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No surprises in LSU-Alabama slugfest

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The line on LSU vs. Alabama coming in was that this was going to be a low-scoring game dictated by two outstanding defenses and potentially decided by field position and special teams.

That line has been proven nearly entirely accurate, as Alabama enjoys a 7-3 lead on the road at halftime. The Crimson Tide defense has been every bit as good as advertised, holding LSU to just 95 total yards ... and just 45 before a half-ending 50-yard Bayou Bengal drive whose aim was more to run out the clock and deny 'Bama field position than put points on the board. The only LSU points came after a Kelvin Sheppard interception that set up the Tigers in field goal range to begin the possession (which covered 0 yards in three plays).

Alabama has been largely kept in check as well, with eventual All-American tackle Drake Nevis wreaking havoc, but the Tide put together one outstanding drive, an 11-play, 81-yard march that thanks to Trent Richardson ended like this:
In a game like this, that one drive was enough to give the Tide the halftime lead. The one part of the pregame expectations that hasn't played out is the bit about field position; LSU has started four drives on their own 35 or better. It hasn't helped them yet. But if you're Alabama, you know that until more points get put up oin the board, the game is one play away from being turned on its head.

Posted on: November 1, 2010 12:01 pm

Jacory Harris' status up in the air

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Seriously, seeing that hit again leaves me feeling woozy.  Jacory Harris suffered a concussion on Saturday on that very play, which leaves his status for this week a bit up in the air.  Obviously, my philosophy -- one I've stated here around 5,000 times already -- with concussions is that any player who suffers one should sit out at least a week, maybe more depending on the severity.  Unfortunately, I don't have any actual say in the matter, and even if I did, I'd be too scared to tell Randy Shannon because Randy Shannon could beat me up.

Still, considering how the hit looked, I think it's more than likely that Harris will be not be starting for Miami when it takes on Maryland this weekend.  As for whether or not he'll miss any more time than that, Shannon isn't sure.

"Too early to tell," Shannon told the Miami Herald. "Our medical staff does such a wonderful job evaluating the whole big picture. It wasn't, `Let's check his head.' They did a thorough exam of everything: neck, head, shoulder, back, hip, arms -- everything. Anytime you have a hit like that, safety is the most important thing.''

Shannon went on to say that if Harris can't play this weekend, Stephen Morris will get the start in his place. Morris replaced Spencer Whipple on Saturday after Whipple struggled in place of Harris.  Shannon also said that should Morris have to start against Maryland, he'll be working with a stripped-down playbook.

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FAU announcer loses mind on air, wants to fight

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Unless you're a fan of Florida Atlantic football, you probably have no idea who Dave Lamont is, and I can't blame you.  I had no idea who Lamont was until about five minutes before I started writing this post, but I can tell you that he's now one of my favorite play-by-play guys in college football. 

Move over, Pam Ward! There's a new man in town.

You see, Dave Lamont and I have quite a few things in common.  Neither of us are big fans of quarterbacks taking shots to the head while carrying the ball after they've already slid and ended the play ... which is exactly what happened to FAU quarterback Jeff Van Camp during a game against Arkansas State last week, and Lamont got a bit angry over the lack of a penalty flag.

The other thing we have in common is that we're willing to fight anybody in the press box, anytime, anywhere.  Bring it on, beat jockeys.

Unfortunately, Lamont and I stop having things in common here, as he has since apologized to everybody in the press box since making the remarks, though he's saving his apology to Sun Belt commissioner Wright Waters until he sees him in person this weekend.  I wouldn't apologize for anything because I'm right stubborn.

Hat tip: SBNation and Spencer Hall, whom I wouldn't fight, even if I saw him in a press box staring me down.  Not because I'm scared, but because he bought me a beer once.
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Notre Dame's Kerry Neal has the cheap shot down

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Notre Dame linebacker Kerry Neal is in his senior season, and since Neal came to South Bend, the Irish have gone 20-25 which is probably not what Neal thought he was signing up for.  Something that is no doubt frustrating for Neal, the rest of his team, and fans of the once proud tradition at Notre Dame.  Though those frustrations, while understandable, certainly do not condone actions like this.

That's Neal stomping on Navy slotback John Howell during Navy's 35-17 stomping of the Irish on Saturday.  Head coach Brian Kelly is yet to address this play, and who knows if he's even aware of it at this point, but if he is then you would think that Neal would be suspended for at least a game.

It was a gutless act, and one that needs to be punished.

Hat tip: Her Loyal Sons via SportsByBrooks

UPDATE: During Brian Kelly's press conference on Tuesday afternoon the head coach said that he was aware of the play, but that he wouldn't be punishing Neal.  Which is just, well, disturbing.
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Cowbell prescriptions getting real expensive

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The fine folks of Starkville, Mississippi have had that fever for a long time as well.  One they've only been able to cure through the mysterious healing powers of the cowbell, but now it seems that the SEC wants the afflicted fans of Mississippi State to either die of this fever, or just die broke.  You see, the SEC placed restrictions on when Mississippi State fans can medicate themselves during a football game over the summer.

Before the game, after the game, and during timeouts are permissible. 

Of course, for those who have needed the cowbell to soothe their soul over the years, it's hard to place such limitations on healing.  Which is fine, according to the SEC.  Fans can use their cowbells whenever they like, it's just going to cost you a hell of a lot of money.  Well, not you, but the school.

The SEC has let Mississippi State know that the school has violated these cowbell rules, and that they plan on fining the school for each violation at the end of the year.  Those violations cost $5,000 for the first offense, $25,000 for the second and $50,000 for the third and any violation after that.  Which, over an eight-game conference schedule that includes four games, would end up costing the school $130,000 should Mississippi State be found to have violated the rules in each home game.

Along with the fines, the SEC is considering just abandoning the new "Cowbell Rules" and just banning them once again.  Which may be the best route for Mississippi State fans to take, actually.  After all, having the cowbells banned before never stopped fans from ringing them.

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Video: Cam Newton may win this Heisman thing

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

POSTGAME UPDATE: The play below was the highlight, but in the end the Auburn offense had plenty enough to see off LSU , 24-17. As in, had 527 total yards of offense , 25 first downs, a staggering 441 rushing yards, and a flatly unbelievable
8.5 average yards-per-carry. The big second-half blow was Onterio McCalebb 's 70-yard jaunt in the fourth quarter to give Auburn the final seven-point margin.

Nick Fairley continued to pace Auburn's defense (4 tackles-for-loss, 2.5 sacks), but the story here -- given the strength of the LSU defense -- is the rise of what is without question the SEC 's most fearsome offense ... and arguably, give or take an Oregon , the country's.

leads LSU 17-10 in the third quarter, but even the score of this matchup of undefeated SEC heavyweights sort of pales next to a transcendent football play like this one from Cam Newton :

If Newton wasn't already your Heisman front-runner, he is now. In fact, he's in danger of lapping the field.

Posted on: October 22, 2010 10:27 am

Western Michigan is my new favorite band

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Many people have been able to gain their 15 minutes of fame thanks to the unstoppable locomotive that is the internet.  That fame is fleeting, though, because this wonderful series of tubes that Al Gore was kind enough to give all of us always has its eye out for the newest star to make.  Though that doesn't mean some of those lucky few break through.

Like Antoine Dodson, a Alabama man who was just trying to warn the another man who climbed into his sister's window that he was going to find him, and that he better watch out.  Dodson was immortalized on the internet thanks to the Gregory Brothers and their "Auto-tune the News" phenomenon, eventually getting to sing the song he never intended to be a song at the BET Awards and see that same song climb the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Hell, I have "The Bed Intruder Song" as my ringtone right now.  You tend to answer your phone a lot quicker when it's trying to warn you that "they're raping everybody out here."  Still, as big as that song and Dodson have become, you haven't truly made it until college marching bands start playing your song at college football games.

Thanks to Western Michigan, Dodson has now truly made it.

Even Touchdown Jesus could be seen bobbing his head that day.

And since this post just wouldn't be complete without the original, here you go.

Hat tip: SportsByBrooks
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Good times on Les Miles' radio show

Posted by Tom Fornelli

LSU fans have long wondered why Les Miles has been so loyal to his quarterback Jordan Jefferson even though Jefferson has struggled so much on the field.  Many theories have evolved over time, though none of them get to the truth.  That truth being that Les Miles is the craziest genius to ever walk the sidelines of a college football field.

Or it could just be the naked photos Jefferson has of Miles.  But no need to worry about those any more, coach.  According to one LSU fan who called into a local radio show with the LSU coach, those photos have been confiscated.

Yes, that is Les Miles laughing at the joke.  Even if the host, LSU play-by-play man Jim Hawthorne, doesn't find it all that funny, Miles knows a good joke when he hears it.  Even if he doesn't have a chance to hear the whole thing.

Had the caller had a chance to explain how he came upon the photos, he'd likely have explained that Jefferson was trying to pass them on to a teammate when he intercepted them.

Hat tip: Deadspin

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