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Posted on: January 26, 2011 4:24 pm

Nebraska ends merchandise deal with Martinez

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Nebraska had a license deal with a merchandising company called Corn Fed Apparel that is owned by Casey Martinez. The same Casey Martinez that happens to be the father of Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez. While the agreement between the Martinez's and Nebraska didn't exactly make either side rich, the fact that the school had struck a deal with the father of its starting quarterback did strike some as fishy. Which is why instead of dealing with any possible headaches over nothing, both Nebraska and Martinez decided it was best to just end the relationship.

Here's the release from athletic director Tom Osborne:

“The licensing relationship with Corn Fed began in the summer of 2007 before our football program had initiated any recruiting contact with Taylor and his family, or had any knowledge of Taylor as a prospective student-athlete. Corn Fed is a solid company which has demonstrated success in the apparel business, and has been a licensee not only of Nebraska, but several other schools around the country. There is nothing in the licensing agreement between the two parties that is in any way non-compliant with NCAA rules.

“We have recently learned that while Taylor Martinez has no ownership in Corn Fed Apparel, Inc., he is registered as the owner of the Corn Fed trademark, and also the CornFed.com domain name. Again, this arrangement does not violate any NCAA rules.

“However, because of the attention this agreement has caused, Casey Martinez recently initiated a conversation with Nebraska about ending the licensing relationship. Both parties agreed that it would be prudent to no longer have a licensing relationship between the University of Nebraska and Corn Fed. Both the Martinez family and the University of Nebraska feel this decision is best for all parties, and specifically in helping limit distractions for Taylor and the football program.”

How much money did Nebraska make off of this deal? Well, while we can't be entirely sure of the numbers, according to an article in the Omaha World Herald in December, Nebraska has made a whopping $500 from the deal since it was reached four years ago. So I suppose we can call off the dime-sniffing dogs.
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