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Posted on: November 30, 2011 12:40 pm
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A&M associate AD calls school president a 'putz'

Posted by Tom Fornelli

While Texas A&M may still be trying to figure out what the future of Mike Sherman is at the school, odds are there may be some disagreements among members of the school's administration. After all, no matter where you work or what you do, you aren't going to agree with everybody you work with. You might even think your boss is an idiot, though you probably wouldn't say that to their face if you want to keep your job.

Well, we now know for sure that there's somebody in the Texas A&M administration who isn't exactly a big fan of school president R. Bowen Loftin. The school's athletics department chief financial officer and senior associate athletic director, Jeff Toole, recently went on a Texas A&M message board at TexAgs.com and called Loftin a "putz," though he did it under the anonymous username of UtayAg. 

Too bad his username wasn't as anonymous as he thought it was.
Jeff Toole, A&M athletics' chief financial officer and senior associate athletic director, admitted on Tuesday that he has disparaged A&M president R. Bowen Loftin on TexAgs — dubbing Loftin a “putz” and a “hopelessly underqualified puppet” — under the alias of UtayAg.

“I was posting what I thought was an anonymous opinion,” Toole said Tuesday.

Toole was ratted out on the website by a poster dubbed “iPanic” who searched UtayAg's posting history and found one from May 5, 2010, where UtayAg identifies himself as the Aggies' CFO for athletics.

“That slipped my mind,” Toole said Tuesday when asked why he thought he was posting anonymously when he already had identified himself under the handle.

Loftin is aware of the remarks according to his spokesman Jason Cook.

“President Loftin is aware of the posts and discussed the situation with athletic director Bill Byrne (Tuesday) afternoon," said Cook in an email to the San Antonio Express-News. "At this point, we are handling this situation as a personnel matter, and we will decline to comment further, in accordance with our standard practice.” 

Toole has apologized and admits that his job may be in jeopardy because of this, and I'm inclined to agree with him.
Posted on: August 22, 2011 3:05 pm
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Opportunity is nowhere at Tennessee

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Well that's a hell of a message to send to your football team, isn't it? I mean, you can just picture the Vols getting all pumped up before a big game against Florida or somebody in the locker room, really believing in themselves and then when they head out the door....

Opportunity is nowhere!

Followed by a bunch of sad looking football players slowly meandering out into Neyland Stadium.

Perhaps Tennessee should have thought that plan through a bit more before putting it on the doors? Spacing can be just as pivotal on doors as it is on the football field, after all.

Via Kentucky Sports Radio 
Posted on: July 16, 2011 12:26 pm
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Marc Tyler ends up on TMZ, doesn't help his case

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Playing college football at USC is a bit different than playing anywhere else. First of all, you're in Los Angeles, which is the second-largest media market in the country, and there's no professional football team. So, in a way, if you play at USC, you are the professional football team. Even if you aren't getting paid.

There's also the celebrity culture that pervades the atmosphere, so it's not all that shocking to see that USC running back Marc Tyler wound up Friday on TMZ. Unfortunately for the Trojans, Tyler really seemed to enjoy hamming it up for the cameras and talking a bit more than he should.

In the video on TMZ's website, Tyler makes a harmless joke about Kim Kardashian, but then goes on to say that the players at USC are paid more money than players in the NFL.

It's pretty clear in the video that he's kidding, but given that USC is already on probation and dealing with the NCAA, that's probably not the best joke to be making on camera.

There's also the fact that Tyler is already in trouble at USC for two alcohol-related incidents earlier this spring and is awaiting to be disciplined by the school. So, to show up on TMZ -- TMZ claims Tyler is intoxicated in the video, but you can judge for yourself -- and say the things he said, even if he's only joking, doesn't do much to help his case.

Hat tip: CFT 

Posted on: September 17, 2010 7:40 pm

Texas Tech fans don't really understand noise

Posted by Adam Jacobi

One of the best games of the weekend tomorrow will be the showdown between Texas and Texas Tech in Lubbock, where Texas has only won 9 of their last 18 road games. It's a hostile environment and Texas has looked sluggish at... at times... yes, I said hostile environment. They get loud in Lubbock, you know. What's that? They're going to try the opposite of that? No, they're not. N-no... there's no way... oh for (not) crying out loud:

According to KENS5, the Texas Tech student government has told the students to be completely quiet when the Longhorns take the field because they think silence will be more intimidating than making lots of hissing noises and boos.

"They're used to someone yelling at them," said Drew Graham of Texas Tech's student government. "You can boo as loud as you want, but if we really get the stands to be completely silent, that has got to be more threatening to any team than anything else."

It doesn't matter whether the players are "used" to yelling. Boxers are used to punches being thrown at them; that doesn't mean offering them a cake at the first bell is a good idea.

Also, come on. There is nothing threatening about silence, unless it comes from a deeply disappointed boss or family member--usually when either of them see how drunk you are, and my god at 3:30 on a Wednesday, what has gotten into you? But at a football game? Players brag about quieting crowds. They taunt fans by giving them the shhh gesture. That's supposed to make you angry, not be a helpful suggestion!

Further, just because the Tech students are silent doesn't mean the entire stadium's going to be silent. There are still going to be Texas fans at the stadium, and they probably won't feel like observing the same moment of silence when their beloved Longhorns fans take the field. And while it's certainly a polite gesture to let the incoming Longhorns hear their cheering section of fans without any distraction, this is football, not golf.

Our only hope is that this seems like every bit the bad idea to the students themselves as it does to us. Tech fans: don't do this. Boo. Boo lustily. And sack Drew Graham from student government immediately, as he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. A silent treatment in college football. Good grief.

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