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Posted on: October 14, 2010 3:00 pm

Florida wants you to stop using its logo

Posted by Tom Fornelli

There's a brand new trend taking place in the state of Florida where colleges go after state high schools for using their logos in their sporting programs.  First Florida State went after Southeast High School in Bradenton for using both the Seminoles nickname, and the spear head logo that Florida State uses.  Now Florida is going after another high school who is using the Gators name and logo, Palm Beach Gardens.

Palm Beach Gardens has used the name, logo and insignia for years, but it seems that Florida has decided it's time for them to stop, issuing a cease and desist order to the school through Collegiate Licensing Company.  CLC is a company in Atlanta that offers licensing protection to Florida and over 200 other schools.

Which isn't exactly music to the ears of principal Robert Egley, who himself is a Florida graduate.

"Initially, everyone was really upset by it," Egley said . "Why now? Surely there are other battles they can fight.  Legally, I understand it, but do battle with other people who are making money off it. We don't make a dime. We're just proud to be Gators."

Egley says he sent a letter to the CLC explaining that the school makes no money from using the logos or name, but said that it didn't matter and they may as well comply because the school can't "weather this storm."

Now, Florida does come off as kind of a jerk in this situation, since there really is no competition between the two schools.  It's not like there are people buying shirts from Palm Beach Gardens as a cheaper alternative for Florida gear.  Still, the school does have its reasons.

If the school doesn't police its trademark, and a hundred other schools begin using it, then the school would have a hard time proving that the logo truly belongs to the University of Florida.  Which would mean they'd lose a lot of money from merchandising.

Though who knows how much it's going to cost Palm Beach Gardens to get rid of all their current logos and produce new jerseys, equipment and everything else with a new one.
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