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Posted on: September 25, 2010 4:50 pm

Andrew Bynum says he hopes to play by December

Posted by Royce Young

Andrew Bynum has battled injuries througout his short NBA career. But every time, he's come back and wowed Laker fans - and NBA fans in general for that matter - with his power and skill around the basket.

But it looks like people will have to wait until sometime around Thanksgiving to see it in action again.

Bynum said at Laker media availability that he hopes to return to the floor by late November. Why the long recovery on a simple cartilage issue? Bynum's doctor reattached the busted cartilage in his knee instead of snipping it off as a long-term career planning move. Thus the longer time needed for recovery. Supposedly, Bynum's knee should be stronger than before.

Any time you're seven feet tall and carrying around 280 or so pounds, staying healthy is an issue. Big men tend to battle leg and foot injuries throughout their careers and Bynum is no different (fighting obligitory mention of Greg Oden... fighting it...). Though most times, these type of things don't start catching up to guys until the later stages of their careers. But for Bynum, at age 23, he's already sustained two big blows to his knees.

This current injury is from a torn meniscus that he fought through for almost the entire 2010 postseason title run. He wasn't himself, but still, he was at least on the floor. Before that, in the 2007-08 season he broke his kneecap and missed most of the season and the entire postseason. Then in 2009, he injured his right knee and missed most of the remainder of the regular season before returning for the playoffs and championship run.

Bynum played in all 82 games in 2006-07, but other than that, the most he's played in was last season with 65. But when he's on the floor (and healthy), he's a force.

What does this mean for the Lakers? Being the stacked team that they are, not much. Bynum is of course an important piece to the puzzle, but in November, the Lakers can survive without him. Lamar Odom proved in Turkey that he's more than capable of spending time on the inside and that could be the path Phil Jackson chooses to go with. Or move Pau Gasol to center and Odom play the 4. Offseason signee Theo Ratliff could also be called upon if Jackson just prefers to keep his rotations the same.

The point is, the Lakers will be fine. As usual, they've got the necessary pieces and talent to get by a month without Bynum. And besides, the only time the Lakers really care about Bynum's health is at the end of the season, not the beginning.
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Shootaround 9.23.10: Heat block party blocked

Heat have a block party blocked, Parker may be on the way out, Howard hates the Heat, and the lockout's going to suck, all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore
  • The Heat had planned this big ol' block party to celebrate the opening of the NBA season in Miami. It was a very exciting idea, and Miami does this sort of thing pretty regularly (Zo's Summer Bash being one relatively similar example). But with the police union organizing to protest the event over budget cuts made to their salaries, and with the immense number of logistical issues involved, the plan is on hold . Allow me to add my name to those who think this is a totally whacko idea. Outside of the sheer intensity of a Friday night party outside the arena and the number of safety and security issues at play here, you've also got a pragmatic issue for the Heat. The Miami Triad will be expected to make an appearance at this event, and that's going to take them away from pre-game preparation for their home opener, against a divisional opponent who they have a pretty good chance of seeing in the playoffs. This is not a game you want to slough off right out of the gate. Definitely check the link for some tasty quotes from the mayor that involve the word "party."
  • Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News reports that if the Spurs don't look like they'll be contending for a title at the trade deadline, they'll move Tony Parker. Which is kind of a bombshell, in that every public indication from the Spurs has been a steadfast commitment to keeping Parker long-term. But the astounding volume of rumors suggesting his eventual move to New York do have to come somewhere, and can't survive solely on the whims of New York's admittedly powerful (and often nutball) media. 
  • In an interview with Sports Illustrated 's Dan Patrick, Dwight Howard said he'd rather have Kevin Durant than LeBron James. Why is this particularly relevant? Mostly because it's an indicator that a. Kevin Durant is at that level among his peers already and b.) Dwight Howard really, really, really hates all the attention the Heat are getting. We'll have more on this later today. 
  • You know what's amazing? No, not that Andrew Bynum put off surgery which has now affected the odds of him being available for training camp and opening night. No, what's amazing is that writers are surprised by this kind of behavior. Bynum has missed nearly every deadline he's had for the past three seasons in recovering from various injuries. Some of that isn't his fault, the body heals as the body heals, But he's never been known was a hardcore worker, with Tex Winter being a vocal and public critic of his .
  • David Stern told Gilbert Arenas not to discuss the gun incident that lead to his suspension last year. The bossman says to put it all behind him. Seems like a good idea, but if I'm Stern, I want every reminder presented to Arenas that he needs to walk the line. This is not a man who seems like the kind to learn from past mistakes. 
  • From the Department of Black Kettles, Phil Jackson says "teamwork wins, not talent." Bear in mind this is from the guy who has only won his titles in huge markets playing with the most dominant players of their respective eras, including the greatest of all time.  Really, Phil? Because the last time we checked, you're not exactly all about equal parts overcoming the whole. Or maybe that's just what you saw in 2004 when the Pistons took down the mega-Lakers. 
Posted on: September 21, 2010 1:13 pm

Pop Quiz: Who's winning MVP?

Posted by Royce Young

Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell ... The NBA season is right around the corner, and NBA training camp starts in just a few short weeks. To get you ready for the NBA season, we've put together 25 pop quizzes. Pencils ready? We continue our Pop Quizzes with this question...

Who will be lifting the Maurice Podoloff Trophy next season?

No, I'm not going to spend the first three paragraphs explaining my definition of "Most Valuable Player." I'm not going to go on about if I think it's about the player that means the most to his team or if it's the guy that was the most outstanding through the season.

Because truly, it doesn't really matter. Everyone likes the MVP to be a bit ambiguous, leaving the voting criteria up for interpretation. It makes for better results in the end, I suppose. Or at least more arguments.

But it also means that this season won't be much different than the rest in terms of who the main faces in the race will be. You're not going to have a guy like Gerald Wallace that plays bulldog defense and leads his team in rebounds, blocks and scoring all from the small forward position. His value to the Bobcats last season can't really be quantified, but he's definitely not the traditional MVP type of player. He just has no chance.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. So in the end, you'll have the same cast of characters. Kobe Bryant. LeBron James. Dwyane Wade. Dwight Howard. And on. Oh, and one more guy - Kevin Durant.

Most don't realize that Durant was actually MVP runner-up last season. Now LeBron ran away with the award in a vote that wasn't close, but still, 21-year-old Kevin Durant was the runner-up. And he's my favorite to win it this season.

Why Durant? Because while LeBron is splitting not only the spotlight with Wade in South Beach, he'll also be splitting shots. He'll be splitting assists. He'll be splitting time with the ball. And most importantly, he'll be splitting big moments. To be an MVP, you need to own your team. You need to be The Man. And while most saw LeBron as the unstoppable MVP force that might win 10 straight last season, now he might not really even be in the discussion. And some think it was selfish that LeBron went to Miami.

There is the chance LeBron does something otherworldly though. I mean, he still is LeBron, an otherwordly basketball talent. What if he averages a triple-double? At that point, doesn't he have to be anointed? He's likely going to be on a team with one of the best records, plus add huge stats and something that hasn't been done in 40 years? You've got to award that. Even if he's the media devil right now.

And of course, don't forget the other usual suspects. Kobe will have numbers, his team will be good and he has everyone's attention. But as he ages, the less important big numbers have become and he's completely satisfied with 25-28 points per game. Dwight Howard does it all for the Magic, but voters have already proven hesitant to award such an imperfect player. Wade has the LeBron Problem and while there are other great candidates (Chris Paul, Dirk Nowitzki, Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams), one guys has to just stick out.

And Durant already has a leg up on everyone in the most important category: the media. Because of his uneventful but very eventful summer, Durant skyrocketed up popularity charts and had every person with a blog, Twitter or press pass writing about what a swell guy he is. You know, for announcing his "exstension" in a tweet and then for winning gold for his country. He's been cast as the anti-LeBron and in a world where whether it's sports, movies or real life, we like good vs. bad. Durant is Obi-Wan to LeBron's Darth Vader.

And that sort of thing is what could separate him. Durant is going to have the numbers. It's likely he'll finish with a line of something like 31 points per game, eight rebounds, three assists with percentages of 50-40-90. And if his darling Thunder squad wins over 50 and is in the Western mix, voters will pretty much hand deliver the award to Durant.

But KD has to deal with something he really hasn't had to yet - expectations. People are writing how he's the savior to basketball, the good guy, the one we should root for the sake of the children - children!!! - Durant should be the role model. But still, he has to perform.

His MVP campaign started with a simple tweet and built up serious steam in Turkey. But if Durant wants to hoist the Maurice Podoloff trophy in front of the Thunder faithful, he's still going to have to play. And there's no doubt he will.
Posted on: September 9, 2010 11:52 am

Ron Artest plans on selling championship ring

Posted by Royce Young

Most people figured after Ron Artest thanked his psychologist after Game 7 of the NBA Finals, that it was some kind of joke. That Artest, who has a history of doing some off-the-wall things, was making light of his past issues.

But Artest takes mental health seriously. So seriously, he's putting his money where his mouth is. Or, in this case, his championship ring where his mouth is. As mentioned today in the Shootaround, Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com talked to Artest about his plans for his 2010 championship ring.
Artest finally won a title in June after 11 regular seasons of trying ... and now he's planning to sell the championship ring as a fundraiser to put more psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in schools.

"I'm never going to put it on," he said.

Artest plans to soon announce details of what he hopes will become a worldwide auction, and he takes possession of the jewelry in an Oct. 26 pre-game ceremony before the Lakers open against the Rockets . It's an incredible gesture. But it's even more meaningful as a statement.

"You work so hard to get a ring, and now you have a chance to help more people than just yourself, instead of just satisfying yourself," he said. "What's better than that? For me, this is very important."

Obviously, this is quite a setup for some zingers about Artest. But it's clear how serious Artest is about it. And really, mental health is no joking matter. A lot of people suffer from it and not only is Artest going to raise some serious cash, but also a bunch of awareness.

Artest knows he has a reputation. He knows what people think about him. There are the stories about drinking Hennessey at halftime, the brawl in Detroit and on and on. But the reality is, Artest overcame some demons to get in the right state of mind to be able to perform at a high level in the NBA. And he feels strongly enough about this issue that he's willing to try and make a difference. That's definitely honorable. It's also very Ron Artest. Nothing half way, but all the way in.
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Matt Barnes arrested for domestic violence

New Lakers forward claims innocence after arrest on domestic violence charge Posted by Matt Moore

Matt Barnes is known as a fiery competitor who's willing to mix it up on the floor if the situation calls for it. Unfortunately, it looks like his temper has pushed him across the line. The Sacramento Bee reports that Barnes was arrested last night for domestic violence against a woman who was living with him. According to the Bee, both Barnes and the woman had injuries when police arrived, but Barnes was determined to be the aggressor in the situation. Barnes was also booked with maliciously obstructing the use of a telephone line, which to be honest, I was unaware was an actual crime. 

Barnes defended himself on Twitter this morning and told a Sacramento television station that he "was the the victim" but was the one arrested. The presence of injuries on both himself and the woman complicates the issue, but the 911 call during which a struggle could be heard with the woman on the phone doesn't help him much. Barnes recently signed with the Lakers who already have combustible forward Ron Artest on roster. Barnes grew up in Sacramento and owns the home in the Fair Oaks community. 

Barnes was released on bail after posting a $50,000 bond. 
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Shootaround 9.9.10: Dwight grants a big wish

Rodman's overheard orgy, Artest's ring on the market, and Bogut's MRI.
Posted by Matt Moore
Get your Kleenex ready. The Orlando Sentinel  reports of a visit from Dwight Howard to a woman dying of Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma. The one wish from a dying woman? A visit from the Orlando All-Star. It's a touching story, one that wound up with Howard being the one changed by the visit. Howard is in a unique position for these types of life-changing events. His relationship with his faith may come under constant scrutiny because of his fame, but it also equips him for times like these, comforting a woman on her way out with laughter and compassion.

Ron Artest is selling his championship ring , for charity, before he even has a chance to wear it. NBA.com reports that Artest will sell the ring without putting it on in a fundraiser to help put more mental health professionals in school. This comes on the heels of Artest working in schools to promote good mental health. It's indicative of a drastic reversal in public perception, with Artest going from being considered crazy in the negative, non-serious sense to really putting himself forward as a champion for the cause of mental health intervention. Standing "O" for Crazy Pills.

Dwyane Wade is in court this week for the custody case of his children. His lawyer is recommending custody for Wade, obviously, and there's a lawyer for the boys with three recommendations in play. All three recommendations feature Wade in a custody position to some degree. It would appear the talk of family being important for Wade is talk that's being walked, in this instance.

Depressing news out of Sacramento , as police are investigating vandalism of a Kings mural with a swastika that may be related to Kings' Israeli player Omri Casspi. Seriously, folks. We can move past this, right? The vandals really should watch the kid pass in transition. It's hard to hate him after that.

Andrew Bogut is seeing a hand specialist and having an MRI done . Nothing to worry about, really. After all, there's still like, two weeks before training camp...wait, that's not much time at all. Dang.

So Dennis Rodman? Yeah, he went to a party, and was MC'ing, and then left his microphone on when he went upstairs. That's embarrassing. Wait, what's that you say? He was upstairs having sex with six women? What's the word I'm looking for here? Oh, yeah. Icky. But hey, good to know that just like his playing days, Rodman is hyper-efficient. At least those guests that overheard him on the microphone downstairs can cross "eavesdrop on Dennis Rodman in an orgy" off their bucket list.

Spain fell to Serbia yesterday, in a minor upset. Here's how Spain unraveled . It was a shocking loss for Spain, and for those that believe that Ricky Rubio can actually walk on water, part the seas, and hit a jumpshot.

A look back at Dwight Howard's career nights . It's posts like this that make you think twice before criticizing his play too much.

If you have Raptor fan friends, prepare for them to be a grumpy bunch next season . They're gaining a great scorer (as he's shown in World play) in Linas Kleiza, but they're worried about his usage. They have a dynamic scorer in Andrea Bargnani, who, quite honestly, they hate because he doesn't rebound. There's just a lot of bad blood there right now.

I can answer this question . Does Luke Harangody have a role with the Celtics? Sure. Someone's gotta be mascot.

Jared Dudley is resigned to a good-faith situation with the Suns. That rarely works out well in the A. 
Posted on: September 8, 2010 12:06 pm

Ron Artest cited for driving a race car

Posted by Royce Young

Sometimes it's really hard to dislike Ron Artest. Yeah, there's the whole Pacers-Pistons thing, but then he does a post-game presser like he did after Game 7 of the Finals. And then there are things like this.

Artest was pulled over in Los Angeles Monday driving an oversized go-cart called an Eagle Roadster. TMZ obtained a photo of the traffic stop and reports that Artest wasn't cited for driving around in an Indy Car, but because the registration on the car was expired. The weird thing is, the car isn't registered to Artest. It's registered to some guy in Tennessee.

An Eagle Roadster is a custom, two-seater car designed to look like an open-wheel Indy Car. They can do up to 152 MPH and go 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds, all powered by a Chrysler V6. So yeah, it's probably a dangerous car to be zipping around in doing some errands. Good thing for the Lakers, Artest was wearing a helmet.
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