Posted on: November 27, 2010 2:02 pm

Sixers vs. Heat Highlights

     First did anyone see late in the game when the camera went to the Sixers bench and captured a classic picture of Evan Turner.  Turner was on the bench for Meeks and was sitting there with his finger in his ear, head tilted to the side, with a big look of Derrrrrrrrrrrrr on his face.  Was completely not into the game, and this kid desrves to start?  Someone is crazy or tanking the season.

    Did anyone notice that the fouls called in the 1st quarter in favor of the Heat, and the silent whistles also in favor of the Heat only managed to give them a 25-17 lead after one.  I don't know about you, but if the Heat are getting every call in the arena and can only manage 25-17 lead against the Sixers then they are going to have a very long season.

    Did you notice how Collins made sure not to start Jodie Meeks in the 3rd?  Classic way to cool off your own hot shooter.  This kid is being so buried by three guards who have no concept of basketball (Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Lou Williamas).  I've said it before, the only reason Meeks doesn't play more is cause the Sixers don't have any posters of Meeks.  Poor kid.

    Did you notice the Heat would just tell Arroyo to stand in the corner and take on the Sixers 4 on 5 until they could kick the ball to Arroyo who was left completely uncoverd for 3?  Even playing 5 on 4 the Sixers were playing the classic "headless chicken" defense, its awesome to watch everyone run in a circle just following a ball.  And if you listen carefull to the game you can hear clucks.

    Did you notice Thaddeus Young, paired against Chris Bosh another Power forward with similar size, build, and game was completely incapable defensively.  Not only couldn't he cover a power forward he was built to cover, he couldn't cover the small forward, but he was able to foul and miss open shots, always a plus. 

    Did you notice that Maurice Speights standing in the middle of the floor not knowing what to do and not knowing where to go was a better option at Center then Elton Brand.  Maybe one day Doug Collins will stop playing our best Power Forward out of position, maybe, maybe one day, but he sure does love that one centerish four guardish lineup.  What a mess.

    If you were watching in Philly did you notice how the camera continually zoomed out.  There were times when my screen was 75% stands.  Nobody gets to see more stands thanks to terrible camera work then Sixers fans.  It is so not awesome.  Way to go Comcast.

    Did you notice that last night Mark Zumov told you who was on the court more then he had all season long?  Its almost as if the one Sixers fan left who had nothing better to do wrote a letter complaining about that very thing.

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