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Posted on: October 30, 2010 8:53 pm

Texas lucky to be up 12-10 against Baylor

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The Baylor Bears are ranked for the first time since about 1856 this week, and I'm sure they'd love nothing more than to cap things off with a victory in Austin against the once-mighty Texas Longhorns.  Unfortunately for the Bears, the refs aren't willing to offer much help.  On what was a call that I still don't completely understand, what should have been a safety and given Baylor a 5-3 lead early in the second quarter was ruled a touchback.

Antareis Bryan tried to field a punt, but muffed it at the Texas 3-yard line.  The ball went back into the end zone, where Bryan picked it up and tried to return it.  He was then tackled in the end zone, coughed up the ball, and Baylor recovered it before diving into the end zone.  The play was reviewed, however, to see if Bryan was down before fumbling.

He was.  His knee was down with the ball in his arm on the ground inside the end zone.   Somehow the officials ruled this a touchback, and even more amazingly, Art Briles' head did not explode after the ruling.  Mine nearly did.  Even the announcers said that the call "was a gift for Texas."  The Longhorns then drove down the field and kicked a field goal to take a 6-3 lead.

Which has been a common theme for the Longhorns tonight as it has been all season.  Texas has no problem moving the ball down the field, but once they reach the red zone, things come to a halt.

Baylor took a 10-9 lead with under a minute left in the first half after Robert Griffin III hit Terrance Williams on a short slant route that Williams turned into a 59-yard touchdown.  The Longhorns would respond with another field goal with two seconds left in the half.

Still, who knows where this game would be had a play that should have been ruled a safety actually been called a safety.  All I do know is that it could end up costing Baylor a victory, and maybe a shot at a conference title as well.
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