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Posted on: September 28, 2010 6:33 pm

A.J. Green finally speaks

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Now that Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green has finished serving his four-game suspension for selling a game-worn jersey to Chris Hawkins, he was finally allowed to speak to reporters for the first time since the suspension on Tuesday.  Much like he was with the NCAA when they came calling, Green was incredibly forthright and honest on Tuesday.

The obvious question was why did Green sell his game-worn jersey from the Independence Bowl to Hawkins, and the answer was simple. He just needed "extra cash" for spring break.  Though Green did also admit that he was aware that selling the jersey could cause a problem for him and Georgia.

“When I did it, I really didn’t think [anything] of it,” Green said of selling the jersey.  “I thought it was just something minor. I didn’t think it would be anything serious when I did it.  I didn’t really think it through. I just did it. And it came back, and it was a big thing. And I served my punishment, and I am ready to play now.”
Green said that the NCAA came around after reading a report on TMZ that he had supposedly been at a party in South Beach hosted by an agent.  It was due to that rumor that the NCAA asked Green if they could see his bank records, and it was while looking through those that the NCAA noticed a $1,000 deposit into Green's account. 

After asking Green where that money had come from, Green came clean about all of it, though he still denies ever attending any party.

Whatever the case, Green should be commended for being honest with the NCAA.  Seems somebody was paying attention to how Dez Bryant handled things at Oklahoma State.
Posted on: September 15, 2010 11:47 pm

Will A.J. Green's appeal be in vain?

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Georgia's star wideout A.J. Green is two games into a four-game suspension for what the NCAA termed taking money from an agent, and for Georgia fans, that's two games too many; the Dawgs are 1-1 and facing a pivotal game against 12th-ranked Arkansas at Sanford Stadium on Saturday.

Georgia fans will be crossing their fingers on Friday, then, when Green will have his appeal heard by the NCAA . While nobody's saying a decision's going to happen at the conclusion of the call, and the team's preparing to play without Green, the temptation to hope for Green's immediate return is certainly there:

School spokesman Claude Felton said the appeal will be heard over a conference call, making it possible that Green could return Saturday when Georgia (1-1) faces No. 12 Arkansas in a crucial Southeastern Conference game.

Asked if he's looking to get a ruling in the case before kickoff, coach Mark Richt said, "I can only hope that."

And yet, it's kind of hard to figure out what grounds Georgia has to stand on; while it's certainly weird that Chris Hawkins , the guy who bought the jersey, is also awaiting trial for cocaine trafficking, that's hardly a relevant factor for the NCAA to consider in whether to reduce Green's suspension. If anything, the only hope Georgia's got is that the NCAA reconsiders whether Hawkins can--or should--be qualified an agent.

There's really no telling whether Green will have any luck on that front. Sure, there probably isn't much evidence to suggest Green and Hawkins made that transaction with the promise of further business, but if that were the only condition needed by the NCAA, nobody would ever be suspended. Hawkins gave money to Green, and even if he did so under the auspices of a collector, that's probably all the NCAA's going to need to uphold the four-game suspension.

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