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Posted on: October 20, 2011 11:50 am
Edited on: October 20, 2011 11:51 am

No Mizzou decision before Friday, if then

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Earlier this week a report in the New York Times called Missouri's potential move to the SEC "inevitable and imminent." Well, while it certainly seems inevitable given all the talk about it in recent weeks, we really don't know how imminent it is. What we do know is that the Missouri Board of Curators met on Wednesday, are meeting on Thursday and will meet again on Friday.

Whether or not conference realignment will be on their agenda, we can't be sure, though the chairman of Missouri's Board of Curators may have dropped a bit of a hint about that. When asked by the Kansas City Star about whether or not the school's conference affiliation would be discussed, Warren Erdman said he didn't have anything to say about that....yet.

“I will probably have nothing to say on that until Friday," Erdman said. “If there is anything to say then.”

Which is a pretty good indication that it is being talked about, even if no decision is reached.

Of course, some reports like the one at PowerMizzou.com say that Missouri's move to the SEC is "as done as done could be without the official vote." Which, when I read it, sounds like a long way to say that it's not done yet.

So I guess Missouri's move is still inevitable and imminent. We just don't know if or when it's going to happen.
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