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Posted on: April 20, 2011 5:36 pm
Edited on: April 20, 2011 5:56 pm

Attorney: Harvey Updyke attacked after hearing

Posted by Adam Jacobi

The sordid tale of Harvey Updyke, the Alabama enthusiast currently accused of poisoning the Toomer's Corner oak trees at Auburn, has taken a rather disturbing turn. According to Glennon Threatt, Updyke's attorney, Updyke was attacked behind a nearby gas station after his hearing today, and he was briefly hospitalized with a head injury.

According to al.com, Updyke received a split brow, facial bruises, and a possible concussion; there's also some concern that Updyke may have lost consciousness at some point. Threatt announced the attack on Paul Finebaum's radio show shortly after it occurred, and if that sounds odd, let's keep in mind that Updyke is only facing trial because he himself confessed to the poisoning on Finebaum's show back in January. 

Details on the attack are still thin; there's no video of the attack, much less a suspect or a name or anything, but Jay Tate of the Montgomery Advertiser is confirming that the attack did occur, and that Updyke is currently meeting with the Opelika Police Department. 

It's a shame, but not a surprise, that a rivalry so inflamed with passion and consequence has turned so, so ugly. Neither Updyke's alleged poisoning of the oaks nor his subsequent attack have any place in American society, much less the day-to-day travails of college fandom. It's infantile savagery, the type of loutish behavior that debases the entire state of Alabama in one fell swoop. The choice is clear: Alabama and Auburn fans must either grow up or resign themselves to being the hysterical, bloodthirsty manbabies of college football.

Posted on: February 18, 2011 4:36 pm
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Alabama fans start 'Tide For Toomer's' charity

Posted by Adam Jacobi

In the wake of the herbicidal attack by Harvey Updyke on Auburn 's famed Toomer's Corner oak trees , there's been no shortage of people wondering if the Iron Bowl rivalry had finally, well, "gone too far." Alabama athletic director Mal Moore immediately condemned Updyke's actions , of course, but condemnations don't bring trees back.

Fortunately, a group of Alabama fans are committed to fixing precisely that problem, and have started a "Tide For Toomer's" fund to help raise money to restore or replace the stricken oaks . Better yet, the group is already wildly successful ; almost 20,000 people have become fans of the the charity on Facebook in its second day of existence, and the charity has raised over $8,000 (and counting).

As with all good charities, every penny raised is going to Auburn's "Toomer's Trees and Tradition Fund," so there's no impropriety here, it's just a solid gesture from thousands and thousands of classy Alabama fans. See, fans of the rest of the SEC? They do exist.

Not every Alabama fan is enamored with the idea, of course; a cursory glance at the comment section at Roll Bama Roll indicates some resistance to the gesture, calling it presumptive and not the Alabama fanbase's responsibility. Both of those things are true, but the entire point of a classy gesture is that it's above and beyond responsibility, and that's what we have here. There is no nobility in declaring that a crisis is somebody else's problem, no humanity in arrogantly admonishing victims. It's good to see that nearly 20,000 Alabama fans have acknowledged exactly that, and that Updyke has been reduced to a cowardly, sad buffoon in the eyes of both Alabama and Auburn fans.

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