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Posted on: December 3, 2010 12:16 pm

Is Nate McMillan on the hot seat?

Posted by Royce Young

The Blazers are just 8-10 and have lost five straight. Not players that is. Games.

And because of that, the finger is starting to get pointed. Portland has maybe the best basketball fans in the league, but with that comes a rabid sense of entitlement. Losing can't happen. And when it does, people have to be held accountable. That's the way it works in the biggest basketball markets.

Surely though Nate McMillan wouldn't be the one that would have the finger pointed at. Right? RIGHT!? But John Canzano of The Oregonian worries that the dreaded Vulcans in Seattle might make that call.
"At 8-10, we've arrived at the point of the season in which the Vulcans will surely start rolling their eyes and declaring that the issue here must be coaching. Remember, this is a bunch that dispatched a security team once to search computer hard drives at the team practice facility because it feared a leak. So McMillan should prepare himself, if he hasn't already.


They get some right. They get some wrong. But there's not a plan in sight, ever. The hiring of McMillan was a nice get five years ago, and his firing now would be a disaster."
(The Vulcans are Portland's upper management. Blazers owner Paul Allen has a company called Vulcan Inc. and people in Portland refer bosses as "Vulcans.")

Canzano is absolutely right. Canning McMillan would be a huge, huge mistake. Scott Brooks was awarded Coach of the Year and was very deserving for taking a 23-win Thunder team to 50, but if I were voting, McMillan was my pick. Really, I didn't see another option. Based around what he went through last season but still fielded the seventh seeded playoff team in the West is miraculous.

It's still early too in this season. The Blazers aren't mathmatically eliminated from anything yet. Sure, Brandon Roy is going to play the rest of the year with Christmas wrapping paper for knee tendons and Greg Oden is gone, but Joel Przybilla is coming back soon, plus players like Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum have shown promise. There's no reason they can't weather another storm and stay competitive. Jumping the gun on McMillan now would be quite the knee-jerk reaction.

But then again, the Vulcans were the ones that pushed for first assistant general manager Tom Penn to be fired and then general manager Kevin Pritchard to be let go. Both seemed random and unprovoked at the time. So nobody is probably safe.

McMillan can coach. And he can handle and manage adversity. So obviously, he's the right man for the Blazers.
Posted on: November 26, 2010 12:40 pm
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Your NBA Fantasy Black Friday Deals

Your NBA Black Friday Fantasy deals: come find the bargain fantasy guys you're looking for.
Posted by Kevin Goodwin

Well, folks, it's that time of year again. The day we shake off those paralyzing turkey chemicals and drag ourselves out of bed in the wee hours. The day we maraud from store to store like a pack of ravenous credit-wielding zombies. The day we do the ridiculous in the name of big deals and unparalleled savings. Black Friday hath cometh.

Fortunately, Fantasy owners don't even have to leave their couch to find great bargains … and it's the right time of year for those as well. I've got 10 super-saver steals that could put your team on the track to success in the New Year.  Don't let those other fantasy shoppers beat you to the bargains!

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Calderon's Fantasy value is sky high, and Fantasy owners are clearing out long-term roster space to snatch him up. Since Jarrett Jack was traded to New Orleans, Calderon will see the lion's share of minutes up in Toronto.  He has been producing at a high level recently, and is averaging 12.3 points and 6.5 assists over his last four games entering Black Friday. He should continue to perform for the Raptors, and for Fantasy owners from here on out.

Real Deal Equivalent: Squinkies Bubble Pack - $11.99 at Babies"R"Us
They're definitely not the most glamorous item on the list, but are widely considered to be one of the hottest grabs of the season. It's kind of like the Furby toy from a few years ago, except they're supposedly very collectable to kids, and will likely be worth holding on to for the long haul.

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Flynn still doesn't have a timetable for his return, but it's getting closer. Minnesota brought in veteran guard Luke Ridnour to push Flynn for the starting job this year, but a hip injury to Flynn deflated any competition. Now, Flynn will have to prove his worth to coach Kurt Rambis. We all know Rambis was limiting Kevin Love's minutes to start the season, so it's unclear how he'll treat Flynn when he does return. But Fantasy owners who are hurting in the guard position should keep an eye on Flynn. He has more of an upside than Ridnour, and can offer you around 13-15 points and 4-5 assists per game. He also shot 35.8 percent from downtown last season, which is a nice gift for Fantasy owners around the holidays.

Real Deal Equivalent: 1/3 Carat Diamond White Gold Bypass Bridal Ring Set - $219 at Wal-Mart
Gets the job done... and looks enough like the high-end alternatives when the time comes to take it out of the box. Plus, it'll be easy to cry poverty when you're dealing with those pesky alimony hearings.

    3. Troy Murphy, forward, New Jersey Nets (Owned 85 percent/Started 10 percent)

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Murphy has been inactive for five games now, and is sitting behind Kris Humphries and rookie Derrick Favors on the depth chart. Coach Avery Johnson hasn't been able to figure out what to do with Murphy. He missed the preseason and the start of the regular season with a back injury, but is now on the shelf because of his conditioning. The Nets traded for Murphy with the hope that he could be a starter, and now he's not playing or bringing in any Fantasy points. Not what anyone wants from a Round 5 or 6 draft choice (his average in CBSSports.com Fantasy leagues). Still, in leagues where he's available, Murphy would be worth grabbing while you can. If he gets traded by the Nets, he could go back to his 15-10 stat line, and smart Fantasy owners could get him on the cheap if they can afford to keep him reserved until he sees more court time. Keep in mind, Murphy also has a history of late-season success -- Since the 2006-07 NBA season he's averaged 11.7 points and 8.7 rebounds per game before the All-Star break and 14.8 PPG and 9.1 boards post All-Star.

Real Deal Equivalent: Samsung SMX-F40 SD camcorder - $119 at K-Mart
Sure, it might not be something you're going to use all the time, but when the battery is fully charged, this baby could come in pretty handy. Just think how useful it could be when one of your buddies falls asleep in the middle of a party. Youtube!  

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Okur hasn't played yet this season, and is available in almost half of Fantasy leagues. With the Jazz playing so well to start the year, owners with room on their roster may have good reason to add the veteran big man. As a career 37.8 3-point shooter, Okur is hardly a typical center, which makes him a nice player to own in category-based leagues. Utah's addition of Al Jefferson may scare some owners off, but nabbing Okur now before a timetable is set could pay nice dividends.

Real Deal Equivalent: Yankee Candle Pine & Cinnamon Jar Candles - $17.99 at Kohl's
Maybe you didn't have time to cut down a premiere 7-footer in the draft. Maybe you're just desperate to hide the despicable funk emanating from those 1997 Jordans that can't seem to find their way to the trashcan. Either way, this is a great way to Spruce up your lineup for the winter run... terrible pun, definitely intended.

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Przybilla is set to make his season debut on Black Friday, which gives Fantasy owners a perfect opportunity to check him out. He'll likely be rusty coming off knee surgery, but is a center worth keeping tabs on or adding in deeper formats. He doesn't score many points, but is a good source of rebounds and shoots with high efficiency from the field -- 55.5 percent for his career. Also, take in to account that Portland needs bodies on the frontcourt, which means Przybilla will get plenty of playing time. Remember he should be targeted in deeper Fantasy formats, not standard leagues.

Real Deal Equivalent:  Craftsman 179cc 24'' Two-stage Snowblower - $583 at Sears
Powerful, but a little one-dimensional. Still, winter can be long and arduous, as can the NBA season. Finding a bargain like this could be the easiest way to clear your path to the playoffs.

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Butler isn't having a very good start to the season, which means now is the time to buy. Some Fantasy owners may want to drop him, but realize he's worth too much to just throw away. That being the case, they may be willing to part with Butler for next to nothing. He hasn't fully adjusted to being in Dallas since coming over from Washington, and the one thing that would help Butler's Fantasy appeal most is being traded. So, owners that like to gamble could make the move for Butler now. Last year, Butler averaged 15.2 points and 5.4 boards with the Mavericks, so the potential is there for Fantasy owners to see a nice return on their investment.

Real Deal Equivalent:  55" Westinghouse 120Hz, 1080p LCD TV - $799.99 at Best Buy
Still a great grab if you need to upgrade. Sure, it may not shine as brightly as LED or have the pop of 3D, but, a few years ago, this was a top-of-the-line model.

    7. Brandon Roy, guard, Portland Trail Blazers (Owned 99 percent/Started 22 percent)

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Roy should be owned in every Fantasy league out there, but while he battles knee injuries, owners are definitely grinding their teeth for drafting him so high. Some owners may be looking to jump ship, since this is the lowest Roy's Fantasy value has ever been, and that means it's the perfect time to get an upper echelon guard for dirt cheap. If you can pry Roy away from another owner, there's a good chance he would make your team better immediately. Portland may limit his court time to preserve him for the year, but Roy has the ability to produce solid numbers in 20-25 minutes of action.

Real Deal Equivalent:  High-Performance Samsung Laptops - $150 off at Best Buy
Yeah, you may have to open up your wallet if you want to bring home a big toy like this, but it's definitely a great option if you want to get some high-caliber equipment without paying full retail.

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Collison was undoubtedly overvalued entering this year. He was taken with an average draft pick of 40, based solely on his 18.8 points, 9.1 assists and 3.5 rebounds as a starter last year in New Orleans. This means that current owners are probably very disappointed with his 14.3 points and 4.3 boards per game through the first five weeks of the season. I smell a sale. Collison still has the potential to be a 17 and 7 guy, and owners should check their league and see if they can strike up a deal.

Real Deal Equivalent:  All adult jeans - $15 at Old Navy
Not exactly the designer dungarees you might find in a Madison Avenue boutique, but a reasonably stylish alternative for the price. Let's face it; you could easily pay twice as much any other time of year. Yeah, I used the word "dungarees". No, I'm not a septuagenarian

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Carter is currently dealing with some bumps and bruises which are keeping him out of the Magic lineup. He's also averaging career-lows in points, rebounds and assists: 13.9, 3.2 and 2.5, respectively. Clearly, Carter is no longer the high-flyer he once was, but he does have the capability to go off on any given night. Again, we've got a player who could be reeled in for cheap based on the disappointment tied to inflated preseason expectations. If you don't mind being patient with the veteran, trading for Carter could be a steal.

Real Deal Equivalent:  Radio Flyer Big Wheel - $35 at Wal-Mart
Yeah, we all remember how awesome these were when we were kids. Of course, back then, a few rocks in the tires would only help you sound cooler when you peeled out down the driveway. It's a sentimental choice, I know, but you can't look past the classics when you're in the market for a dependable option.

Fantasy Shopping Cart: Andersen just made his season debut for the Nuggets, which is why he's available in 90 percent of CBSSports.com Fantasy leagues. He's coming off an offseason knee surgery, so he's a bit of a risky option, but there are definitely Fantasy owners out there who are in desperate need of a big man. Injury bug, anyone? Those owners might be happy to see Andersen fill a void in their lineups. He's not worth owning in standard leagues, but is definitely worth a flier in deeper Rotisserie formats. He's a bargain and a half right now.

Real Deal Equivalent:  46" APEX LCD TV, 1080p 60 Hz - $449 at Target
Absolutely jaw-dropping color. And, while it's not the most recognized brand on the market, it's got some versatility -- Size enough to hold it down in the living room, and could be a huge addition to a bedroom-sized fantasy lineup.

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Shootaround 11.25.10: Gobble-gobble

We're thankful for you, Mo's a hero, and Mikhail Prokhorov is scarier than an overcooked turkey, all in today's Shootaround.
Posted by Matt Moore

First-off, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We here at CBSSports.com NBA Facts and Rumors want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and let you know how grateful we are for your readership. We've loved our first four months doing this, and we're excited for the next, well, forever. Thanks for your continued support. Enjoy your tryptophan-inspired comas, everyone.

The Cavs are likely thankful for Mo Williams this morning, who nailed the game winner for the Cavs over the Bucks last night. Don't believe me? Watch!

Mike D'Antoni is taking the right approach to handling the Knicks after they won their fifth straight to get back to .500: "I told them we have good news and bad news," D'Antoni said late last night after sweeping a home-and-home against Larry Brown's Bobcats. "The good news is we have a five-game winning streak. The bad news is we're .500. Let's be real."

Brandon Roy may play Friday , despite his knees being bone-dry like that turkey you're prepping.

A look at Brian Windhorst , who has covered LeBron since high school, and now covers him for ESPN in Miami, and the growing dissonance between the two now that the world is remarkably different. Regardelss of your feelings on LeBron, I ask that you be civil in the comments. Writing doesn't pay nearly as well as you think, and making that move was the logical career step for Windhorst, who is honestly one of the better scribes in the league.

The Player's Union may be targeting the elimination of the age restriction this summer. College coaches refer to this as "a return to oligarchy."

A piece on Shannon Brown and how he worked hard to get to where his contract required him to.

Obvious alert: Dwyane Wade says this is harder than he expected .

The touching story of why Kevin Durant wears No. 35.

Wait ... Mikhail Prokhorov said what?!

Indy Cornrows thinks the improved defense down low is due to Troy Murphy no longer being around. Scapegoat!

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Greg Oden microfracture: the day after

Portland Trail Blazers head coach and all star guard Brandon Roy discuss the team's future after yesterday's announcement that center Greg Odenoden-gregwould undergo microfracture surgery on his left knee, ending his 2010-2011 NBA season before it began. Posted by Ben Golliver

Portland, Oregon, is known for two things these days: vicious rainstorms and season-ending injuries. Both struck Wednesday night, when perhaps the ugliest weather of 2010 preceded the worst possible news for Portland Trail Blazers fans: center Greg Oden's 2010-2011 NBA season was done before it started, due to a microfracture surgery on his left knee that will be performed on Friday.  The season has started for the Blazers as a slow ramp up mentally. With Oden and fellow center Joel Przybilla working their way back from knee surgeries last year, and all star guard Brandon Roy limited by a bothersome left knee as well, Portland's mantra has been mostly about biding its time until later in the season and making a serious playoff push once everyone was back healthy. The Oden news, of course, changes all of that, and biding time has given way to battening down the hatches, for Oden, for the team, for the coaching staff and for the organization. Portland coach Nate McMillan tells CBSSports.com that his mesage to Oden this year was the same as it was last year. "Mentally, you know it’s a challenge for him to continue to stay positive and to try to work himself back. He’s still a young man that has a future in basketball. It’s devastating to go through this, four out of the last five years, some type of injury. But you have to rebuild, 'man up,' as we say, and continue to work to get yourself on the floor."  In the meantime, McMillan said he fully expects critics and pundits to write off his team, much like they did last year when Portland dealt with numerous injuries. "Of course people are going to write us off, we’ve lost these guys, both Brandon and Greg -- Greg for the season, Brandon is out for a few games. People going to write you off. For us it’s a mental challenge to stay focused, stay tight, because I believe we can win some games if we go out and we’re together." The problem for McMillan -- who thrives as an underdog, has proven he can manage effectively through and seemed almost giddy Thursday at the notion that people would underestimate his team again -- is that he doesn't know who he will turn to for help shouldering the mental burden. Asked twice for names of players he expected to step up and guide the team mentally, McMillan admitted it was too early to tell. "We just found out about this last night, and we’ll see. That [mental leadership] is what I’m looking for. You’re going to have to have some guys to step up, both some of your veterans as well as your young guys, and be productive in a situation like this. We’ll see. That’s where we are at right now." Part of McMillan's hesitancy seems to stem from Roy's uncertain health. Roy has always been a quiet leader, but his steady production has pulled Portland through in the past. Roy suffered a knee injury in a Nov. 13 game against the New Orleans Hornets, and isn't expected back on the court until Nov. 26. It's difficult to be an emotional leader while wearing street clothes, as Roy was at Portland's shootaround Thursday. Roy struck an optimistic tone when talking with reports, though, saying Oden's injury isn't crippling for the franchise's goals of competing for an NBA title. "I don’t think it’s lost. I don’t think it’s lost. It’s adversity and something that we have to deal with. We wish it wasn’t like this, but it is."  He repeated McMillan's us-against-the-world take, saying the team's resolve remains strong despite external voices predicting failure. "The team seems good. People outside the team are a little concerned, but these guys dealt with a lot of it last year. We’re so focused, we play so many games, it’s hard to sit back and think about the outside things that we’ve had to deal with. The guys are focused and I’m just trying to do my best to keep those guys positive." Perhaps the best news for Blazers fans: Roy also sounded more upbeat when talking about the health of his own knee and the mood of the team. "It’s something that a number of doctors have told me that I can play with and still play at a high level ... My spirits have been picked up a lot. It’s just something I’ve got to deal with. I’m a lot more confident dealing with it now than I was a week ago. That’s expected. Anytime you get injured you’re always a little concerned. I’m feeling better about it and just trying to get back on the court." Roy told CBSSports.com that he had spoken with Oden briefly on Wednesday. "His spirits were down. As expected. He’ll bounce back from it. Not in a day or two, but in time, he’ll bounce back. Just for him as a person, I told him to forget basketball. We care about you as a friend and somebody that I’ve been close to for the last few years. He’ll be alright. Words aren’t going to cheer him up today, but in time it will make him feel better." Asked about Oden's future in a Trail Blazers uniform, McMillan chose his words carefully. "We expect him to recover from the surgery and I’m sure we’ll look at the situation and make the best decision for the organization. Greg is still a Blazer, when he comes out of rehab we’re going to try to and get him ready to play basketball ... I don’t have a crystal ball but we do expect him to recover from this surgery. They’re not telling us this is career-ending, we are hearing that he can come back from this and possibly be just as strong." The question, though, is when will that return take place, and can the Blazers wait?  The Portland rain let up on Thursday morning and the mood in the practice facility was sunnier than expected. The team has been without Oden so often and for such long stretches, the morning after devastating news felt like the cruelest thing of all: business as usual.
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'No surgery' for Blazers guard Brandon Roy

The Portland Trail Blazers have informed the media that Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy will not undergo surgery on his ailing left knee.  brandon-roy-knee-2Posted by Ben Golliver

In a text message to Portland media sent Wednesday night, the Portland Trail Blazers said that an MRI of all star guard Brandon Roy's left knee conducted on Wednesday revealed that Roy does not need surgery. The message read, "No surgery is contemplated. He will miss the next two games vs. Denver and Utah and will be reevaluated in a week." The news comes as a huge relief for Blazers fans, who have the specter of a dreaded microfracture surgery hanging over Roy's season. Roy has been limited by the knee in recent weeks, injuring himself against the New Orleans Hornets on Saturday and sitting out against the Memphis Grizzlies. The Blazers play the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night and the Utah Jazz on Saturday night. Both games are at home. In Roy's absence, backup guard Wesley Matthews figures to get the starting nod, as he did against the Grizzlies, where he delivered a career-high 30 points in his first start of the season. Starting small forward Nicolas Batum and starting point guard Andre Miller, as well as reserve guard Rudy Fernandez, also figure to log heavy minutes against the Nuggets and Jazz, two of Portland's major division rivals.
Posted on: November 16, 2010 9:29 am

Shootaround 11.16.10: Cuban says hallelujah

Posted by Royce Young
  • Mark Cuban went on Dallas radio and of course said fun things about the Heat's slow start: "Hallelujah, boys, is that great or what? … How cool is that? Now, they could still turn it around and win out for all that matters, but you're starting to see some of the problems. Any team with a strong, big guy that can score, they're getting abused by. Paul Millsap goes out and pulls a Tracy McGrady. What, Tracy McGrady scored 13 and 30 and Paul Millsap scores 11 in 29 seconds or something like that? They just don't have size to battle. They have the fewest points in the paint of any team and that's tough. … My buddy Dan Gilbert is smiling all the way, too. Again, it's early in the season and you never quite know how it's going to play out, but how glorious."
  • Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman: "So much has been so bad for the Oklahoma City Thunder that the last thing this team needed Monday night was a tough start. But the Thunder found itself in a nightmarish start when Utah point guard Deron Williams promptly splashed his first three 3-point attempts through the net, opening a nine-point lead less than three minutes into the game. And with the way OKC has underachieved all season defensively and sputtered at times offensively, there was little to suggest the Thunder could dig itself out of a hole in one of the NBA's toughest buildings. After securing a hard-fought 115-108 victory over the Jazz, however, the Thunder showed there is at least one characteristic from last year's lovable 50-win team that has indeed spilled over into this season of inconsistency. Pride."
  • Lisa Dillman of the Los Angeles Times: "The University of Clippers suffered a major blow to their NCAA chances on Monday night. (Well, there always is strength of schedule.) Kidding aside, when you present a starting lineup consisting of five players all still possessing NCAA eligibility, it's always going to hold an element of peril and high risk. The Clippers' starters were two 20-year-olds (Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu) two 21-year-olds (Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon) and one 'veteran,' 22-year-old DeAndre Jordan. So this team might look terrific in March in the NCAA tournament, but this is, for better or worse, the NBA in the opening month.
  • Tayshaun Prince and John Kuester went after each other last night. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News writes: "On the way to the bench, Kuester and Prince had words. Then Prince slammed his towel down, yelling at Kuester and walked away from the huddle. Kuester responded in kind, and had to be restrained by assistant coach Darrell Walker. Kuester and Prince continued jawing throughout the stoppage in play. After the timeout, Kuester attempted to walk over to Prince and continue their discussion, but Walker stepped in again."
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Shootaround 11.15.10: Suns scorch Lakers

The Phoenix Suns get red hot from outside, Ken Berger checks in with the latest CBA negotiation updates, Evan Turner dorks out again, the Randy Foye / Brandon Roy 2006 draft night trade gets a second look, and a whole lot more. 

Posted by Ben Golliver
  • CBSSports.com's Ken Berger with the latest on the NBA's collective bargaining negotiations: "Commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver will match wits with union chief Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher of the Lakers on Thursday, Fisher told CBSSports.com. Fisher, who will be in Minneapolis on an off-day during the Lakers' road trip through the Midwest, will participate via conference call."
  • Denver forward Gary Forbes has been the subject of lots of Twitter jokes because his name sounds more like an investment advisor's rather than an NBA player's, but he's been a nice early spark for the Nuggets. Nuggets.com offers a nice profile, and discusses his battle with Type 1 diabetes.   
  • This video won't help Philadelphia 76ers rookie Evan Turner's cause against his critics, who hammer on his nerdiness. Turner sits in a dark room and discusses his basketball cards. "Did you collect cards as a kid?," Turner is asked. "I sure did," Turner replies. "I collected a lot of them." Steve Urkel status. Told that one of his rookie cards is worth $120, Turner replies, "That's a cool thing. I just hope the value doesn't drop." Get excited, Philly!
  • ESPN Radio "personality" Colin Cowherd, who has been immensely critical of Washington Wizards point guard John Wall for his pre-game dancing and supposed lack of leadership qualities, "has sold his life story to CBS for a sitcom deal," reports HollywoodReporter.com.
  • Way back during the 2006 NBA draft, the Portland Trail Blazers thought they got a steal when they traded Randy Foye to Minnesota for Brandon Roy. Moves like this by general manager Kevin Pritchard earned the term "Pritchslap" in Portland. But StarTribune.com notes that Minnesota was willing to do the deal, in part, because of concerns over Roy's knee. "One of the reasons the Wolves traded Roy for Foye and cash is their doctors deemed Roy's knees too much of a risk. Now, Roy is struggling with his health -- his left knee, in particular -- and he suggested recently that his most athletic days are behind him." Roy did more in his first four years in the league than Foye will do in his entire career, but his recent injury struggles are casting the trade in a new light. 
  • ESPN.com reports that second-year New Orleans guard Marcus Thornton, who was recently placed on the inactive list because the Hornets have brought in so many other guards, may be on the trading block. "The Hornets aren't eager to part with the 23-year-old, but word is they are prepared to do so if a suitable offer materializes. One problem, though, is that Thornton on his own can't bring much back in return since he's making only $762,195 this season. The flip side: Thornton will undoubtedly appeal to several teams because he produced like a starter as a rook and costs so little."
  • In other New Orleans Hornets end of the bench news, forward Joe Alexander got waived, reports Nola.com. “Joe was in a tough spot,” [Hornets coach Monty] Williams said. “He didn’t get a chance to play as much, and I just felt like he was going to need to go somewhere else and play so he could further his career.
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Brandon Roy suffers knee injury, status uncertain

Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy left Saturday's game against the New Orleans Hornets with a knee injury and his status is currently unknown. Posted by Ben Golliver

Earlier today, we discussed what life would be like for Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy, as he attempts to play through a nagging knee injury. 

Unfortunately, in addition to the difficulty that goes with adjustments made to his offensive game and his playing time, Roy's life will also be more painful in the immediate future.

During the third quarter of Saturday night's game between the Blazers and the New Orleans Hornets, Roy made a crossover move near the three point line and, without contacting another player, injured his left knee while making the cut. Roy's left knee has been bothering him throughout the season and has reportedly been drained multiple times.

Roy jogged off the floor after the injury, heading straight the locker room.

Here's a video of the play.

During the fourth quarter, the Blazers sent a text message to Portland media: "Brandon Roy (sore left knee) will not return to tonight's game at New Orleans."

A source told CBSSports.com's Ken Berger after the game Saturday night that Portland will see how Roy feels in the next few days & re-evaluate. The source said that the team is "not sure yet" if Roy will miss time.

Prior to the injury, Roy was struggling through a 1-7 shooting night. His final line: 2 points, 1 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 block in 22 minutes. 
The Oregonian reports that Roy was in significant pain during an evaluation Saturday night.
Back in the locker room, Roy was examined by New Orleans team doctor Matt McQueen, who determined his knee was stable but swollen. He asked Roy to perform basic movements, like squatting, but Roy said he couldn’t complete the movements without sharp, piercing pain in the left knee. 
“I’m not going to speculate,’’ Roy said. “I’m just going to take it day-by-day and see how it feels. I felt that sharp pain, and it wasn’t going away, so I felt it was best I go out of the game. The biggest thing for me right now is not to think too far ahead.’’

The Blazers have two days off before their next game: at the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night. Roy will travel with the team but, as Berger reported, his status is unclear.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com