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Keys to the Game: Penn State at Wisconsin

Posted by Adam Jacobi

PENN STATE WILL WIN IF: Wisconsin's feeling generous. Penn State is scoring a hair under 21 points a game, good enough for 11th place in the Big Ten. 21 points is, of course, not going to beat Wisconsin; the Badgers scored 28 points against Illinois last week, and even that was a season low. So if Penn State's going to stay in this one, it's going to need put points up early and often. And yet, this is a Matt McGloin-led offense we're talking about, so the Nittany Lions are going to need some help. Wisconsin's defense hasn't given up more than 17 points in any of its nine wins, but that number jumps to 35 ppg in the two losses. So if the Badger defense can be coerced into allowing several successful touchdown drives, we might be looking at a shot for the Nittany Lions to walk into Camp Randall and steal a victory. If Wisconsin plays a strong game on defense and takes care of the ball, though, this might be a long day.

WISCONSIN WILL WIN IF: Montee Ball stays Montee Ball. Heisman voters are starting to realize what Wisconsin and its opposing defensive coordinators have known all year: Russell Wilson is a very good quarterback, but it's Ball who's the real focal point of this offense. Ball now has a commanding lead among all non-QBs in most total touchdowns with 30 on the season, and he just showed off his durability by racking up 38 carries for 224 yards at Illinois (who has the Big Ten's second-best rushing defense) last week. Penn State's going to need to shut down Ball without committing so completely to the task that Russell Wilson can throw with ease. Wilson can demolish pretty much defense if it has eight men in the box all watching Ball's every move at the snap.  

X-FACTOR: The almighty turnover will likely loom large here. Penn State basically can't afford to give away the ball deep in Badger territory; points are going to be hard enough to come by without wasted drives. Similarly, it would behoove both teams not to give the other a short field with a turnover deep in their own territory; those can swing a game all by themselves. So while an armpunt with no return isn't exactly the end of the world here, a fumbled kick return or a red zone interception might be enough of an opening for Wisconsin to make this one a blowout -- or Penn State to make it a game.

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Two new Sandusky child abuse cases opened

Posted by Adam Jacobi

In one of the biggest signs yet that the scandal involving former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is still intensifying, PennLive.com's Sara Ganim reported on Tuesday that two new cases of alleged child abuse by Sandusky are being investigated. Also, since the investigation on these two new cases is being done by Child and Youth Services in Pennsylvania, that means the two alleged victims are still under 18 today.

This is believed to be the first time Child and Youth Services has become involved in this investigation, as the other five alleged victims coming forward to assist the investigation are now currently adults (though all were children at the time of the alleged incidents). Under Pennsylvania state law, allegations of abuse made by adults are handled solely by the police; it's only when a minor makes an allegation that Child and Youth Services is used.

There is no word on when the alleged incidents in these newly opened cases occurred, just that the cases were opened within the past 60 days. Earlier, it was reported that a dozen new potential victims had come forward to Pennsylvania state prosecutors, though it is unclear whether these two new cases are the result of children coming forward before or after the 40 sexual assault charges were formally brought against Sandusky. Further, it should be noted that the cases have not resulted in any new charges being pressed, though that may certainly change once the investigations have concluded.

In an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday morning, Sandusky attorney Joe Amendola said he believed more charges could be brought against his client, and he worries that the additional charges may result in Sandusky being sent back to jail. Amendola did not specify what led him to believe that more charges would be coming.

Sandusky's preliminary hearing on the charges is set for December 13 in Centre County court.
Posted on: November 22, 2011 3:51 pm
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Sandusky attorney says additional charges likely

Posted by Adam Jacobi

In an interview with Good Morning America, Joe Amendola, the attorney representing former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, said that Sandusky's accusers were "pampered" after being "labeled as victims" by the legal system, and that one's accusations were the result of tough love from Sandusky as a mentor.

"[P]eople when they're brought into the criminal justice system and they're labeled as victims, they're pampered, they're encouraged, they're treated specially. And particularly when you're dealing with maybe someone who hasn't had a great, the greatest of lives. Then a lot of times they start feeling more important," Amendola said in the interview.

Amendola's most specific comments about the alleged victims were directed at whom the Pennsylvania grand jury describes as Victim 1, saying those accusations were a negative reaction to Sandusky's demands for harder work toward unspecified goals.

"When you push and they don't want you to," Amendola said, "they react. And what Jerry believes happened is that this young guy got tired of Jerry pushing. Jerry believes that what happened was this young guy said, 'you know what, gee, if I say Jerry did something to me, that's the end of my relationship with Jerry.'"

Amendola also said that he is concerned that more charges will be brought against his client, and that his client may go back to jail before his trial as a result. Sandusky is free on $100,000 unsecured bail after facing 40 varying counts of sexual assault on underaged males, and the judge who set that bail was removed from the case after it was revealed that she volunteered for The Second Mile, the charity Sandusky formed in 1977 and allegedly used to meet all of his alleged victims.

That charity grew to such a sizeable scale that Amendola says accusations of sexual misconduct at the Second Mile house are implausible, because there was no way for Sandusky to be alone with a potential victim.

"Jerry tells me his house was like a hotel, particularly on football weekends, which is when this young guy... says that he was at Jerry's house," Amendola said. "The house was filled with people. At any given time, probably when this activity was allegedly going on, there might have been 25 to 50 people at Jerry's house."

Sandusky's preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 13 in Centre County court in Pennsylvania.
Posted on: November 21, 2011 6:00 pm

Big Ten poll reactions, Week 12

Posted by Adam Jacobi

This week's polls have been released. Here's how the Big Ten fared, from the top of the polls to the bottom, and what it means.


11/10. Michigan State

One of the many curious cases of the Big Ten this year has been the resume put forth by inaugural (sigh) Legends Division champion Michigan State, who sealed the division title with a 55-3 victory over Indiana and a concurrent Nebraska loss to Michigan on Saturday. The Spartans' best case to be made is the schedule; they went 4-2 in the following games: at Notre Dame, at Ohio State, vs. Michigan, vs. Wisconsin, at Nebraska, and at Iowa. The other five games were cupcakes.

That's a heck of a run in six legitimately difficult games, all against bowl teams, and a run that plenty of teams around MSU in the rankings might not have accomplished, so it would stand to reason that the slate of opponents would be the strongest part of MSU's resume and that the relatively uncompetitive nature of the Spartans' two losses would push their national standing down, right? The voters see the wide margins of defeat and the computers don't, so the voters would have a worse opinion of Sparty, right?

Well, no. As shown above, the AP and coaches have Michigan State at 10th and 11th, and the Harris Poll voters also have MSU at 11th. The BCS computers? Even with the top and low polls thrown out, the average BCS ranking of the Spartans is 18.75. That is not a typo. And that's without the computers even looking at the scores! I genuinely can't figure out why MSU is getting crushed by the computer polls, but I do know that it's probably going to be enough to keep the Spartans out of an at-large BCS bid if they lose the Big Ten championship, and that seems like a pretty rude fate for a 10-win Big Ten team with what looked like (and probably still is) the hardest overall schedule of any contender in the conference.

15/12. Wisconsin

The wall-to-wall favorite of the Big Ten continues to get crushed for its comically weak non-conference slate, and beating a Penn State team that everyone has not-so-secretly been thinking is overrated (but has continued to overrate all year anyway, because yay for wins) probably isn't going to push Wisconsin's stock that much higher. As a result, the Badgers are going to be borderline Top 10 even if they secure a Rose Bowl bid. That seems low, doesn't it? A team that was generally thought of as one of the five or six most talented in the nation coming into the year -- a legitimate BCS Championship contender, even -- gets derailed by two Hail Marys and it still can't get past 15th in the AP? In a year like this? Insanity. The Badgers are a Top 10 team and ought to be regarded as such by the polls.

17/16. Michigan

It's become obvious that this is a five-team conference, considering all five (let's call them the Big Five) fall in a 12-13 team span of the major polls, while no other school has even garnered a vote for the last two weeks (and unless Iowa pulls off a fairly sizable upset at Nebraska, no school will until maybe after the bowls). The Big Ten anticipated that to an extent, saddling the higher-profile teams with tougher inter-divisional games to create more favorable matchups for TV and general national attention. It's not an accident that Wisconsin drew Michigan State and Nebraska as its two non-fixed inter-divisional rivals this year, after all. So while that's fine and good for the conference, it means that in a league as consistently deep as the Big Ten, the opportunity for the big teams to just beat up on each other and take each other out of the Top 10 is basically to be expected.

With Michigan, though, none of that is really the case here; the Wolverines' non-rivalry inter-divisional games were Illinois and Purdue this year, and what really hampered them this year was that they weren't highly ranked coming into the season. If the pollsters had decided Michigan was very good coming into this year, they'd be closer to MSU than anyone else in the conference, but instead they're here -- even with the highest BCS computer ranking of anyone else in the Big Ten. Now, mind you, it's all right that the voters didn't have much confidence in Michigan. because I didn't either. But it's a yearly fact that as long as we're ranking 25 teams, the teams that start out in the Top 10 or Top 15 are going to reap the benefits of that high initial ranking throughout the year. 

20/19. Penn State

It takes a certain kind of, well, something to come away from the Penn State debacle and feel sympathy for poll voters. And obviously, voters aren't coming up in the coverage of the investigation, nor should they be. But that all said, the pollsters do have to figure out what to do with Penn State and how to rank them, and there really isn't much of a formula to follow for "ranked team loses head coach during the season" and how much (if at all) to downgrade the Nittany Lions for not having Joe Paterno on the sidelines (or in the booth, as it were) anymore. 20th is a fair ranking, if we're being honest about how Penn State has looked all season long, and if the Nebraska game had come in early October and given the Nittany Lions a conference loss early on, we never would have had the conundrum of what to do with an 8-1 team that isn't very good.

22/22. Nebraska

Having seen Nebraska dispatch both Michigan State and Penn State -- still the only conference losses either of those teams has suffered at this point -- it seems insane to think of the Huskers at No. 22. And yet, not only has the rest of the Big Five beaten up on Nebraska, but the Huskers took one utterly inexcusable home loss to Northwestern on top of it, and that's just a little bit too much for voters who never had much to do with the Big Ten other than Wisconsin this year. So, here are the Huskers, ranked 22nd, just like nobody thought they'd be 11 games in.

Also receiving votes: none 

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Week 13 Picks: Who Do You LIke?

Posted by Chip Patterson

Every week the CBSSports.com college football staff offers our picks straight up and against the spread in the Expert Picks. But we aren't the only ones who get to offer our opinions on the outcome of the weekend's best games. In our weekly "Who Do You Like" Picks, we give you - the readers - a chance to weigh in on how you think the upcoming slate of games will play out.

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Georgia radio legend Larry Munson dies at 89

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Larry Munson, the iconic voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, has died. Munson's son Michael announced Sunday that his father had passed away at the age of 89 from complications from pneumonia. Munson was the radio play-by-play announcer for the Bulldogs from 1966 to 2008.

Munson's career spanned over 60 years, and included stints in minor league baseball for almost two decades before he made a home in Georgia. While Munson's time in the booth also included stints with the Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Bulldogs basketball team, he was best known for his spirited calls of big Georgia plays, marveling with a gravelly drawl at the spectacle before him.

Munson left the Georgia program in 2008, citing health concerns, and he stayed largely out of the public spotlight in his final years. Still, to millions of Georgia fans, he was inseperable as an entity from the Bulldog football team, and both the broadcasting world and the college football world have lost a legend.

Here are some of Munson's best-known calls.

Run Lindsay Run -- 1980

The Hobnail Boot -- 2001

We'll Try To Kick One A Hundred Thousand Miles -- 1984

My God, A Freshman -- 1980

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BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions, Week 12

Posted by Eye On College Football

On Sunday night the new BCS standings were released. As expected, there have been some drastic changes after the dramatic upsets of Week 12.  For the first time since 2001, three teams in the top five of the BCS standings lost in the same weekend.  Now we are left with three teams from the SEC West fighting not only for a division title, but a shot to play for the national championship.

You can check out a rundown of the Top 10 below, with some thoughts from our College Football Bloggers. For a full breakdown of the Top 25 teams in the BCS formula, you can check out the comprehensive standings.

1. LSU:How pretty are the Tigers sitting? As a unanimous No. 1 in both BSC polls and the consensus No. 1 across the computer rankings, it's possible that LSU could lose this week's showdown with No. 3 Arkansas and still go to New Orleans for a BCS title shot. It might take a little help -- like Georgia upending the Hogs or Alabama in the SEC title game, or voters ranking the three hypothetical SEC West champs in a way that sends the Tigers to Atlanta -- but when you have this much power consolidated at the top of the BCS standings, that's the kind of advantage you earn. - Jerry Hinnen

2. Alabama: Just win, baby. Thanks to this past weekend's widespread BCS carnage, the Tide have come all the way back from their home loss to LSU to control their own national championship destiny. Defeat bitter Iron Bowl rivals Auburn this week, and they'll be all but a lock for a national title shot in the event of an LSU win ... and if Arkansas pulls the shocker and the BCS shakeout sends the Tide to Atlanta to face the Dawgs, a win there would do the trick just as well. At this point, it's hard to construct a scenario -- a dominating Oklahoma State win over Oklahoma paired with a lackluster showing vs. Auburn seems the only remotely feasible one -- in which the Tide win out and don't play for it all. - JH

3. Arkansas: Remember when the Razorbacks were going to take a sizable step back after the departure of Ryan Mallett? Instead the Hogs have climbed to BCS heights even Mallett couldn't touch, with only one win standing between Bobby Petrino's team and the sort of total standings chaos that could give them a crack at their first BCS title. Of course, that win is going to be the single hardest win to come by in college football this season: against LSU in Baton Rouge. And even with a win, the Hogs' chances would depend (and depend heavily) on how voters ranked the three SEC West teams locked in their unbreakable tie atop the division. But whatever happens vs. the Tigers, this 2011 season has proven beyond a doubt that Petrino's program isn't going anywhere as a national power. - JH

4. Oklahoma State:This is probably the best Oklahoma State could have hoped for following its loss to Iowa State. The Cowboys caught a huge break on Saturday with Oregon losing, but Oklahoma's loss hurt it as much as it helped to keep the Cowboys in the top four. Now if Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma to finish the season, it may not mean as much. In other words, the biggest Auburn and LSU fans next weekend may reside in Stillwater. - Tom Fornelli

5. Virginia Tech:The Hokies may not pass the "eye test" as the fourth best team in the nation for some, but Virginia Tech's ability to close out opponents on their current six-game winning streak kept them moving up while the competition falls. There have been hiccups, like the 14-10 victory over Duke, but Frank Beamer reaches double-digit wins for the eighth straight season with the win over North Carolina. But maintaining this top ranking will be no cakewalk, as the Hokies travel to Charlottesville to face in-state rival Virginia with a berth to the ACC Championship Game on the line. - Chip Patterson

6. Stanford:The Pac-12's only one-loss team is sixth in the latest standings yet can still be shut out of a BCS bowl this season. They'll need two of the trio of Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech to lose so they can slide into the top four and ensure they're headed somewhere (likely the Fiesta). A home game against a ranked Notre Dame team this week should provide a nice boost in the final standings. - Bryan Fischer

7. Boise State:While the Broncos' toughest heartbreak undoubtedly was the loss to TCU at home a week ago, the upset specials in Week 12 twisted the knife for Boise State fans. As top teams in the nation fell one-by-one, Kellen Moore and the Broncos had to be thinking "what if" as arguably their best opportunity to move into the top 2 of the BCS standings occurs a week after their first home loss under Chris Petersen. Boise State's only hope now is for more teams to fall in the final two weeks, allowing the Broncos to sneak into an at-large bid. - CP

8. Houston:If college football made sense then Houston would be ranked second right now, as it's the only other undefeated team in the FBS along with LSU right now. Unfortunately, the BCS isn't about a level playing ground for all, and if an undefeated Boise State team or TCU team weren't good enough in recent seasons, then Houston doesn't have a chance. I mean, it's already 10-0 and it's just now cracking the top ten. - TF

9. Oklahoma:The Sooners may still be in the top ten of the BCS, but this team's title chances are gone. There's really nothing that can happen at this point that will move the Sooners from 9th to the top two over the final weeks. Still, Oklahoma still has a Big 12 title to play for which would sent it to the Fiesta Bowl. Something it has to win to reach the BCS this January because another loss against Iowa State or Oklahoma State will ruin any chance for an at-large bid. - TF

10. Oregon:The Ducks fell six spots after their home loss to USC and are out of the national title race but remain in the top 10. They still control their destiny in the Pac-12 race and are looking at a likely trip to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl against an average Big Ten opponent. With plenty of games to be played, Oregon can rebound and move back up in the rankings by the end of the season with two mediocre - at best - Pac-12 opponents left on the schedule. - BF

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Arkansas TE Uekman found dead Sunday morning

Posted by Adam Jacobi

The Arkansas Razorbacks football program was stunned Sunday when it was announced that redshirt freshman tight end Garrett Uekman was found dead in his dorm room Sunday morning. Adam Alter of KNWA/KARK said the team was holding an emergency meeting at 1:30 pm Central Time.

The Arkansas athletic department confirmed Uekman's death in a statement released later Sunday afternoon. Said head coach Bobby Petrino: "Garrett Uekman was a special member of our family, and we are all saddened by his passing. His loss is a terrible shock, and it makes you realize how precious life is. Garrett was a great teammate and loved being a Razorback."

A candlelight vigil in Uekman's honor has been planned for Monday at 8 pm at Bud Walton Arena. Funeral details have not been released, but players have been assured that they may travel to it and visit the Uekman family.

ArkansasNews.com contacted Uekman's high school coach, who expressed the level of devastation this news has caused.

“I was just stunned,” said Ellis “Scooter” Register, who was Little Rock Catholic’s head coach when Uekman played at the school. “I didn’t get up out of my chair for 30 minutes. …

“It just goes to show you how really fragile life is. We can’t take anything for granted. He was so young, vibrant and strong. He had his whole future in front of him.”

According to the ArkansasNews.com report, after the team meeting, many players were seen outside the Broyles Athletic Center on campus crying and in a distraught state. Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long said, "This is a brother of theirs. They handled it like you would expect them. There was certainly shock and dismay, tears and disbelief, all of those human emotions that you would expect if you lost a loved one." Afterwards, some players wished their teammate farewell on Twitter.

Star running back Knile Davis also weighed in. "Garrett Uekman rest in peace my brother Watch over us as we continue to chase the dream u started with us. I love u and will forever miss u"

There are few details released so far about the circumstances surrounding Uekman's death. He was found unresponsive in his dorm room late Sunday morning, an hour after he had been observed playing video games and seemingly "in good health." The medical report indicates that there are no suspicious factors. He participated in Arkansas' 44-17 victory over Mississippi State on Saturday, but did not record any statistics. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette captured this picture of Uekman leaving the field after the game. The victory propelled Arkansas to No. 3 in the nation a week before the team's trip to top-ranked LSU this coming Saturday.

Uekman's parents, Danny and Michelle, released a statement through the university.

"Our son was living his dream of going to the U of A and playing football for the Razorbacks," the statement read. "He loved his school, his coaches, and his teammates and classmates, and was an influence and inspiration to so many people. We ask for your love and prayers for Garrett, our family and his friends as we all cope with this heavy and painful loss." 

Uekman had no known pre-existing medical issues, according to Long, and his body will be sent to the State Medical Examiner for an autopsy as per standard procedure. He was only 19 years old.

The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of CBS Sports or CBSSports.com