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Posted on: November 4, 2011 12:13 pm
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Gators' DT Easley won't face charges

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

A long night for Florida against Alabama back on Oct. 1 seemed to be that much longer when the news surfaced that former Tide player Reggie Myles had accused starting Gator defensive lineman Dominique Easley of assaulting him outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Last week, the University Police Department that investigated the accusations filed a complaint against both Easley and Myles, charging the former with misdemeanor assault and the latter with criminal mischief, larceny and disorderly intoxication. But fortunately for the Gators (and Myles), state attorney Bill Cervone has elected not to press charges against either party.

Perhaps recognizing the target audience for interest in the case, Cervone drew on a time-honored football metaphor in an official statement announcing his office's decision (emphasis added):
“There are no clean hands in this situation. There is also no harm done, despite protestations to the contrary, that outweighs these factors. Any harm to either party is in essence canceled out by the harm to the other party.

“To use an appropriate analogy, I am therefore calling offsetting penalties and declining to file any criminal charges against either Easley, Myles, or anyone else.”

Myles had claimed that Easley tackled him on a stadium walkway in what he described as an unprovoked attack. That he wound up with the heavier burden of charges, however, would seem to indicate neither UPD nor Cervone were able to take his story at face value.

The news will be highly welcomed by Florida fans who might have seen filed charges result in the suspension of their team's leading tackler-for-loss. Particularly with run-heavy Vanderbilt on the schedule this wek, Easley's ability to close down running lanes could prove vital as the Gators attempt to claw their way out of a four-game losing streak.

But even if Easley was a third-string special teamer, the way the past month has gone for Will Muschamp's team -- and the way the Gators' arrest record has remained in headlines of late -- the news would still be greeted just as warmly. At this point, the Gators will take every possible positive they can get.
Posted on: September 27, 2010 12:47 pm
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Chris Rainey reaches settlement in stalking case

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Florida wide receiver Chris Rainey is not going to face felony charges following his arrest for aggravated stalking after sending threatening text messages to a former girlfriend two weeks ago.  A settlement has been reached that will have the charges against Rainey reduced to a misdemeanor.

Gainesville state's attorney Bill Cervone said that the reason they decided to reduce the charges and not pursue the felony is that while he feels they have enough to warrant the felony charges, the fact that Rainey was never in a position to act on them, and has no history to suggest he would act on them, made the misdemeanor stalking charges more "appropriate."

As for what Rainey now faces, Cervone continued.

"I am not going to consider any request that the case be dropped in its entirety," said Cervone.  "Because I am concerned when young people act in this way and believe that we should intervene at least to the point of forcing a cooling off period and some professional counseling on anger management and related coping skills.

"As a result, the case is being re-cast as a misdemeanor stalking offense, which as a matter of law more closely reflects the facts involved. Since the Defendant has no prior criminal history other than an unrelated drivers license charge that was resolved with no conviction, he will be treated as any first offender would in similar circumstances and offered a deferral agreement. The terms of that agreement have been crafted to address the concerns of my office and, if complied with, will allow the Defendant and everyone else involved to move on."

As for what this means for Rainey's future with the Gators, nobody is quite sure.  Urban Meyer keeps saying that Rainey is "not a part of the team" but then keeps answering questions about whether or not he'll be available to play this week -- and Meyer says Rainey won't be playing against Alabama.   It'd be nice if Meyer and the school could just come out and say what Rainey's status is.

Has he been booted from the team, as the AP report suggests , or has he just been suspended?

Posted on: September 24, 2010 11:25 am
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Rainey could learn his fate on Monday

Posted by Tom Fornelli

There was a report earlier this week that Florida wide receiver Chris Rainey would learn on Friday whether or not he'd be facing felony charges after he was arrested for aggravated stalking a week and a half ago.  Now it sounds like Rainey and the Florida Gators won't know anything until Monday as prosecutor Bill Cervone said he doesn't expect there to be a resolution this week.

it's possible that the charges against Rainey could be reduced or even dropped, something his defense attorney Huntley Johnson said he felt was likely earlier this week.  You know, because this whole thing is just the result of a misfortunate typo.   Darn thumbs with a mind of their own!

In all likelihood, whatever is decided in court will have a large impact on how Urban Meyer and the Gators decide to punish Rainey.  As of now he's suspended indefinitely and hasn't been with the team since the charges were filed, though if the charges are reduced the odds are that Meyer will allow him back at some point.

Though Meyer says he hasn't even thought about it at this point and is just waiting for this whole thing to be resolved before making a final decision.

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