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Posted on: August 15, 2011 3:47 pm
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Ty Lawson signs with Lithuanian team Zalgiris

Posted by Royce Young

Lithuanian team Zalgiris is putting together quite the little backcourt. After signing Sonny Weems most recently of the Raptors earlier in the summer, Zalgiris added a pretty substantial name (potentially, pending lockout) Monday: Denver guard Ty Lawson.

The team tweeted on its account: "NBA starting PG joins us! BC Zalgiris signed Ty Lawson from Denver Nuggets till the end of NBA lockout!!!"

Zalgiris is one of Europe's top Euroleague teams having won the Lithuanian title last season. (If you're not impressed, consider that Lithuania produces a lot of NBA-level talent.) The team is owned by newly inducted Hall of Famer Arvydas Sabonis.

According to Draft Express, Lawson is getting a "seven-figure deal with an NBA out."

Obviously it's just another lockout provisional contract in which (hopefully) Lawson might not even play a second for them. And by "seven-figure deal" that just means it could be for a total of $1 million. Could be for $5 million. It's probably not going to be for a whole lot but Lawson is looking to get paid and he's going to at least get a little.
Posted on: August 15, 2011 3:29 pm

Report: Rudy Fernandez signs with Real Madrid

Posted by Royce Young

Rudy Fernandez's on again, off again relationship with Real Madrid appears to be on again. Very on again.

According to Eurobasket.com, Fernandez has agreed to a four-year contract with the Spanish professional team. Like a previous report mentioned, Fernandez will return to Dallas after the lockout but then re-return to Spain to play with the club next season and then through 2014-15. If you're wondering, Fernandez's contract with the Mavericks -- a rookie deal -- expires after the 2011-12 season.

However, before we finally check Fernandez off the list, HoopsHype is pumping the brakes. Citing a source, the deal is "not done yet" and Fernandez hasn't agreed. So we're off again, huh? Good grief.

Then again, HoopsHype said a deal "will likely be announced later this week" meaning that something could be in place and it just needs to be finalized. On again.

This isn't just a lockout contingency plan for Fernandez. He wants to sign with Madrid and make it a long-term deal. Currently Fernandez has one year left on his deal with a qualifying offer available for another.

The original offer he received from Real Madrid was a six-year deal and equated to about $4.4 million per year. So that would be around $26 million over six years, which is a pretty massive offer from a Spanish team. Right now, Fernandez is making about $2 million for this year on his rookie deal with next year's qualifying offer being for $3.2 million.

Fernandez's potential deal would include an NBA opt-out, but that's just to get through his current contract. Which is what he said he wanted to do. After that, all bets are off. So he might play a little in Spain, come back, and then go to Spain again for the long term. You know, on again, off again.
Posted on: August 15, 2011 1:08 pm
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No overseas for Bynum because L.A. needs to focus

Posted by Royce Young

Andrew Bynum isn't going overseas for two reasons, he says. 1) Because he thinks there won't be any missed games in the NBA and 2) because he thinks the Lakers don't need any distractions.

He's probably right. With the second thing, at least.

That's not at all a dig at Kobe Bryant who has reportedly exploring overseas options, but for Bynum, a distraction machine, peering across the pond wouldn't be a good thing for him. He's gets hurt all the time, and well, he gets hurt all the time. Already Bynum walks on thin ice with Laker fans because of some summer decisions last year like postponing knee surgery to go to the World Cup in South Africa which meant he wasn't ready for the start of the season. So a European vacation isn't something that's a great idea for Bynum.

"No, I'll stay here and stay in shape," Bynum told the Los Angeles Times. "[The lockout] seems bad, but I don't think anyone wants to lose games. Player salaries aren't the issue as much as people buying teams and arenas that have been devalued by the things that are part of everyone's life now. We might miss training camp, but I think the season will start on time.

"We got embarrassed and we all need to come back focused, ready to win," he said. "You lose 4-0, there's not much more to be said. I was the first one to admit we didn't work hard enough to win. Let's tell the truth. It was due to a myriad of reasons -- our collective drive and determination. It's about being accountable. Me included. Everyone included."

"Embarrassed" is a pretty good word for it. The Lakers not only got stomped by the Mavericks, but in their exit, started trying to behead Dallas players and Bynum committed the most egregious act. So if there's a team itching to get back on the floor this season and start searching for a little redemption, it has to be L.A.

There is some question and speculation as to if Bynum is going to make it through the season with the team though. All the Dwight Howard rumors have entangled Bynum as well as a Howard trade to the Lakers would most certainly send him to Orlando. Not something Bynum would be excited about though.

"I like L.A., and don't want to go anywhere else. It'd be good to stay in one place your whole career, and the Lakers are the most storied franchise in the league, everyone knows who the Lakers are, and I appreciate the Lakers' love," he said.

Yeah, and he certainly doesn't want the lasting image of him in the purple and gold to be an aerial clothesline of a player more than a foot shorter than him.

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Phil Jackson to return to the Knicks, take two?

Posted by Royce Young

We've been down this road before. Pretty much the exact same report from the exact same source. Is Phil Jackson already thinking about an NBA return, specifically with his old team, the Knicks?

That's what the New York Post says.
Sources have told The Post that Jackson could come back to the NBA, with New York being an option. Sources say Jackson has not been approached by Dolan. Jackson was on the Knicks' two title-winning teams and his girlfriend, Lakers VP Jeanie Buss, often travels to New York on business. Sources say Jackson's hip and knee issues would not be the deciding factor. Jackson turns 66 next month.
What this very well could be is not a separate report by the paper, but just reciting the previous one in a story about Jackson at last night's Hall of Fame ceremonies. Either way, at this point, it seems like it would be somewhat of a longshot. If Jackson's thinking about a New York return, he's doing it all while taking little jabs at his potential future boss.

At last night's ceremony, Jackson joked, "Im going to rewrite Knicks owner Jimmy Dolan's song ‘Fix the Knicks‘. I think he needs either a better lyricist or a better musician.” Zing.

At his retirement press conference, Jackson said, "All my hopes and aspirations are this is the final game I'll coach. This has been a wonderful run." Which obviously makes it seem as if he's done.

But as if he was leaving the door open even more, when Jackson was asked about a potential return, instead of just saying, "Nope, it's over," he left us all with a little curiousity. “I’ll know in October, November, December, January or February, whenever they start the season, what it’s like to be without ball again,” he said. Doesn't exactly sound like a guy totally intent on staying retired.

Then again, Jackson has always gotten a kick out of playing coy with the media, so he could just be messing around with everyone. He can't play mind games on Kevin Durant and LeBron James anymore so now he's doing it to us. Dang it, Phil.

So maybe there'a bit of smoke to the Knicks stuff. IF Jackson were to come back, it's the completely natural and sensible place for him to return. Jackson is very good friends with Bill Bradley, who is closely connected to the Knicks and Jackson played the majority of his 13-year NBA career with the Knicks as a fan favorite. He was part of the Knicks' two NBA championships.

Mike D'Antoni might not last much longer if the Knicks don't turn it around and you know Dolan is at least going to call Jackson. From that point, it'll simply be up to the Zen Master -- and likely his hips and back -- as to if he's really done or not.
Posted on: August 13, 2011 1:31 pm

Report: Kobe breaks off talks with Besiktas

Posted by Royce Young

For the 15th time, it looks like Kobe's great Turkish adventure isn't happening.

Sportando.net reports that Kobe's agent, Rob Pelinka, has declined every offer from Besiktas and that both sides have come to the conclusion they won't be able to agree on a contract.

Pelinka recently met with Besiktas over Kobe's future with the team and while reports had the discussions as "positive," it doesn't look like the sides could come to a conclusion. Basically, it sounds like Besiktas just couldn't come up with enough money to satisfy the Bryant camp. Reports had their offer initially in the $500,000 per month range.

Besiktas of course already signed Nets guard Deron Williams for a reported $250,000 a month.

If Kobe is off the table, Besiktas will likely refocus all efforts on to Kevin Durant, who is reportedly in early talks with the Turkish club. Durant had recently said he was "50-50" about going overseas.

Kobe, if he's looking for an overseas contract, could look at another Euroleague team but might consider his Chinese options as well. The China stuff is hazy though because of the league possibly passing a rule that won't allow NBA players under contract to sign and then leave to return for the NBA.

Something tells me though that this isn't the last of Kobe and Besiktas's dance. We can hope though.
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Thunder C Kendrick Perkins arrested in Texas

Posted by Royce Young and Ben Golliver.

Update 2: Via the AP, a statement from police in Beaumont, Texas, said officers saw a large crowd outside The Ticket night club just after 2 a.m., and received complaints of fights and pepper spray inside. An officer saw about 50 people inside around Perkins, who police said was attempting to fight the club’s manager. The statement said the crowd pushed Perkins out the back door of the club, where he continued to yell obscenities and start other fights.

Update: An earlier version of the KFDM report stated that Milwaukee Bucks forward Stephen Jackson was also arrested, but that report has been modified to clear Jackson. A TMZ.com report also states that only Perkins -- and not Jackson -- was arrested. 
Original Post: According to KFDM in Texas, Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins was arrested in his hometown of Beaumont, TX early Saturday morning. He was booked at about 4:00 a.m. on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Perkins posted bond of $150 and was shortly released.

So, what happened? At this point, nothing concrete is known. Some accounts involve a fight with Perkins, Stephen Jackson and old teammate Rajon Rondo. The group, along with Eric Maynor and Kevin Durant, were all in town for Perkins' basketball camp and celebrity game. However, the celebrity game was cancelled after Perkins reportedly had an incident in Jackson's Port Arthur home late Thursday.

According to reports, a "27-year-old male" was taken from Jackson's home via ambulance to a hospital (Perkins is a 27-year-old male). He was treated for "minor injuries" and released. A spokesman for Perkins said that the Thunder center was suffering from dehydration and was told to rest.

All the details are very sketchy and there's no real known facts at this point, but here's what we know: Perkins was arrested. For what exactly, isn't known. Fighting? Being loud? Who knows. Regardless, for the Thunder, this is the first black eye the squeaky clean franchise has taken. The worst thing before this? Probably either Nate Robinson peeing in public or Nenad Krstic chucking at chair at someone.

Hey, a first for everything, right OKC?

Obviously there can't be any discipline, at least not right now, because the players are locked out. But once the players return, I'm curious to see whether general manager Sam Presti will take any action on it. Like I said, the Thunder are run as a very clean-cut, no-nonsense type of franchise. The idea is to give a conservative community a high character team to root for. Clearly, this isn't going to be something the Thunder are happy about.

But these type of incidents are prone to happen, especially when players are bored in a lockout. I mean, just look at that related content box. Players are having a hard time staying out of trouble. Perkins' incident -- while in reality, pretty minor -- is just another one on the pile.
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Stern: I make more like a third of $23 million

Posted by Royce Young

David Stern reportedly makes something like $23 million a year. That's a huge number, one that's borderline ridiculous. Only a handful of NBA players make that much money and as Spencer Hawes tweeted, players aren't thrilled with the idea of the commish making that much.

Except the reported number is probably a little high. Other figures came out saying it was more like $16 million. Another saying maybe $13 million. One figure had it in the $9 million range, less than the other two major commissioners. So as you can see, the great lockout mystery is how much David Stern makes. That's where we've gotten to in this whole stupid thing.

Friday on the B.S. Report, Stern addressed the topic saying he probably makes something more like a third of the reported $23 million figure.

"In fact I'm goign to get thrown out of the commissioner's union for being on the low end," Stern said. "But guess what? I've been doing this for so long. I've made a very good living. And in, I guess it was 2008 when we started laying off people because of our business performance, I went to the owners and said I'm going to take a pay cut. I think it's a good idea and I'm going to freeze my salary.

"I did that with the audit and compensation committee which is six people that know exactly what I earn or what we've done. It's not a secret. Every owner can know it if they choose to because we review all salaries with the audit and compensation committee at least twice a year. But you see what's going on out there and it says, 'Nobody knows what Stern makes!' and it's just totally ridiculous."

The NBA did deny the reports claiming Stern made that $23 million number, but this is really the first time Stern himself has addressed it.

The fact it's been such a hot topic is a bit strange. What do people expect, Stern to work for free? He's the top dog for the NBA and has been at it for almost 40 years. I don't think anyone could really claim that Stern doesn't earn his salary. He's widely considered the top commish in sports and it's for a reason. Stern's salary isn't why we're in a lockout. It's a host of other reasons. Maybe finally this will get put to bed.
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Posted on: August 12, 2011 4:46 pm

Maggette in 'serious talks' with Greek pro team?

Posted by Royce Young

One more log on the pile. According to reports, Milwaukee Bucks guard Corey Maggette is in "serious discussions" with PAOK in Greece. Other than the obvious "Hey an NBA player might sign overseas" angle, what's interesting is that Greece, a country whose economy is worse shape than John Daly's liver, has a team making a huge offer to an NBA player.

No word on how much the offer is for, but Maggette currently has $21 million and two years left on his current NBA deal.

A report from TalkBasket.net also notes
that if Maggette doesn't end up with PAOK, the team is having conversations with other unknown NBA players. PAOK has housed some NBA talent previously as Rasho Nesterovic, Peja Stojakovic and even Scott Skiles have played there. PAOK isn't the biggest team in Greece, but it certainly is a pretty large one.

Maggette clearly isn't a marquee name, but he is a solid NBA player that makes a pretty good living. But as Euroleague president Jordi Bertomeu said recently, he still doesn't expect to see NBA players in Europe. Regardless, Maggette is just the latest name to jump on the list of players looking hard at Europe.
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