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Video: Emeka Okafor goes to the bank

Posted by Royce Young

Thursday wasn't a great night for Hornets fans. David West went down with what appeared to be a pretty serious knee injury and with that, any hopes of making a strong playoff run went down with him.

But if there was something to provide even a slim pick-me-up, it was Emeka Okafor's insane miracle buzzer-beating bank shot that sent the game to overtime, where the Hornets eventually won 121-117. Forgetting what happened to West isn't easy (he has an MRI today), but for a second there, Okafor's shot had to make everyone feel good again.

Posted on: March 22, 2011 11:45 pm

Video: JaVale McGee with the block of the year

Posted by Royce Young

Bill Russell used to always talk about the art of blocking a shot but not sending it into the fifth row because that does absolutely no good. You want to block the shot to a teammate, ideally to set up a run out for fast break.

JaVale McGee, as you might imagine, has always struggled with this. But he one-upped Russell's idea Tuesday with his block of Wesley Matthews. Not only did McGee keep it in play, he just went ahead and grabbed it himself all in one motion to make things a little more streamlined.

McGee recently put up a triple-double that included 12 blocks. That's impressive. But not as impressive as his block of Matthews Tuesday night. That's how good it was. This one is better than those 12 combined. In fact, take every block from this NBA season and it's not as good as McGee's block of Matthews. LaPhonso Ellis has the best block ever in my mind with this stuff at the rim and not only is McGee's similar, it might actually be as good.
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Video: LeBron does aerobics on Ellen

Posted by Royce Young

The context of LeBron's appearance, I do not know. Really, I don't care to know. What I do know is that he broke it down to some Gloria Estefan on the Ellen Show, doing soe aerobics with a room full of ladies. Have fun with this one, Cleveland.

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Suns G Brooks suspended for throwing ball at ref

Phoenix Suns guard Aaron Brooks has been suspended for throwing a ball at an NBA official. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Phoenix Suns guard Aaron Brooks is developing quite the reputation for anger management issues this season. He stormed off the court after an argument with former coach Rick Adelman, he attempted to pick a fight with Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love and now, humorously, he chucked a basketball at an NBA official for no apparent reason, drawing a one-game suspension from the NBA. 

The league announced the suspension in a release on Sunday.
Brooks  has  been  suspended one game without pay for throwing a ball at an official  and  striking  him  in  the leg.  The incident occurred with 7:46 remaining  in the fourth period of the Suns’ 108-97 victory over the Golden State Warriors at the US Airways Center in Phoenix.
Brooks will serve his suspension today in Los Angeles when the Suns play the Los Angeles Clippers in a 3:30 p.m. EDT/12:30 p.m. PDT game at the Staples Center.
With the Suns leading the Golden State Warriors by double-digits in the fourth quarter, Brooks drives into the paint in transition, looking to draw contact. Warriors guard Monta Ellis backs off and Brooks careens out of control as Warriors forward Lou Amundson attempts to reach in and steal the ball from behind. Brooks falls to the court and out of bounds and the baseline referee makes no foul call. Instead, he begins to signal that it will be Warriors ball. Without hesitation, Brooks fires the ball, from the ground, at the official, nailing him in the leg. Brooks was immediately whistled for a technical foul on the play.

Here's a look at the hilarious exchange via YouTube user SBNationArizona.

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Lakers C Bynum suspended 2 games for flagrant

The NBA has suspended Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum for his flagrant foul 2 on Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley. Posted by Royce Young and Ben Golliver. 

Update (Sunday): The NBA announced on Sunday that it has suspended Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum for two games for his flagrant foul 2 on Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley. The Los Angeles Times reports that Lakers coach Phil Jackson was not particularly excited about it.
"I thought two games was excessive, but who knows?" Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. "Like I said [Saturday], you never know. There's no standard. There's nothing to go by. It's all subjective."
Bynum will miss Sunday night's game in Los Angeles against the Portland Trail Blazers and Tuesday's game in Los Angeles against the Phoenix Suns. Bynum will return on Friday against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Original Post:
Some have called Laker big man Andrew Bynum soft. Some have said he needs to get meaner. Potentially in an effort to do just that, Bynum clocked Michael Beasley with an elbow Friday night in Los Angeles.

Bynum was immediately hit with a Flagrant foul 2 and was ejected. By rule, Bynum will have to serve a one-game suspension for the foul as well.

It was an obvious dirty foul and a no-brainer for the officiating crew. Stuff happens on the court when guys are moving fast so a lot of times I tend to give the benefit of the doubt, but there's no question here. Mainly because, why would Bynum use his elbow to defend Beasley when, you know, he's a shot blocking seven-footer?

All Bynum has to do is put his arms up and he's automatically a presence. There's just no reason for him to go flying at Beasley with a wing out. I watched the replay 10 or 15 times and I just can't figure out the purpose for Bynum doing that. It honestly doesn't make sense. Initially, he looks like he's trying to avoid contact, but then it's like he says, "Ah, screw it," and throws that big elbow out.

It was a dangerous play as Beasley was in the air and because of the contact, went sprawling out toward the floor, Luckily, nobody was injured. I'm all for hard fouls because there's nothing wrong with going hard into someone, as long as it's a clean, safe play. This definitely wasn't.

I'm sure the NBA is reviewing the foul and will determined if it should be upheld, but I imagine it will. The Lakers next game is against the Blazers Sunday.

Posted on: March 18, 2011 11:44 am

JaVale McGee defends his triple-double

Posted by Royce Young

All triple-doubles are not equal. Some are better than others. Especially when "others" is the one JaVale McGee threw up earlier in the week against the Bulls.

His line was terrific -- 11 points, 12 rebounds, 12 blocks -- but it more about the way he got it. Some might call it cheap, some might call it tainted. Whatever the case, McGee got it and he was happy about it.

As a result, he's taken a bit of criticism. Valid, I think, mainly because the way McGee hung on the rim and celebrated despite being down 19 with 20 seconds left. But he was excited and when you're in a season like the Wizards are having, it's the little victories. And that's why McGee isn't apologizing.

"I got a triple-double," McGee told The Washington Post . "Who can say they got a triple-double? I'm not really worried about it."

Obviously I think McGee is missing the point (like he so often does). Some were reminded of Andray Blatche's embarrassing attempt to get a triple-double or even Ricky Davis' pathetic move to get it.

"I couldn't understand how they were saying it was like Ricky Davis," McGee said. "The thing about it is, I wasn't trying to get a triple-double until they started running plays for me at the end. So, that's totally different."

Posted on: March 12, 2011 1:14 pm

Video: The bat returns to San Antonio

Posted by Royce Young

This time, Manu Ginobili wasn't playing hero. He cited the eight rabies shots he had to take as the reason he wasn't messing with the bat.

“I was not gonna get close to that thing. It came close a couple of times, but I said, ‘No, I’m not it,” said Ginobili. “I took eight shots last time, and I’m not going to repeat that. Somebody else. That was painful, uncomfortable.”

Instead, he gave a little wag of the finger and let someone else deal with it. Smart, Manu, smart.

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Video: Chris Webber tells it like it is for Miami

Posted by Royce Young

Everyone has an opinion on the Heat right now. Everyone is trying to figure out the problems, the issues, the crying. Some people just put it better than others, like Chris Webber did last night on NBATV following Miami's loss to Portland.

Webber's best point -- of many great ones -- is that when you have this much talent, you get this much criticism. He also says that the team should go to Erik Spoelstra and say, "I think we should be quiet now." Webber's point of "shut up and play" is well put because he's right, all the high school pep talking is getting old. All this "we're brothers!" talk, all this "we're Warriors!" talk and all this "stay together, trust each other!" stuff are just words in the end.

(I like how Kevin McHale just said "Yeah, yep, uh-huh" like 40 times while Webber went off. He just wanted to be part of it.)

And this line was awesome, even though I'm not totally sure what it means: "That's the league man. You driving a Ferrari and you want to tell me you have an extra tire in the back?"
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