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Maryland suspends two receivers

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Maryland announced that it had suspended two wide receivers on Thursday night. Coach Randy Edsall said that both Quintin McCree and Ronnie Tyler had been suspended indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team rules.

"The expectation of our program is for our student-athletes to conduct themselves in the proper manner academically, athletically and socially,” Edsall said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Quintin and Ronnie fell short of these expectations.”

While Edsall and Maryland would not elaborate on what either player had done, according to the Washington Post, Tyler was arrested on Thursday for second-degree assault and has a trial date of November 1st.

Both players contributed to Maryland's season-opening victory over Miami, with Tyler catching 6 passes for 43 yards and a touchdown and McCree reeling in 7 receptions for 39 yards.
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Texas' Scott threw repo woman to the ground

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The Austin American-Statesman was able to get its hands on the arrest warrant for Texas safety Christian Scott, and it turns out that his arrest stems from his treatment of the woman who was repossessing his car. Scott was arrested for assault causing bodily harm on Monday afternoon in Austin, and suspended indefinitely by the team.

Jeanne Somers Doyle was in the process of repossessing Scott's car when she was blocked by another car while at Scott's apartment complex. Scott then got out of the car that was blocking Doyle, approached her in the car while screaming profanities at her. According to the police report, Doyle recognized Scott because she had repossessed his car last year. As Scott reached the car, he pulled Doyle from it and then threw her to the ground.

Scott then got into the car and fled the scene before being arrested at a nearby gas station.

Obviously if this is true, Scott's future as a Longhorn doesn't look good. I can understand the frustration of seeing your car getting taken away, and how you would want to stop the person doing it, but to attack that person -- particularly when it's a woman -- because you didn't make your car payments isn't the right way to go about things.

Doyle was just doing her job because Scott didn't.
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Texas suspends Christian Scott indefinitely

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Texas safety Christian Scott was arrested for assault causing bodily injury on Monday afternoon in Austin, and it did not take Texas very long to hand out its punishment. The school announced on Monday evening that Scott had been suspended indefinitely from the team.

“We’re aware of the situation with Christian Scott and disappointed any time one of our players is accused of wrongdoing,” said head coach Mack Brown. “We’ve talked to Christian and his family, and he has been suspended from all activities with our football team. Following the completion of the legal process, we will do what’s best for the university, Christian and the team.” 

Brown also said that Texas will wait until Scott's case is resolved before making a final decision on whether or not that Scott will ever play for the school again. Though the San Antonio Express-News points out that the last four Longhorns to get arrested never played again.

As for what Scott's absence does to the Texas depth chart, Scott has started 10 games in his career, with all of those starts coming last season. Though he was not going to be handed the starting job in 2011, as Texas was impressed with Kenny Vaccaro during the spring, and you have to assume that Scott's suspension will only help Vaccaro's chances of taking the starting job. 
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Texas S Christian Scott arrested for assault

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It seems the Texas and Texas A&M rivalry does not take place solely on the field.

Earlier on Monday morning I wrote about Texas A&M linebacker Kyle Mangan getting arrested over the weekend after getting into a fight, and now Texas has it's own entry on the police blotter today.

The Austin American-Statesman is reporting that safety Christian Scott was arrested on Monday afternoon and charged with a Class-A misdemeanor for assault causing bodily harm. He's currently being held in the Travis County Jail and details of the incident aren't known at the time. Scott was arrested around 1pm local time. 

Scott has appeared in 25 games for the Longhorns, including 10 starts, and has made 68 tackles in his career. He's also broken up 4 passes, caused 3 fumbles, recovered 1 fumble and had 1 interception in his time with the Longhorns.

The school and Mack Brown have not yet made a statement regarding Scott's arrest. 
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Kansas' Berglund charged with assault

Posted by Tom Fornelli

One of Kansas' top recruits from its 2011 class has some legal issues to deal with. Brock Berglund, a three-star quarterback from Colorado, has been charged with third-degree assault for an incident that took place in April.

Berglund allegedly punched a man who had been harrassing his girlfriend, though a complaint wasn't filed until June 24. Coach Turner Gill is aware of the issue.

"We are going to let the legal process run its course," Gill said in a statement. "We will also handle it appropriately internally here at KU."

This is just the latest twist in what has been a confusing story since Berglund committed to Kansas. He graduated from high school early and enrolled at Kansas in January, but he hasn't been around campus all that much since then.

Berglund missed spring practice and hasn't been participating in the team's summer workout sessions, and while you might think that this legal issue definitely has something to do with it, as the Lawrence Journal-World points out, the alleged incident didn't take place until the sixth day of spring practice.

Making things a bit stranger, Gill announced that Berglund wouldn't be participating in spring practice due to "personal circumstances" in March, a full month before the alleged assault even took place.

All of this led to a lot of speculation that Berglund was reconsidering his decision to attend Kansas, which Berglund put to rest last week. Still, considering that Berglund was being considered a candidate to start for the Jayhawks at quarterback this season, he hasn't done much to help make that a reality the last few months.

Hat tip: CFT
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Former Texas Tech coordinator gets probation

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Former Texas Tech defensive coordinator James Willis has pleaded guilty to the charge of assault and domestic violence stemming from an incident in December.

It was reported that Willis had gotten into an altercation with his wife on December 22nd, and just a few days later Willis was no longer working for Tommy Tuberville at Texas Tech. Willis has been sentenced to six months deferred probation and could face up to a year in prison if he's found in violation of his probation. He must also attend anger management classes and do 30 hours of community service. 

According to the police report, Willis' wife Shalane Willis called police to the couple's house on December 22nd claiming that Willis slapped her, hit her on the nose and threw her on the bed during an argument. She then ran out the front door and to a neighbor's house where she called 911.

Willis only spent one season at Texas Tech as defensive coordinator, but had worked under Tuberville alongside Florida head coach Will Muschamp at Auburn. Willis was replaced at Texas Tech by Chad Glasgow.

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Toledo DE charged with assault

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Toledo defensive end Damien McIntosh has been arrested resulting from an incident on Friday. McIntosh was charged with felonius assault after an alleged altercation with his girlfriend. According to a report in the Toledo Blade, McIntosh began punching his girlfriend while the two were in a car.

According to the complaint, McIntosh, of 3711 Willow Run Dr., was a passenger in a car driven by Christina Tomusko and is accused of punching her in the face with a closed fist several times. Tomusko suffered nasal fractures, facial contusions and minor head injuries, according to the complaint.

McIntosh is currently being held at the Lucas County jail on $25,000 bond and has a court date set for June 2nd.

Toledo has not issued a statement regarding McIntosh's arrest, though I'd like to believe that if McIntosh was actually punching his girlfriend in the face multiple times and breaking her nose, he won't ever be playing another down of football in a Rockets uniform -- or any uniform -- ever again.

Photo courtesy of The Toledo Blade 

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Teach me how to assault and batter

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It's rather hard to pick out the single biggest highlight of Wisconsin's 2010 season. Was it the victory over Ohio State in Madison? Maybe it was the entire season in general, as the Badgers earned a share of the Big Ten title and made a trip to the Rose Bowl. Of course, that trip ended in a loss to TCU, so it may have put a bittersweet spin on the year.

So, with that in mind, it was probably the production of this video that we posted here back in October. The one that taught all of us how to Bucky.

Yes, who could forget such a memorable anthem? The makers of that video are likely millionaires now, living in mansions and driving cars so awesome, the rest of us aren't even aware they've been invented yet. Or, at least, some of the producers of the video are rich apparently. Others feel they aren't getting their cut, and want to teach us all how to commit assault and battery.
A 19-year old Madison man was knocked unconscious early Friday morning and taken to a local hospital with a broken nose, a broken orbital bone, and cut to his eye requiring multiple stitches following a fight on Langdon Street. The victim and a 22-year old friend were battered outside of a residence following a dispute with the suspects listed above. One, Mr. Andrew Schecher, had evidently helped the 22-year old victim film the popular dance video: "Teach me how to Bucky" and has not been happy about his level of compensation for his efforts. He says he and his twin brother, the other suspect, had gone to Langdon Street in order to speak with the 22-year old regarding the financial disagreement when a fight broke out.
Imagine what would have happened if the Schecher brothers went over there to get into a fight!

Hat tip: Dr. Saturday
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