Posted on: October 16, 2010 12:00 pm
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Do you know how to Bucky?

Posted by Tom Fornelli

I'm not going to lie.  As far as student/fan produced videos go these days, I didn't hate this song at all.  I'll even admit that I bobbed my head a little bit, even if I'm still not quite sure how to Bucky just yet.  Either way, if I like the song, then it has to be good because I have very strict musical tastes.  The only three people you'll find on this blogger's iPod are Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Vanilla Ice.

So you know my ear is discerning.

Oh, and does anybody know where I can get a red-sequined jacket like the one the old guy in the video is wearing?  I have a keen eye for fashion too.

Thanks to Mr. Dodd for finding this.

Posted on: October 14, 2010 11:16 am
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Where are Brutus Buckeye's chaps?

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Ohio State has made its way to the top of the polls this week thanks to an Alabama loss, but even if the Buckeyes win again this weekend against Wisconsin, I think I've found one significant reason to drop them down at least five spots in the polls.  It has nothing to do with the way the team has played this season, but a video that one Ohio State fan made.  Some things just can't go unpunished, and this video is most certainly one of those things.

Seems somebody thought that a classic like the Vilage People's "YMCA" needed a modern day, Buckeye-infused update.  Which then resulted in the newest type of torture known to mankind.

I made it about halfway through before I started singing "O-H-I- AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF IF I DON'T TURN THIS OFF!"  Let's see how far you can get.

Thanks, I guess, to The M Zone

Posted on: October 13, 2010 11:43 am

Taylor Martinez is a big star now

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez has come a long way this year.  During the summer the redshirt freshman was third on Nebraska's depth chart, but worked his way to the starting job during practice.  Now Martinez has helped lead the Cornhuskers to a 5-0 start that has them ranked in the top five, racked up 1,397 total yards and 15 touchdowns, picked up a cool nickname, and has received comparisons to Nebraska demi-god Eric Crouch.

Accomplishments which are nice, and definitely look good on the resume, but you haven't truly made it until somebody creates a parody song with you in mind.  That's when you know your star is shining the brightest, and that the future is nothing but Magic.

Eric Crouch never got one of those.

Hat tip to Doc Saturday

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James Rodgers has potentially serious knee inury

Posted by Adam Jacobi

With about five minutes left in the second quarter, Oregon State quarterback Ryan Katz found James Rodgers on a long post route for an apparent 56-yard touchdown. After Rodgers crossed the goal line, the Arizona defensive back covering him tackled him awkwardly. Rodgers' cleats seemed to stick in the turf, and Rodgers' left knee buckled under him. After it buckled, his leg flailed as Rodgers rolled to a stop. It looked bad.

Rodgers stayed on the ground in obvious pain, and when trainers helped him on the field, they didn't let him put any weight on his left leg. After a quick examination, the trainers immobilized Rodgers' knee and wrapped it in ice, and Rodgers went to the locker room on crutches. A trainer followed him, holding a cast.

We'll keep you updated with any developments, but having seen the injury, it seems like Rodgers' season could be over. That's a shame for such a talented receiver on his first game back from a devastating concussion (on an illegal hit) suffered against Boise State.

Oh, and Rodgers' touchdown was called back thanks to an ineligible receiver downfield.

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Alabama has some work to do

Posted by Tom Fornelli


Those two touchdown passes by Stephen Garcia to Alshon Jeffery gave the Gamecocks a 21-3 lead before Alabama managed to miss a field goal following a long drive and put a touchdown on the board just before the half.

Of course, they missed the extra point following that score, so it's 21-9 as the third quarter gets underway.

While there is no need for the Crimson Tide to panic being down two scores with 30 minutes left to go, there are some adjustments they need to make.  First of all, you can't let Stephen Garcia complete all nine of his pass attempts for three touchdowns.  Some pressure on the mistake-prone quarterback would be a good idea.

When they have the ball, though, Alabama can't give up on a ground game that has been stuffed for the most part through the first thirty minutes.  The Tide are averaging 2.2 yards per carry, but experienced some success when running out of the Wildcat in the first half.  Considering what Cam Newton and the Auburn spread option attack did to the Gamecocks earlier this season, the Tide may want to keep trying it in the second half.

Also, if there was ever a game in which Greg McElroy was going to have to put his team's offense on his shoulders to win, this is it.  You have Julio Jones, use him.  Run some deep routes and hope you can open up some running lanes by doing so.

This isn't the first time Alabama has trailed at halftime this season, trailing Arkansas 17-7 at halftime in Fayetteville a few weeks ago, so we know they can come back and win this game.  Whether they do it this time around remains to be seen.

Posted on: October 9, 2010 3:55 pm

Texas Tech shows us how not to run an onside kick

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Texas Tech was able to walk away with a 45-38 win against Baylor in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday, but not before they took some time out of their busy schedule to teach us all how to not execute an onside kick.  To set the scene, it was early in the first quarter when the Red Raiders had just scored on a 10-yard run from Eric Stephens to tie the score at 7-7.  I guess since it was so painfully obvious that defense was not going to be played in this game, Tommy Tuberville decided to try an onside kick.

That's when this happened.

Yes, that's right, Raiders hands team.  You're on the hands team so you can just stand there and stare at a live ball at your feet and allow Baylor's Terrance Ganoway to pick it up and take it to the house.  Brilliant.

The greatest part of all this?  The same thing happened to Texas Tech in their game against Iowa State last week when Jeremy Reeves returned an onside kick 42 yards for a touchdown to ice the game late in the fourth quarter.

So maybe Tuberville and the Raiders should stick to kicking deep.

Video courtesy of Fox Sports South
Posted on: September 22, 2010 11:02 am
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No, not the Auburn store! Anything but that!

Posted by Tom Fornelli

I'm sorry but that video may be the greatest thing I've seen since the Ryan Mallett video yesterday.   While we can't be sure that this poor child is an Alabama fan, I think it's safe to assume he's not really into Auburn all that much.  I'd like to commend this kids parents for doing such a good job of instilling college football rooting interests in their children.

I'm not saying that Alabama is better than Auburn, I have no dog in that fight, I'm just impressed that they were able to hand down their beliefs with such conviction that the kid literally burst into tears at the thought of seeing Gene Chizik's face on a t-shirt.

Via Campus Rivalry

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Report: Colorado to join Pac-10 in 2011

Posted by Tom Fornelli

A little over a week ago Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott was quoted as saying that he believed the chances of Colorado leaving the Big 12 to join the Pac-10 as early as next season were "worse than 50-50."   Well, according to one report, it seems that Mr. Scott may not want to go into the bookmaking business anytime soon.

According to Orangebloods.com, the Buffaloes are now expected to be a member of the Pac-10 starting next season.

But it's looking more and more like [the Pac-10] will be a 10-team league in 2011 because Colorado will move on to the Pac-10 after this school year, several sources said.

"There is too much consensus to get Colorado on its way to the Pac-10," an administrator at a Big 12 school told Orangebloods.com. "That's what Colorado and the Pac-10 want. That's what the Big 12 wants."

At issue is the money. Colorado doesn't think it can remain financially viable if it has to pay the one-year notifcation departure fee, which is an 80 percent forfeiture of revenues over a two-year period. But sources said the Big 12 is working on a payment schedule for Colorado to pay those fees over time to the Big 12.

Well of course the Pac-10 wants Colorado to join as soon as possible.  Did you see the 52-7 beatdown Cal put on them?  Everybody wants a piece of that action.

Okay, so maybe the Pac-10 wants them in next year so they can move forward with the division realignments, scheduling, a conference championship game, and their new televison network so they can start raking in the dough.  It makes sense that the Big 12 would prefer Colorado left in 2011 as well, seeing as how Nebraska will be joining the Big Ten next season and they don't want to be caught in 11-team limbo for an entire season.

The Orangebloods article also goes on to say that Texas AD DeLoss Dodds is also holding out hope that Notre Dame would one day bring it's non-football sports programs to the Big 12.  For that, we live Mr. Dodds with this.

Dream until your dreams come true, DeLoss.

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