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Carmelo Anthony reveals knee, elbow surgery

By Matt Moore

An observation that's been making the rounds this summer regarding Carmelo Anthony in his appearances at the lockout summer exhibitions has been that Anthony appears to be a bit out of shape. He hasn't gone Shawn Kemp '99 or anything, he's just looked a bit heavy. There might be an actual reasonable excuse for that according to the New York Post. The Post was part of a group of reporters to speak with Carmelo Anthony after he went ham at the Baltimore vs. Philly exhibition Sunday night, and the Knicks superstar revealed that in May, he had two surgeries, one on his knee and one on his elbow. From the Post:
The Knicks forward revealed more elements to his mysterious offseason, disclosing last night he had knee and elbow surgery simultaneously in May. Anthony disclosed the surgeries after playing 48 minutes and dropping 31 points with 17 rebounds last night at the sweaty Palestra in a lockout-inspired barnstorming-tour loss.

The Knicks never announced the procedures. Anthony said he had arthroscopic surgery on the left knee and an elbow procedure, as he suffers from chronic bursitis.

"Can't tell, can you?" Anthony said after his rugged performance.

Anthony said it was the first time in his life he's had surgery.

"I did both of them," Anthony said. "They were bothering me seven years."
via Knicks' Anthony had two surgeries in May - NYPOST.com

Well, then. 

Suprise, Knicks fans! Your superstar forward who's considered the healthy one of their two cornerstones had two surgeries after the playoffs were over, and your team just neglected to mention it. Woo!

This isn't a big deal, in reality. The elbow bursitis is a nag, but obviously something Melo can play through. The knee surgery is routine and something nearly every player has at one point or another in his career. Considering this is his first surgery after as many minutes as he's played, it's a wonder it wasn't necessary first. And while it would be great for Anthony to have had Knicks' medical staff around after July 1st to watch over him, he was likely in consult with them before the lockout began and under his own doctor's care after.

 Additionally, Alan Hahn reports that Anthony says he is lighter, not heavier, so any discussion of his roundness may be moot. Beyond all this medical and conditioning discussion, Anthony dropped 31-17 in a game Sunday night. So yeah, not like he's struggling to stay sharp on the floor. t
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Report: Beasley didn't break his wrist in China

Posted by Royce Young

Relax, world. Michael Beasley didn't break his wrist in China. Reportedly.

According to ESPN.com, the report that Beasley may have broke his wrist in China are not accurate. He did however have a doctor examine his in Los Angeles Wednesday as a precaution.

The alleged injury took place in an exhibition game in which Paul Pierce and Beasley were playing in China. Beasley supposedly hurt his wrist, kept playing anyway and then woke up the next morning with a lot of pain and a dcotor there felt it was likely broken. Evidently something got lost in translation.

Also: Beasley and Paul Pierce didn't have asthma attacks either. Or at least that's what Pierce tweeted. I don't even know what to believe anymore.
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Did Michael Beasley break his wrist in China?

Posted by Royce Young

Hard to know how accurate a report this is right now, but HoopChina reports that Michael Beasley suffered a wrist injury Sunday during the China Championships with it possibly being a broken wrist.

Want a reason to maybe not play overseas, NBA players? Well there it is.

If Beasley did indeed break his wrist, he's almost surely going to miss the start of the 2011-12 season. Assuming of course that the 2011-12 season starts on time, which as of right now appears to be quite the assumption.

Beasley was in China with Paul Pierce playing a Chinese team in some exhibition thing. Beasley had scored 32 points when the injury happened. According to the report, he injured it during the game but it felt much worse the next morning (being Monday).

Nothing is entirely clear at this point but it seems sure that Beasley injured his wrist in some regard Sunday night. Whether that's a break, a tear, a sprain or whatever, we'll have to wait and see a bit. The main thing to take is how this could send a bit of a wake up call to the players hooping all over the place. I doubt it will stop anyone, but injury is indeed a real possibility. To this point, nobody had been bitten by it, but injuries can happen at any time.

Via HoopsHype
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Brandon Roy doesn't think JET can guard him

By Matt Moore

For more on Brandon Roy, check out our interview with him from this weekend's event in Seattle. 

Brandon Roy is injured. Despite telling CBSSports.com over the weekend that he's finally pain free, he's always going to be "injured" to a degree because of the condition of his knees. He's gone through physical and emotional hell over the last year in dealing with the realities of his knees.

One thing that has not suffered, though, is his confidence. Roy's not only still confident that he can be the Roy of old, he's calling out (and then saying he's not calling out) players that are able to stay on the court. From the Oregonian:
"I can still create off the dribble," Roy warned. "I still think you are crazy to put a guy who can't guard on me. You'll get exposed all night. So I don't want to get away from that.

"But I have to get in a position again where the team believes enough in me to make me a threat," Roy said. "I don't have to be The Guy, but just a focal point again, to where -- not to knock a player -- but if Jason Terry is guarding me, then my team can believe I can expose that matchup. That's part of getting my confidence back to where I can give confidence back to Coach and the organization."
via No promises, says Brandon Roy, but doubt him at your own risk | OregonLive.com

Roy likely chose to single out Terry because of the success that he had against the Mavericks ... in one game. Roy's comeback game in Portland seemed like a miracle moment, a reckoning of all those who doubted that Roy could come back. Then Roy went back to being the 9.3 points per game scorer he was during that playoff series before the Mavericks booted the Blazers back home. Terry, it should be noted, went on to guard LeBron James and do it pretty effectively in the Finals. 

Roy's not trying to be overly antagonistic; he really does think he's that much better than Terry. But he could learn a thing or two from JET. Terry manages to understand his role while also playing to his strengths. He recognizes his place on the team but contributes in a huge way and sitll gets headlines.

Maybe if Roy had learned to trust and rely on LaMarcus Aldridge earlier in his career, he wouldn't have had to carry the load as much. But what-ifs are no use. Roy is who he is, and that won't change, physically or mentally. This will be his approach.

No matter what, he'll go down swinging.
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Mike Miller has shoulder surgery

Posted by Matt Moore

Mike Miller was kind of in pieces in the Finals. He didn't complain, and he rebuffed all questions about potential injuries. But ask anyone who had been around the team for more than a week and they would tell you the guy was basically stuck together with duct tape. Both thumbs, leg injuries, a sore back and a shoulder that was injured in Game 1. He shot, we winced. 

Turns out it's been quite the process to put him back together again. Miller spoke to his hometown paper in Mitchell, S.D., and revealed he's had two surgeries since the Finals, not just one. After having thumb surgery, which was expected, he also had the shoulder worked on:
Since the conclusion of the playoffs, Miller said he’s received surgery to his shoulder and his thumb.

“I’ve been trying to glue myself back together, kind of like the humpty-dumpty man right now,” Miller said. “I’ve been out since the season’s been over. It’s a little bit frustrating, but hopefully it will give the rest of my body a chance to heal up and take a break.”
via Mitchell native Mike Miller reflects on Heat's season | The Daily Republic | Mitchell, South Dakota.

Miller is one player who could benefit from the lockout. He hasn't been fully healthy in years and could use the extra time to get his body right. The Heat need him as a pure shooter, and that's hard to do when your thumb and arm are both jacked up. Miller shot 40 percent from the field this year, down 10 percentage points (!) from 2010. This on a team that consistently was in need of better offensive weaponry. He shot 30 percent in the playoffs from deep. A sharpshooter, shooting 30 percent from deep.

Not everything went wrong for the Heat in the Finals. 

But it was close. 

(HT: South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

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Report: Melo still getting elbow treatment

Posted by Matt Moore

Carmelo Anthony is reportedly still receiving treatment for elbow bursitis at Knicks facilities, according to the New York Post
Carmelo Anthony has been secretly rehabbing a bum right elbow at the Knicks practice facility, and has been prohibited from lifting weights and any on-court work, including shooting, since the season ended in late April, The Post has learned.

Anthony is suffering from elbow bursitis, a condition he had earlier this season in Denver. It flared up with the Knicks in late February when he talked about the possibility of having a drainage procedure but added he "doesn't like going under the knife."

Anthony's Westchester rehab would end because of the expected lockout tomorrow -- one of the major behind-the-scenes detriments of NBA commissioner David Stern's work stoppage. Anthony would no longer be able to talk to the coaching or medical staff or have elbow treatment at the practice facility.
via Knicks' Anthony rehabbing sore elbow - NYPOST.com.

Anthony's elbow apparently didn't affect his shooting touch. With the Knicks he registered his highest field goal percentage since 2006. But it's still a nagging concern that it has bothered him this long. While the lockout will obviously hamper his ability to get treatment for free, Melo can still tend to it. Not like the guy can't afford health care for it. 

It's a nagging injury but if it doesn't improve and the lockout looks like it will be extended, and it will, Melo might choose to go under the knife to go ahead and take care of it. But then again, that probably won't happen since he won't want to deal with it outside of the context of the team, even though his insurance will undoubtedly cover him, and again, he can afford it.

It is one more sign of just how beaten up the Knicks were at the end of last season, with Amar'e Stoudemire and Chauncey Billups both struggling with injuries versus the Celtics. Perhaps some depth would solve that proble... oh, right.
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Brad Miller had microfracture, out until January

Posted by Royce Young

Evidently, Houston center Brad Miller had microfracture surgery on his left knee in mid-May and will be out until January, according to SI.com.

Miller was in Sacramento for a charity function, where he was spotted on crutches. Miller makes his home in Sacramento in the offseason and said he's not all that concerned with regaining his explosiveness. Good one, Brad.

"After getting it scoped [arthroscopic surgery] last summer, I just had issues with it again this year, so I saw another doctor, and two doctors said it would be the best thing to do," Miller told SI.com. "I ain't got much vertical to get back [and] it's really not going to slow me down. [The doctors] said 'You're the ideal candidate for this. A non-jumping, slow white guy. You shouldn't really lose much.' No explosiveness is going to be lost here."

What's very odd though is that the surgery was never announced by the Rockets. Miller is under contract for next season with the team and it's commonplace for teams to announce when players have surgery, even the most minor kind. This is a major surgery, pretty much the biggest you can have. And yet there was no word from Houston about it. I really don't know what word to use other than shady.

I mean, you can't exactly hide this sort of thing, but there was absolutely no information given. That's weird. Yeah, it's Brad Miller this time and not Yao Ming, but Miller's still a rotation player and not having him for half a season will affect the Rockets some. Without Miller and Yao who's future with the Rockets is undecided, Houston is looking at starter Chuck Hayes being backed up by Hasheem Thabeet for the first 30 games or so.

With that, maybe there's some thinking that Houston looks at the market this summer for more big man help. A big reason Miller was signed last season was because of the uncertainty surrounding Yao. That proved to be a good move as Yao missed almost the entire regular season with a foot injury.

Who knows, maybe it was coming and the Rockets just hadn't gotten around to it. I made an inquiry to the Rockets about the situation to ask why it wasn't announced, so I'll update this when I hear back about it.
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