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Posted on: September 16, 2010 12:36 pm

Could Auburn wear blue helmets against Clemson?

Posted by Chip Patterson

Saturday evening's match up between Auburn and Clemson already is different from your typical early season non-conference game.  Both schools have a long, rich history of college football in the South.  Both schools share many similar characteristics, and even the same mascot and a similar team color.  With the game's heightened status as ESPN College Gameday host, Auburn has dubbed this game "True Blue."  The school is encouraging fans to leave all the orange apparel at home so as not to be confused with a Clemson fan.  

The "True Blue" theme has sparked rumors all over message boards of an "all blue" alternate uniform.  Auburn does very little to stray from their classic home uniform (white helmet, blue jersey, white pants) and any change would be a big deal to the War Eagle faithful.  Head coach Gene Chizik addressed the rumor after practice on Wednesday, trying his best to put it to rest

“Our uniforms are our uniforms. And we love them,” Chizik said. “That's what we got.”

Other members from within the athletic department continue to insist that Auburn will wear their white helmets against Clemson on Saturday, despite the following picture making its rounds across the blogosphere.  Even if Auburn trots out a classic uniform against Clemson on Saturday, the picture does appear to prove that an alternate at least exists as a possibility.

(Tip of the hat: War Blogle)

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