Posted on: September 27, 2011 7:58 pm
Edited on: September 28, 2011 12:05 pm

You can vote on Iowa and Nebraska's new trophy

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Iowa and Nebraska are set to kick off a brand new rivalry this year as part of Nebraska's entry into the Big Ten, and the two teams have announced a Heroes Game theme to the annual contest, which is scheduled for the Friday after Thanksgiving.

When the Heroes Game was announced, one of the things that was conspicuously missing was the trophy itself; athletic directors Tom Osborne of Nebraska and Gary Barta of Iowa merely said that the trophy would be announced at a later date. That date is today -- sort of -- as Nebraska and Iowa have released a website where fans can vote on their favorite design for this November's trophy.

UPDATE: Although the NebraskaIowaTrophy.com website is legitimate and does represent a Nebraska-Iowa trophy, this will not be the official Heroes Game trophy; it is a student body trophy in a joint effort by Nebraska's Innocents Society and Iowa's President's Leadership Society. The website of the trophy has since been updated to more accurately reflect that this is a student body trophy, and we are grateful to have heard from the Innocents Society who provided some much-needed clarification.

Two things: on one hand, it appears the two schools' societies learned a valuable lesson from the failed Iowa-Iowa State trophy by putting the final design in the hands of the fans. On the other, it also appears they learned nothing from the failed Iowa-Iowa State trophy because all of these ideas are agriculture-related too. Observe:



Obviously, the pitchfork is the right choice here and it's not even close. There are two acceptable ideas for a corn-related trophy, and neither of them are represented here. If you must use a corn theme, the trophy either has to be A: a giant brass kernel of corn, because trophies are meant to be giant, brass, and hoisted, or B: a football opening up with a giant cob of corn inside it. EMBRACE THE THEME.

At the very least, though, there are no children on any of these trophy ideas, so this is a step up in that respect. But corn, guys? Again? Corn's not worth fighting over -- not in a state like Iowa or Nebraska, anyway.
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