Posted on: July 26, 2010 9:29 am

Could someone explain the Baseball H.O.F. voting?

First off let me say that this is in no way a slam on the voting in of Andre Dawson.   I think he deserves it. He belongs.  My question is, "Why does it take the Hall of Fame voters 9 tries to vote a player in?"
I just don't get it.  What has changed since the first 8 times he was eligible?  He hasn't added to any of his career totals.  Hasn't hit another homer, stole another base, robbed someone of a home run.  So why are his numbers worthy this year when they weren't the first 8 times?
I understand with not voting someone in on their first year of eligibility.  A first ballot Hall of Famer should be an honour reserved for the elite of the elite.  But if they aren't worthy after that second year, then why would they be worthy later?  They are either Hall worthy or they aren't.
Like I said off the start my purpose isn't to debate whether Dawson belongs or not, but rather why it took 9 tries to get him there.
Oh, and one last question, why can't a player choose the team that he represents in the Hall?  I read that Dawson wanted to go in as a Cub, but the Hall is making him go in as an Expo.  Why is that?

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