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Podcast: The Week that Was

Adam Aizer and J. Darin Darst are back with another college football podcast. This week we debate the benefits of full-cost scholarships, question Tate Forcier's logic, look at the Michael Floyd situation and more Ohio State news, of course.

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AUDIO: Adam Jacobi on Aaron Torres Sports Podcast

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Last night, I was fortunate enough to join Aaron Torres of AaronTorres-Sports.com for a quick podcast. And by "quick" I mean "over an hour long." Hey, we like to talk. There might be a stray profanity or two, so mind the kids and coworkers if you're going to listen, but if there is any swearing it's it's mild and sparse. Your sensibilities will not be seriously threatened.

We cover a lot of topics -- as you would hope for an hour of audio, really -- including the latest developments in Jim Tressel's ongoing saga, my bone to pick with the College Football Hall of Fame, the confluence of recruiting and To Catch A Predator, the Big Ten situation in general, and who I'm picking for the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game (HINT: It's Purdue and Kansas State! No it's not.)

Normally, I take this space to expand further on a point I didn't make adequately enough in the podcast, but c'mon, I had an hour, so just go ahead and listen. 

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Podcast: Should Oklahoma be No. 1?

Dennis Dodd puts Oklahoma at No. 1 in his post-spring Top 25, so we bring in Sooners beat writer Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World. Guerin tells us where he would rank the Sooners, holes in the Oklahoma roster, who else contends for the Big 12 this year and much more. Plus, J. Darin Darst and Adam Aizer react to the recent Fiesta Bowl news, a transfer rumor and Pat Fitzgerald's new coaching contract.

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Podcast: Interview with NCAA's Carparelli

Adam Aizer and J. Darin Darst chat with NCAA's Nick Carparelli , chair of the Bowl License Subcomittee. Carparelli addresses the report regarding his attendance of the 2008 Fiesta Frolic, saying there will be no conflict of interest when the Subcommittee rules on the Fiesta Bowl's status.

He also says these types of events will continue to go on, explains the NCAA's role in bowl games and tells us what he wants to hear from the Fiesta Bowl this week.

"I think some things are just a way of life, especially in this country. I can't think of too many businesses where there is a client relationship that doesn't involve some going out to dinner to talk about business or playing golf occasionally. I don't see those two things as conflict of interest or anything that is going to cause bias by the committee members. I think that's a little far-fetched and a little bit of sensationalization to think that would be the case."
When asked if he thought about stepping down to show the public good faith because of the perception of a conflict of interest, Carparelli said:

"Aboslutely not. Not for one minute."

Listen to the complete interview here: 

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Podcast: Spring Games

Adam Aizer and J. Darin Darst go around the country and look at developing QB controversies, new players to watch, important rule changes and much more ... John Brantley, Tyler Bray, Taylor Martinez and Jordan Jefferson struggled. Andrew Luck dazzled. Notre Dame has an interesting decision to make. We've got it all covered on this week's Podcast. Subscribe to all our podcasts .

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Jacobi and Patterson Expert Picks Podcast

Posted by College Football Blog

As you may or may not know, each week five of us here at CBSSports.com make our Expert Picks for the weekend in college football.  Two of good-looking bros here at the College Football Blog are among that cast of experts.  Adam Jacobi and Chip Patterson have been holding their own in the season-long competition, and sit down to discuss a few of the bigger games on the schedule for Saturday.  

Click here to see all of the Expert Picks for Week 12, then check out the podcast below.  

Note: For reasons unbeknownst to me (Chip), there was some delay issue and it sounds like my voice has been masked for anonymity.  Thankfully audio editing technology allows us to make chicken salad out of chicken sh-, well, you get the idea.  I've taken the old head set and tossed it into the street.  Probably because it was from Radio Shack. Dweebs.

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