Posted on: September 7, 2011 11:51 am
Edited on: September 7, 2011 11:52 am

VIDEO: UFOs spotted above Notre Dame Stadium

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Saturday afternoon's game between Notre Dame and South Florida was strange enough on its own, as two lightning delays caused the game to last nearly six hours before it was finished, but it turns out that there could have been some much stranger things happening in the skies of South Bend than lightning. Yes, it seems that some people believe there were UFOs in the sky above Notre Dame Stadium during the game, and they have video proof!

Or at least they think they do. Check out the video and decide for yourself, and feel free to fast forward to about the 1:20 mark unless you want to hear some woman named Sheila tell you that she knows nothing about sports for a while.

Now, as Matt Hinton at Dr. Saturday points out, there are all kinds of logical explanations for what that was flying through the sky. During a storm all kinds of things can be sucked up into the air and float about. Still, as logical as that is, is it also not possible that Hinton is just part of the conspiracy?

Does he know that these are aliens, but he's working for the government to keep things under wraps?

Isn't it just as possible that Notre Dame is not just a national program, but a universal program? Can we really be sure it's not just sentient beings from this planet and galaxy who have their hearts broken by the Fighting Irish on Saturdays in the fall?

The truth is out there or something.
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