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Report: Rubio to announce NBA intentions Friday

Posted by Matt Moore

From Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Twitter: 
Spanish media contact tells me Ricky Rubio will hold a news conference tomorrow morning in Barcelona and announce he's headed to the NBA.
via Twitter / @JerryZgoda: Spanish media contact tell ....

 Rubio's been rumored to be on the way for a while. A June 1st report indicated the Wolves had reached an agreement with the Spanish star, and a separate report Thursday indicated his U.S. arrival was imminent. Getting Rubio stateside, under contract, and on the roster before the draft helps the Wolves with both the direction their draft takes and their leverage in deals surrounding their No.2 overall pick or any combination of talent on the roster. The idea has been for Love and Rubio to spearhead the future of the Wolves, with one other player. The No. 2 pick gives them the ability to select that player in Derrick Williams. Now all they need is for Rubio to actually be as good as he was projected to be back when he was drafted, despite a down year in Euroleague play for FC Barcelona. 

Meanwhile, the AP reports that David Kahn and Kurt Rambis are meeting this week... for the first time since the season ended. With that kind of communication going on in the front office, how can Rubio and Williams not be excited about joining the Wolves?
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Cavs still on the fence about top pick?

Posted by Matt Moore

 The Cleveland Cavaliers have seven days to make a decision. After that, there's no more time for second-guessing or consideration about who the No.1 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft will be. The pick will have to be sent in, and the direction of a franchise will be decided. You would think that after having started scouting months ago (you'd hope), knowing they had the pick for nearly a month, and having had the book on all possible prospects since the end of their season, a decision would be clear. And you would be wrong, according to Byron Scott. From Yahoo! Sports: 
“The main reason is we want to do our due diligence on the other guys as well,” Scott said on why a decision hasn’t been made. “We have a few more workouts we want to get in before we really want to start evaluating on who we think is the best possible pick at No. 1 and who we think is the best at No. 4. So, by no means has anyone in our organization who has been to our workouts said, ‘Derrick Williams is our first pick’ or ‘Kyrie Irving is our first pick.’

“We’re all keeping an open mind and understand we have a few more workouts to go through. Both of those guys are very, very good basketball players in our minds. Both are going to have a long career, but no way are we set on a guy.”
via Cavs still debating No. 1 pick - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

The Cavs have the luxury of debating the pick to the last moment while they try to see what value they can get for the fourth or try to move up for the second. But if we're looking at this from a purely objective standpoint, they should know who the guy is going to be. They may just not be saying who that is, but if we take them at their word, this is a little unnecessary. They've had the time, they know what they're getting. If we're talking ceilings, it's pretty much Chris Paul for Irving vs. Carmelo Anthony for Williams, though Williams has more physicality and size. Antawn Jamison and Paul Pierce are other forwards Williams is compared to. The Cavs can go in whatever direction they want, provided they have that direction set in stone by the time the clock hits zero. No need to be scrambling on Thursday trying to make up your mind.

Make a choice and go with it.
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Official early entrants list for 2011 NBA Draft

Posted by Royce Young

Tuesday was the final day for early entrants to withdraw their name from the 2011 NBA Draft. And of the list, the only real notable is Lucas Nogueira, who was a projected first-round pick, meaning Davis Bertans and Nikola Mirotic -- two players most felt would withdraw -- elected to stay in.

Here's the complete list of college players who are entering early:

Alec Burks (Colorado)
DeAngelo Casto (Washington State)
Roscoe Davis  (Midland JC, TX)
Mamadou Diarra (Chaminade, HI)
Jeremy Green (Stanford)
Jordan Hamilton (Texas)
Tobias Harris (Tennessee)
Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA)
Scotty Hopson (Tennessee)
Kyrie Irving (Duke)
Reggie Jackson (Boston College)
Terrence Jennings (Louisville)
Cory Joseph (Texas)

Enes Kanter (Kentucky)
Ryan Kelley (Colorado)
Dan Kelm (Viterbo, WI)
Brandon Knight (Kentucky)
Malcolm Lee (UCLA)
Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State)
Travis Leslie (Georgia)
DeAndre Liggins (Kentucky)
Shelvin Mack (Butler)
Keishawn Mayes (Campbell)
Darius Morris (Michigan)
Marcus Morris (Kansas)
Markieff Morris (Kansas)
Willie Reed (St. Louis)
Jereme Richmond (Illinois)

Carleton Scott (Notre Dame)
Josh Selby (Kansas)
Iman Shumpert (Georgia Tech)
Chris Singleton (Florida State)
Greg Smith (Fresno State)
Isaiah Thomas (Washington)
Trey Thompkins (Georgia)
Klay Thompson (Washington State)
Tristan Thompson (Texas)
Nikola Vucevic (Southern California)
Kemba Walker (Connecticut)
Antoine Watson (Florida International)
Derrick Williams (Arizona)
Jordan Williams (Maryland)

And here are the international early entrants:

Davis Bertans (Union Olimpija, Slovenia)
Bismack Biyombo (Fuenlabrada, Spain)
Nikola Mirotic (Real Madrid, Spain)
Donatas Motiejunas (Benetton Treviso, Italy)
Jonas Valanciunas (Lietuvos Rytas, Lithuania)
Jan Vesely (Partizan, Serbia)

The NBA Draft is June 23 in New Jersey.

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CBS Draft Special: A Q&A with Eddie Jordan

Posted by Matt Moore

CBS Sports Network provides coverage of the NBA Draft with a series of three one-hour shows previewing the Draft from the professional and college perspectives. The shows, INSIDE COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DRAFT SPECIAL, feature Steve Lappas, Wally Szczerbiak and Alaa Abdelnaby, insider Jon Rothstein, along with guest analysts Walter Szczerbiak, an international scout and the father of Wally, and former NBA coach Eddie Jordan. Monday's episode on the top prospects will re-air Tuesday night at 7 p.m. EST, followed by a brand new episode on the sleepers of this draft at 8 p.m. EST. Wednesday night all three episodes will air with a look at how the draft will affect college basketball next season. 

Tuesday morning I spoke with former Wizards and Sixers coach Eddie Jordan and got his thoughts on the draft prospects and the process that goes on in the war rooms before the draft. 

Matt Moore: Bismack Biyombo was a name that had been high on everyone's list, but a poor workout has dropped him several spots. With guys that don't have a collegiate track record to fall back on, how important are these workouts?

Eddie Jordan:  Sometimes, maybe most times, the workout are overexaggerated. If you have a body of work over three years, and you've played at a high level, that can help. But even if you don't, if the workout doesn't blow you off your feet, you still see how a kid approaches his workout, they see enthusiasm. These guys have the experience and can see what a player brings to the table. There's a saying that's used,  "The NBA doesn't lie." If enough people can see you've got what it takes, it will show. 

MM:  If we're looking at a guy with a body of work, I think Josh Selby is an interesting case. He obviously comes from a high-pedigree environment with Bill Self, but didn't get playing time and there were character issues. On the other hand, his workouts at Impact in Las Vegas were from all accounts very impressive. Where does Selby fit in this draft? 

EJ: You know, he's very young. He's a kid that with all the issues, people may take a chance. You are who you are. If you've had issues for a year or two as a teenager, they're going to resurface in the NBA. Some guys will say "we have a support system for him here, he needs this, he needs that." I'm not syaing this is truth. He's a young kid, he played on a terrific team with other good players. I have him lower first round. if he goes up higher, it's becaust that team feels they can give him a support system.

MM: What's an example of where a workout didn't show the true value of a player? 

EJ:  First that comet to mind is Kenyon Martin. He had an awful workout, I think he only went 15 minutes (laughs). And he was the first pick in the draft. I've seen guys with poor workouts and great workouts. Again, you can get more from the workout that just the pure result. 

MM: So often teams are looking for guys with upside. But I feel like Kawhi Leonard is a guy who can make an immediate impact. He's polished. He's ready to go. What are your thoughts on what Leonard brings to the table off the bat? 

EJ:  He's a player who will make an immediate impact. He's a guy who's going top 15. When a lottery team drafts a player, they want to see an immediate impact. They don't want to draft a project. Unless you look at Detroit drafting Darko. They could say "He's 6-11, we can wait on him." Not many of those teams in the lottery this year. But Leonard can come in right away and do things for your team, and that's really valuable in those lottery picks. 

MM: A lot of times teams will look over a player's defensive shortcomings because that's something they can develop. Kenneth Faried is kind of the opposite example where he's someone you have to overlook his offensive abilities. What do you think Faried can do for teams and can it outweigh that offensive deficiency? 

EJ:  Those teams in the lottery? They all need help defensively. Pretty much every team in the does. Lottery teams more than anyone. The kid is a hard worker. He will defend. He will rebound. We've compared him to a young Ben Wallace. So a team that's a little soft that needs a kick in the butt, he's the antidote in that situation. 

MM:  Enes Kanter was talked about so highly in this draft but some of his workouts have been unimpressive and there's talk he could slip some. What are your thoughts on Kanter and what he can do?

EJ: It's not hard to tell if someone can work. If you have a terrific body like he does, if you see him even in workouts where he doesn't knock you off your feet, you can see good hands, good footwork, touch around the basket, mechanics in his shot. If he doesn't have great workouts, it's because he hasn't played. People can still see what he's going to provide. 

MM: It's been said that players either have the will to rebound or they don't. How do you factor that into the draft process if you're a coach? 

EJ: It's pretty much set in stone, if you're a rebounder two or three years in college, you're going to be a rebounder in the NBA. If you haven't been, you won't be. Scouts have a saying they use a lot. "If he doesn't bite as a puppy, he won't bite as a dog."

MM: Tonight's special is on the sleepers of this draft. Who's someone who didn't make the cut on-air?

EJ: I like Nolan Smith a lot. Most people don't have him going first round. He's got a tremendous bloodline. He's been part of a winning team. He's got the competitiveness. I think he's going to be a terrific player.

MM: How do coaches and front offices balance trying to find a player who can help immediately versus a player that has better upside? Often times a player is considered "old" if he's 22 years or older, but sometimes those are players who can go immediately. 

EJ: Teams have different philosophies in drafting. I would rather have a mature player who knows how to handle himself, who knows how to learn because he's been in college three or four years, who knows how to be a good teammate. I just like mature players. Most coaches do. I think front offices like younger players, because they have more longevity and you can look at their development coaches to coaches. Coaches want more immediate impact because they're the first to go.

People just want talent. If the 19 year old talent looks like it's going to be five times better than the 22-year-old, they're going to want the young talent. Because they feel they can develop him and he can be a special player. There are three or four guys who could have come up this year and been top five picks who didn't, and they're only going to be better in next year's draft.
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Report: Bismack Biyombo bombs Eurocamp workout?

2011 NBA Draft prospect Bismack Biyombo reportedly did not fare well in a Eurocamp workout open to the media. Posted by Ben Golliver. bismack-biyombo

There remains no bigger mystery in the 2011 NBA Draft than Bismack Biyombo.

The athletic, defensive-minded big man from the Democratic Republic of Congo blew up this spring thanks to a triple-double at the Nike Hoop Summit, but he's been off the radar ever since after skipping the Chicago pre-draft combine and refusing to work out for NBA teams in the United States.

Instead, he's been off the map in Europe, where media access is limited. On Saturday, Biyombo conducted a workout in conjuction with adidas Eurocamp that was open to media members.

NBADraft.Net was in attendance and reports Biyombo had a rough day.
The workout was a little painful to watch as he missed shot after shot from within 10 feet of the basket. At one point it seemed a little foolish to have him shoot so many shots when it's not the strength of his game. We counted his shots after the first couple minutes and he went something close to 12-of-35 from within 10 feet playing 1-on-none. He was able to redeem himself somewhat by knocking down 9 free throws in a row at one point to finish 14-of-20 towards the end. 

Biyombo didn't look nervous but his shooting may have been thrown off to a degree. 

The consensus is that the workout surely didn't help his cause and may have hurt him to some degree in terms of being a lottery pick.
ESPN.com explains that Biyombo has kept a very strict workout procedure over the last few months.
A number of teams, including the Jazz, Raptors, Pistons and Warriors, made their way to Vitoria, Spain, to see the Congo's Bismack Biyombo work out. Biyombo has been in Spain since the Nike Hoop Summit preparing for the draft with Spanish coach Pepe Laso. Biyombo goes through two basketball sessions a day and one weightlifting session. His agent, Igor Crespo, has had an open invitation out for teams to come in and see Biyombo work out.

From what I can gather, virtually every team in the lottery, with the notable exception of the Wizards, has made the trip sometime in the past few months. The teams that haven't caught up with him will see him work out at the Eurocamp on Saturday afternoon.

The workouts aren't run by NBA teams, thought they have been allowed to ask Laso to take Biyombo through particular drills. Each team also gets an hour to interview Biyombo and a password to a website set up by his agent that contains medical MRIs, game film and more information about Biyombo.
What kind of impact can this type of workout have on Biyombo's stock? Probably not that much, for at least two reasons.

First, Biyombo is known for his shot-blocking, his rebounding, his energy and his high character. None of those traits come across particularly well in a standard workout setting, unless it happens to involve 3-on-3 play, which this workout obviously didn't. If he hits jumpers, that's a nice bonus. If not, that's in line with expectations.

Second, so many lottery teams wouldn't waste their time and resources visiting him in Spain unless his play in the Nike Hoop Summit and the Spanish ACB league made him a legit lottery prospect. Teams with a big book on a prospect are less likely to allow a single workout influence their perception of his talents and their interest in him as a player.

With that said, while a bad individual workout isn't necessarily a deal-breaker, it's not good news either. Given how restricted access is to him and how quickly he rose up mock drafts, any GM that drafts him is taking a significant risk. This type of workout is designed to answer questions, not raise new ones. Biyombo needs to be making teams salivate, not equivocate.

Here's video of Biyombo's workout courtesy of YouTube user nbadraftnet.

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Jimmer Fredette wants Knight, Walker in workout

BYU guard Jimmer Fredette makes it clear he wants to face Kentucky guard Brandon Knight and UConn guard Kemba Walker in pre-draft workouts. jimmer-trophy
Posted by Ben Golliver.

No one ever accused BYU guard Jimmer Fredette of lacking confidence with the ball in his hands. His pre-draft strategy now looks just as gutsy.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Fredette has decided to do the draft prospect equivalent of calling out his competition. Fredette is making it clear that he will do what it takes to face more highly-touted point guard prospects Kemba Walker, out of UConn, and Brandon Knight, out of Kentucky, in head-to-head pre-draft workouts.   
Former Brigham Young guard Jimmer Fredette is scheduled to work out next Wednesday with the Jazz, and he has every intention of sticking to the date. But Fredette is willing to change his plans to accommodate the schedules of Kemba Walker (Connecticut) and Brandon Knight (Kentucky). And whether the two highly touted 2011 NBA Draft prospects will face off against Fredette in Salt Lake City remains to be seen.

With his draft stock rising, Fredette wants to work out against Walker and Knight to prove that he can compete with the point guards, who are expected to be taken early during the first round.
The consensus take on Knight is that he should be a top-7 pick, perhaps going as high as No. 3 by the Utah Jazz. Walker is generally regarded as a top-10 prospect. Fredette, though, is generally seen as a late-lottery to mid-first round pick.

That's why this public challenge is so savvy. Getting a chance to knock off the higher-rated guys is a no-lose proposition for Fredette. If he shows well, maybe a team re-evaluates him, talking them in to taking a bit of a risk on a player with a defined NBA skill -- his shooting -- and questions on the defensive end. If Knight and/or Walker get the best of him, it costs him nothing. He was supposed to get beaten anyway and a vast majority of the workouts are private and not open to the media.

Do Knight or Walker need to respond here? Do they lose face if they don't accept -- and win -- the challenge?

You might think so at first glance, but NBA teams are far more concerned with a prospect's overall evaluation rather than whether he is supposedly ducking someone during workouts. Everyone involved understands the politics at play, and most draft decisions will be made on a system fit basis rather than one guy's ability to outplay another.

Still, great PR move from Fredette's team. If it succeeds, he gets his chance to make his name and change some opinions. If not, he comes across confident and motivated, enjoying a buzz bump that goes with the extra headlines. 
Posted on: June 5, 2011 5:41 pm

Burks dislocated shoulder in Milwaukee workout

Posted by Royce Young

Alec Burks, who is projected to be selected in the early to mid-first round, worked out for the Milwaukee Bucks last Saturday. It went well for the 6-6 guard from Colorado.

All except for the part about how he dislocated his shoulder and then couldn't work out for the Bobcats who pick ninth.

It's unlikely that will really affect Burks draft stock all that much and he's supposed to get another workout before the June 23 draft, but owner Michael Jordan didn't get a full look at the players he brought in. Marshon Brooks, who is a candidate for the Bobcats to take 19th, missed the workout as well because of a sprained ankle he suffered last Friday working out for the Knicks.

The Bucks pick 10th, one spot behind Charlotte of course, so if they really liked Burks the dislocated shoulder might be a good thing. Maybe the Bobcats will decide to pass now. In reality, one little workout shouldn't be the deciding factor as to if the Bobcats like Burks enough to take him or not. There's a whole season of tape of him at Colorado to look at.

Interesting though that the Bucks, according to the Journal Times, took Burks out to dinner with general manager John Hammond, assistant GM Jeff Weltman and director of scouting Billy McKinney. That could be an indication the Bucks like him a little more than most teams.

Maybe it's because they got to actually watch him work out.

Posted on: June 4, 2011 8:35 pm

Sources deny Wizards want Derrick Williams trade

Sources reportedly dispute a trade rumor involving the Washington Wizards and Minnesota Timberwolves. Posted by Ben Golliver. derrick-williams

On Thursday, a report surfaced that said the Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards were among the teams most aggressively seeking the No. 2 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, which belongs to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Minnesota was said to be looking for a "veteran big man" in exchange for the rights to draft University of Arizona forward Derrick Williams.

At the time, we noted that the Suns had better options to fit that bill than do the Wizards. 

On Sunday, the Washington Post reported that Washington and Minnesota have not yet discussed a trade involving the No. 2 pick.

Draft Express’ Jonathan Givony reported on his Twitter account on Thursday that the Wizards and Phoenix Suns are working hardest to move up get Williams, but one source with knowledge of the situation said “there’s not” any truth to the speculation, while another with knowledge of the Timberwolves’ plans said that the Wizards have yet to contact Minnesota about making a deal.

The Wizards have the sixth pick in the draft and President Ernie Grunfeld has already stated that the team is willing to “see what other opportunities come up.” But they likely don’t have the talented veteran pieces that it would take to get the No. 2 pick.

Draft rumors are tricky business. It can be very difficult to sift through the noise to find legitimate rumors. One thing is for sure, though: Every rumor, whether there is merit or not, is going to be met with denial by team sources this far before the draft. It's in every team's best interest, publicly, to have a blank slate when it comes to draft strategy and the wheeling and dealing that goes with it.

In other words, while you probably shouldn't put too much stock into any specific rumor, you shouldn't put any stock into a specific denial. 

In this case, as mentioned previously, the Wizards aren't likely to part with their only big man that's good enough to be worth trading for: center JaVale McGee. If he's not on the table and the Timberwolves are looking for bigs, the two teams really don't have much to discuss.
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