stop in Kansas City can go ahead and simmer on those plans of a first glimpse at the Triad. It will have to be the dynamic duo of James and Bosh for now, if in fact those two decide to go in the other preseason games.

Wade's making the right call, naturally. There's zero reason for him to rush coming back. The team certainly needs to establish chemistry, flow, and its principles. But even if they rushed to prepare themselves for the season opener in Boston, no one will credit them until May. That has to be their focus, playing for June. Everything else is secondary. And from what we saw in the preseason opener, they're well on their way regardless.

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Highlight Factory: Notes on Heat preseason debut

Heat win hugely important game that does not count in standings against mediocre squad. LeBron James is good at basketball.
Posted by Matt Moore and Royce Young

Some thoughts from your F&R staff after the Heat's 105-89 win over the Pistons to open the Miami Triad era. Dwyane Wade left the game in the first quarter with a strained hamstring and did not return.

Royce Young: One thing mildly interesting: With Carlos Arroyo on the court, he typically ran the offense but when Mario Chalmers was in the game, LeBron seemed to control things a bit more. I don't know if this was by design or coincidental, but it seems the Heat are set on letting LeBron operate much in the same way he did in Cleveland. Now this (preseason) game isn't the best indicator because Dwyane Wade only played a few minutes and really all it turned into was the Cavaliers with Chris Bosh, but still, the usage of the point guard was minimal.

Matt Moore: Interesting that you mention that, because I thought the offense flowed a lot better with Chalmers in the game. He wasn't dictating the ball by bringing it to the timeline or setting things on the perimeter as much, but Chalmers was a through-point for the offense, and his shot looked much cleaner than Arroyo's. It's not just that this team can operate with James or Wade at point, but they may actually need to.

RY: Chalmers handled his duties pretty well though. Ten points, seven assists and just one turnover in 19 minutes. And he's coming back off a light ankle sprain. He'll be seeing more like 25-30 minutes this season but if that type of box score becomes semi-consistent, this team will be pretty awesome.

MM: Much better than I was expecting. Arroyo on the other hand was dreadful, even with a better line (4 of 6) than Chalmers. He just seemed like such an athletic downgrade from Chalmers. Then again, it's preseason, which is what I like to call "Marioworld."

RY: If you're even a casual fan of the NBA, it was hard not to be a little star-struck watching Wade, LeBron and Bosh all on the court at the same time. It was kind of surreal. Everyone has their feelings about this Miami team but even if you're on the side that absolutely despises it with every fiber of your being, watching Dwyane Wade try and follow a missed LeBron layup was something else. I wonder how long it's going to take for this newness to wear off and we can all start watching them just as a basketball team. I kind of think it might not really happen this season.

MM: It definitely had that All-Star feel to it. I kept waiting for Usher to break out at halftime. Bosh I thought was the weirdest part. He's doing what Chris Webber called "the dirty work" by cleaning up misses (and man is he going to get a ton of points that way this season). This is a premier offensive player in the league, and he's essentially playing the Anderson Varejao role. Of course, Bosh's line was great (20 points, 6 boards), but he had significant trouble with both the double-team and setting up in the block. He looked much more comfortable face-up on the wing, which isn't surprising if you've done your homework, but betrays what he's supposed to be for the Heat, which is the man down low. I would have liked to see more pick and roll with LeBron from them tonight, as well as more high-post work from Bosh.

RY: The DNP's for the Heat: Eddie House, Kenny Hasbrouck, Juwan Howard, Jamaal Magloire, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Mickell Gladness and Da'Sean Butler. Probably not too much to read into there because the notable ones (House, Howard, Magloire and Ilgauskas) are old veterans and are probably being limited in preseason.

MM: I thought more interesting was that Patrick Beverly got as much time as he did (a good nine minutes) as well as Dexter Pittman. The Heat are obviously still giving the youngsters a look in preseason.

RY: For a player like Udonis Haslem who is near automatic on an open 12-foot baseline jumper, LeBron is going to be incredible for him. Haslem was very good finishing with 14-13 and hit 6-9 from the field. More than likely, Haslem will become the rock on the Miami bench and in some games may prove to be that difference maker on the second unit instead of Mike Miller or Eddie House, who most think needs to step up.

MM: Z lived off of drive and kicks from LeBron for years, but Haslem is more athletic and has a closer range (Z has to have space to allow time to set up his shot at his age). I think Haslem's got a ton of potential to be the difference maker for this team on both sides of the ball. The best thing about him is he's reliable. Well, except for last year against the Celtics. That'll be a storyline down the road.

RY: Joel Anthony is set as the Heat's starting 5 right now and here was his line: 20 minutes, zero points, one rebound, two blocks, 0-0 from the field and four fouls. When you're Joel Anthony on the roster built like this, you better get used to lines like that.

MM: I almost feel like Dexter Pittman's 8 points, 4 fouls, 2 rebound performance was better. The effort was there from Pittman which is what the team needs. Anthony's not going to fill up the point totals, but he better get to rebounding and fast. This team absolutely must dominate the glass if they want to get where they're going, because they're not flush with elite size.

RY:  Granted, just one preseason game so it's way too early to start crowning this team, but that didn't stop me from thinking about 25 times, "Dang, this team is good." Wade only played three minutes so that's not a big taste of what it will be like, but with LeBron cooking there's just no stopping them. I think while we all questioned how Wade and LeBron would co-exist this summer we kind of forgot what an unselfish and great passer LeBron is. Yes, LeBron needs the ball in his hands just like Wade, but at the same time, LeBron is such a creator that you can picture them working fabulously together.

MM: How about that jab-step dribble and jump-whip pass to Bosh for the dunk in the first quarter? That's the kind of stuff you're going to see a lot. I think a lot of people put too much emphasis on one game of LeBron's career (Game 5) and forgot that this really is the best player in the NBA. He's still able to get to the rim whenever he wants. Having Bosh is good for him because he can finally trust the guy to get it done. The Wade-James experiment is still in testing phase with Wade's injury, but it's a matter of how it will work, not if. This is a preseason game, so there's going to be heavy limitations from what we can take away from it. But if you're a hoophead, you watched this team and it struck you. We have a new powerhouse in the NBA and teams better get ready to contend with them.

I will say this in closing. The chemistry on court seemed good, but there was a concern. Bosh seemed a bit awkward and out of place early on when he wasn't just given the ball in ISO to work. That's going to come in time, but right now, it's something they need to work on. And if you noticed, James took a hard hit on his right elbow in the first, grimaced, cursed, then missed two free throws (finished 0-3 from the line). I'm not convinced the elbow is better. I am convinced the Heat are going to be not only good, but interesting to watch develop this year. As overhyped as they may be.

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BREAKING: Dwyane Wade not seriously hurt at all

Miami star will not return to preseason game versus Pistons after straining hamstring.Posted by Matt Moore

Well the good news is that LeBron James is off to a hot start, scoring 12 points in the opening quarter. The bad news is that Dwyane Wade left just minutes into the first preseason game between the Miami Triad and the Detroit Pistons. Wade was treated on the bench before heading back to the locker room. He has been diagnosed with a strained right hamstring and won't return, via KB .

Wade has had a plethora of injuries throughout his career since winning the title, mostly on account of his fearless style. The injury of course is ridiculously minor, but since every single thing any of these players do is huge news, it's probably going to be analyzed. Wade's won't return in tonight's game and since it's preseason, expect him to miss a few more as the training staff is insanely cautious with him.

But hey, LeBron looks good!

To your right, you'll see a look at the healthy version of Dwyane Wade's hamstring. We've got all your Heat coverage, right here!

Rumors cannot be confirmed at this time that Wade faked the injury in order to catch "Glee." Here's some more information about hamstring injuries. Science!

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Heat Stroke: It begins

Posted by Royce Young

It's just preseason. The games, the stats, the highlights don't count for anything. But finally, 89 days since "The Decision," the new Miami Heat will take the floor in a competitive basketball game.

The Heat host the Pistons tonight at 7:30 ET (it's on NBATV), opening what many believe could be a historical season. Yes, it's not Oct. 26 when the real thing gets going and the Miami trio may only play a handful of minutes. But they will all three be in uniform and in the Heat's starting lineup tonight. It's doubtful Erik Spoelstra will really break out anything big, but still. Still.

Three things I'll be watching closely:

1. How do Wade and LeBron work together offensively?
Carlos Arroyo is the starting point guard tonight (Mario Chalmers is out injured) but as we've seen over the years, Dwyane Wade tends to get the ball in his hands and operate a lot as well. But the thing is, so does LeBron. Granted, Spoelstra may just run the Heat through a number of simple offensive sets and there might not be a lot of ad-libbing, but who's the orchestrator?

2. What will the rotations look like?
Again, preseason game. So obviously this isn't the set rotation for Miami, but how will Spoelstra utilize his bench. Will he mass substitute or will he pluck in guys like Eddie House, Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem. All three are playing behind the Big Trio, but do they sub in separately or all at once?

Moreover, who plays and who plays first? Is Jamaal Magloire even in the rotation? What about James Jones and Da'Sean Butler? The Heat did a pretty incredible job of filling out the rest of the roster after Bosh, Wade and LeBron but it's possible some of those guys might be stuck at the end of the bench.

Will the Heat stick to positions or is there a chance we see some unique pairings like LeBron at point, Wade off the ball, Mike Miller at the 3, Haslem at power forward and Bosh at center?

3. Who runs the pick-and-roll?
Late shot clock, who's setting up the pick-and-roll, Wade or LeBron? Dwyane Wade is one of the most dynamic pick-and-rollers out there but LeBron is an absolute bull with a switching defense.

Let me say again so you all don't think I'm crazy for making a big deal about a preseason game that we won't learn much. But there will be something to take from this because though it doesn't count, at least we finally can stop talking and see something live and in action. Even if it doesn't matter.
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Heat Stroke: ESPN hits warp speed on Heat

ESPN launching global initiative to track every conceivable detail of Miami's first season with the Triad. Posted by Matt Moore

You knew this was coming. If you're feigning outrage and shock, stop now. ESPN covers big stories with exhausting girth. That's their thing. They take the biggest stories, the ones likely to pull in the most people, and then they swallow them whole in a giant media albatross mouth. So it's only natural that they've now announced their plan for the Heat, and it is similarly behemoth.

You know why? Because we're all reading it. That's why. No matter how much people say they're sick of LeBron James, they're still in love with commenting on James news just to say how sick they are of it. No matter how much we argue they haven't won a single game, the fact is that all their games across the league are selling out and people are predicting record ratings. The Heat are going to sell. And ESPN has taken full advantage of that fact. It started with "The Decision" and it continues with the "Heat Index."

ESPN announced today that they are launching a special coverage initiative called "The Heat Index" which is, honestly, massive. It features now-former Cleveland Plain-Dealer reporter Brian Windhorst, who has covered LeBron since high school, Mike Wallace of the Miami Herald , Kevin Arnovitz, who runs ESPN's TrueHoop Network, and Sebastian Martinez-Christensen to provide ESPN Deportes coverage.

The package itself is huge, with a running tracker of how the Miami Triad stack up against other Big 3's throughout history, Heat-related Twitter aggregation, any Heat content from across ESPN and the TrueHoop Network, 24 hour live streaming feed of LeBron's house, a 3-D hologram display of how much merchandise is being sold at the arena, and health meters attached to the players. Okay, those last three I made up.

When we launched this here Heat Stroke, it wasn't just to bring you Heat news, it was to show you just how completely ridiculous the coverage of this team is going to be on a daily basis, more than any other story in the NBA, including the 16-time-and-defending champion Lakers. That's the irony. We recognize how ridiculous the coverage of the Heat is and will be, and at the same time we're a part of it. Why? Because you want to know.

Everyone's obsessed with this team. They're genuinely excited about the combination of talent on board, or they love to complain about the coverage, and in order to do so, they have to seek it out. Not that finding it is going to be very hard. Get used to it, this is the new NBA world for the next 12 months. All Heat, all the time Until next summer, at which point it's all lockout, all the time.
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Heat Stroke: Role playing in Miami

Posted by Royce Young

The most coveted veteran free agent destination this summer was South Beach. But that was only after LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh decided to take their basketballing abilities there.

Once those three committed, you knew everything the Heat did would turn into a circus. Well, case in point, this here themed post.

But don't worry gang, LeBron, Wade and Bosh will totally hog all that spotlight for you so you don't have to. They're team players like that.

"Everybody always mentions me and C.B. and D-Wade," James said in an AP story. "So, the rest of the guys can fly under the radar and just be great for this team, which we know they can be."

Yeah, don't worry LeBron, Patrick Beverley totally plans on flying under the radar this season. And he salutes you from taking that media distraction away from him so that he can morph into a great player.

It is something interesting I've noticed as the Heat's much ballyhooed training camp has begun, that pretty every interview, every major television package includes the Big 3. Right now, that doesn't bother anyone. But come February if Mario Chalmers is playing a key part on the court and he's not getting any attention, could that bother him? He's in a contract year and surely he'd enjoy some attention for his efforts.

Maybe not though. Maybe everyone understands the situation and knew what they were getting into when they signed with the Heat. But a lot of the reason the trio signed in Miami was not just to put together a big winner on the court, it was to get everyone talking about them. And they will be. Just not the other 12 guys.
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Heat Stroke: SVG talks Heat, and we listen

Posted by Royce Young

If at any point this season all the Miami Heat talk starts to get stagnant with boring quotes and a bunch of standard answers of, "They're a great team blah blah blah," have no fear. Just run to the bank of good Heat quotes that is located in Orlando.

Stan Van Gundy has never been one to hold back on what he thinks and yesterday at media day, you can be sure he talked as much about his fellow Floridian team as he did his own. And of course he, and a few other Magic personell, provided today's ridiculous Heat item of the day:

"ESPN is like 'all Heat, all the time,'" Van Gundy told Tim Povtak of FanHouse. "This isn't about us getting together for training camp and the theme is we have to beat the Heat. That's ridiculous. There are a lot of good teams. They aren't the standard bearer.''

But the good stuff from Orlando didn't stop there. Magic general manager Otis Smith said, "They've got a good three (players). I've got a good 12. We're as deep as any team in the league, probably deeper,'' said Magic general manager Otis Smith. "They've got three, and we're solid 1-12. Until they start playing the games, it's just a team on paper."

Smith was told that 99 percent of the analysts are picking the Heat to win the East, he quipped, "I'm in that one percent then ... Boston won the East last year, and the rest of us finished second. They might beat us 3-4 times during the regular season, but once the playoffs start, it's a different ball game."

That right there, is called bulletin board material. Or if you're LeBron James, mental note material.
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The money says the NBA is on the rise

Ticket sales reflect a brighter outlook for a league on the rise.
Posted by Matt Moore

When in doubt, follow the money.

After posting losses claimed by the owners of up to $400 million in the past few years, the NBA is set for record growth in at least one area, even in the midst of a continuingly disappointing economy. The South Florida Business Journal reports that the NBA will begin the season with over $100 million in new revenue, including a 40% increase in season-ticket sales. The big winners are about who you'd expect, teams in big markets with vastly improved teams thanks to the most insane free agency period in the history of sports.

Chicago. New York. That one team in South Florida. the Orlando Magic featuring a new arena. And then? The Oklahoma City Thunder.

But it's not just the biggies. The Grizzlies, the Kings, and the Bobcats have all sold over 1,000 new season tickets. All in all, 21 teams sold over 1,000 new season tickets versus 11 last year. That's pretty tremendous growth.

Ken Berger told you this evening how the Miami Heat have helped take league interest to new levels. The NBA is usually absent, and fans are usually reluctant to take notice until football season is over. Not this year. This year people are talking about LeBron's attention obsession (even as they pay attention to him), Melo's Melodrama, the Thunder's rise, the Lakers' sustained dominance, the Celtics reloaded, the Magic refocused, the Bulls retooled, and hey, the Knicks might not suck!

It's an excitement that's being reflected in ticket sales, the bread and butter of sports, the barometer for popularity. And while many of those season ticket holders will be trying to give those seats away as their teams flow to the wayside, some will love their experience. They'll take their kids, growing a new generation of fans. The game will grow, which is good for the entire league. Those big market teams being good again? It's undeniably good for the league, helps to put them in the spotlight. But those small market teams? They may be better for the health of the league. It's those teams that are going to grow the game itself, making their fans care about tuning into those Thursday night battles, those Friday night fights (the theoretical kind, Ron-Ron's a different man now), those Christmas day rumbles. They'll want to size up the elite just as middle-of-the-road NFL team fans want to see Peyton vs. Brady to see how their team measures up to the elite.

That's the kind of attention the league needs from America. Not just from LA and Boston, but from America, a legion of fans who care about the game. It'll never be more than a fraction of the NFL for various reasons, but that doesn't mean it can't be a strong product that belongs in the water cooler conversation, in the bar-side debates, that has parents excited to share the game with their kids.

Consider now how many superpowers we have. In a league that in past years was too often criticized for being watered down, we have the Lakers who feature Lamar Odom, a fantastic player, as their sixth man. Sixth! The Triad are redefining superstar-laden. The Celtics don't just have the Big 3, they added more firepower to a team that won the East last year. The Magic cannot be expected to take a step back, in the least. The Bulls are now well-rounded and set to contend. The Thunder will only improve. The league is stacked from top to bottom with teams to feature on those national contests, and Blake Griffin might even be good!

Is part of this preseason excitement, based on the painful withdrawal of four months without real NBA ball (FIBA's fine, but it ain't the same)? Absolutely. It's the same bright-eyed optimism that has players tweeting about working hard in training camp and being excited to start their season. It doesn't mean it's not on point, though. NBA fans have every reason to be hopeful right now. To be excited, intrigued, and ready to start their season.

Except in Cleveland. Where mighty Casey has left for a nicer contract in another city with his friends. Bummer.

But for the rest of the NBA? It's party time. Hope springs eternal. Except it's fall. I'm confused. Anyway, go NBA.
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