Posted on: February 4, 2011 5:04 pm

College football sets attendance record in 2010

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Turns out that this college football stuff is pretty popular. The NCAA issued a release today to let everyone know that more people attended college football games this season than any other season in the history of the world. During the season, 49,670,895 fans made their way through the turnstiles and to their seats to watch a game this season.

Which is good news for the sport, because after routinely setting attendance marks from 2006-08, the sport saw a dip in attendance in 2009. While some may say that it's because people were more willing to spend money on entertainment again following a bad year economically, personally I'm of the opinion that it has to do with the emergence of this blog. Just look at the facts.

In 2009 attendance drops, and there is no Eye on College Football blog on CBSSports.com. In 2010 the blog debuts, and all of a sudden attendance increases across the country. It's a pretty open and shut case if you ask me.

As for which schools held the top spots, it's the usual suspects. Michigan topped everybody -- generic Big House joke goes here -- with an average of 111,825 fans a game, and Big Blue was followed by Ohio State (105,278), Penn State (104,234), Alabama (101,821) and Texas (100,654). Now, while the top three spots were all claimed by Big Ten schools, the SEC claimed every spot from 6 through 10 with Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Florida and Auburn.

So it would seem that college football is popular in the Big Ten, SEC and the state of Texas. Who knew?
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