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Posted on: October 21, 2011 11:22 am

VIDEO: Streaker helps incite Arizona-UCLA brawl

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Not much about Arizona's 48-12 demolition of UCLA Thursday night made for must-see viewing, save for one incident with two seconds remaining in the first half ... but that one incident made up for a lot.

If you missed it (and given the 42-7 scoreline at the time, we don't blame you if you did): a fan dressed as a referee successfully stopped play by running onto the field blowing a whistle and waving his hands. He then made a halfhearted attempt to grab the game ball before dashing off towards one end zone and stripping down to his "tighty-whities" (to use the technical term). While security attempted to restore order, the two teams decided they didn't actually want order, starting a benches-clearing brawl that eventually saw two players ejected.

Watch here:

If you're wondering exactly what happened to the streaker, you can view a fan video of his on-the-run clothes-removal and eventual takedown here (be advised: R-rated language warning.)

If there's any positive spin to the incident from a UCLA perspective, it's that the incident might have woken up some of the Bruin recruits who their staff apparently e-mailed and told to watch the game. Then again ...

... maybe they'd have preferred said recruits just kept right on ignoring the game anyway.

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