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Posted on: January 7, 2011 1:58 am

Bowl Grades: GoDaddy.com Bowl

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

A flurry of Dwight Dasher interceptions helps Miami (Ohio) pull away from Middle Tennessee State, 35-21.


Offense: The RedHawks were rarely a thing of beauty tonight, punting six times, turning the ball over twice, and failing to score seven times in eight possessions over the second and third quarters. But as they've done all year, they didn't need a lot of flashiness to get the job done. Bruising back Thomas Merriweather ran for 101 yards on 27 carries with a pair of short-yardage touchdowns behind a line that mostly got the better of their MTSU counterparts; quarterback Austin Boucher tossed two picks but hit a consistent 22-of-36 for 8 yards an attempt and two scores; three different RedHawk receivers finished with at least 4 receptions and 60 yards.

Sure, they did some things wrong. But they did far more things right, and on a night when the Blue Raiders couldn't get out of their own way, that was plenty. Grade: B+

Miami struggled in the first half with Dasher's speed and elusiveness, but as soon as they figured out how to keep him in the pocket, the game was over; his four second-half picks were the decisive factor, with the Blue Raiders 4-of-13 showing on third-down conversions a close second. Giving up 6.6 yards a carry isn't good, but when your defense collects five turnovers and holds their opponent scoreless over the final seven possessions of a two-score game, one flaw's not going to ruin the whole performance. Grade: B+

Miami seemed like a prime candidate to mail in their bowl performance, losing head coach Mike Haywood, coming off the high of the MAC championship, taking the long trip to Mobile (Ala.) to play one of the postseason's most lightly-regarded bowl games. But interim head coach Lance Guidry and the rest of the Miami staff had the RedHawks plenty ready to play. Grade: A


The Blue Raider offense wasn't a total disaster; it put up a respectable 371 yards, averaged the aformentioned 6.6 yards per carry, and made enough big plays to keep MTSU in the game for three quarters. But five turnovers are about four too many, and over their final 13 possessions, none lasted longer than five plays. If you're giving the opponent back the ball that often -- either by punt or turnover -- they're going to outscore you eventually.

Also, those Dasher picks? Those weren't batted balls or great defensive plays; they were horrendous throws that handed Miami possession on a silver platter. Grade: D

It's hard to put too much blame on a Blue Raider defense that kept being put in such difficult situations by the offense, and that kept Miami off the board for so much of the middle of the game. But at the same time, giving up more than 400 total yards and three touchdown drives of 70 yards or more to a team as low-fi as Miami isn't something to crow about. Merriweather, Boucher, and the other RedHawk skill position players are solid performers, but they're also just not the kind of explosive athletes that tend to keep defensive coordinators up at night. It's not hard to think MTSU could have done better. Grade: C+

The Blue Raiders played hard, no question about that. And it's not entirely the coaches' fault that Dasher was so intent on throwing the ball to the other team. But at some point, maybe Rick Stockstill and Co. should have done more to rein their quarterback in; with 14 interceptions on the season in only eight games coming in, it's not like they didn't know he had a penchant for being loose with the ball. Grade: C

The GoDaddy.com Bowl was diverting enough. It had a lot of big and exciting plays, it stayed competitive through nearly 55 minutes, and there was a sideline interview with Danica Patrick in which she compared the atmosphere to the Indy 500. (The IRL folks are so happy for you on your move on to NASCAR, no doubt, Danica.) But there was no escaping the overwhelming feeling that this was, truly, a matchup between a 6-6 Sun Belt also-ran and the MAC team the Vegas bookies had still installed as a small underdog to them, being played in a city whose tourism commercial (featuring unflattering shots of a shipyard and a flotilla of tacky candy-colored faux-antebellum dresses) only emphasized that this was most assuredly the bowl season's equivalent of off-off-Broadway. It's hard to get too excited when the stakes seemed this low. Grade: C+

Posted on: January 4, 2011 6:01 pm
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Blue Raiders enjoy GoDaddy.com bowl festivities

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Typically, the College Football Blog covers either the hard news that matters or the goofy news that makes you laugh, and doesn't bother with the day-to-day, more run-of-the-mill stories inbetween.

But we're going to relay this one to you on Middle Tennessee State's week at the GoDaddy.com Bowl anyway, because so much of the public reaction to the smaller-rung bowls of the world seems to be either 1. there are too many of these bowls clogging up the schedule and demeaning the meaning of bowl games 2. the smaller teams playing these bowls can't afford them and should simply not go.

There's something to be said about the latter point -- ticket guarantees are a nasty bit of business on the part of the bowls, and indirectly on the ESPN megalith that keeps them in business -- but these arguments almost always miss the point that whatever the negatives, there's no question that there's a huge positive in how much the players involved appreciate the experience. As the story from the Murfreesboro (Tenn.) Daily News-Journal illustrates:
MTSU defensive lineman Jarrett Crittenton was excited about the team activities leading up to Thursday's GoDaddy.com Bowl .

At least he was until the 6-foot-6, 290-pounder nearly got stuck in the cramped doorway inside a submarine during the Blue Raiders' visit to Battleship Memorial Park Monday.

"That was crazy," Crittenton said. "Everything was so tight in there, and I'm so big. I didn't know if I would make it out of there and make it to the bowl game.

"But this is fun. This isn't just practicing and playing a game like we usually do" ...

Today, the Blue Raiders will have a bowling outing and selected players will visit the Children's Hospital. And on Wednesday, the teams will attend the mayor's luncheon, where the guest speaker will be GoDaddy.com spokeswoman and racecar driver Danica Patrick .

That raised the eyebrows of a few MTSU players.

"To us, Danica Patrick is No. 1 obviously," receiver Wes Caldwell said. "We're all waiting on her coming here. But all these things we're doing are great.

"I loved the battleship. It was amazing. But I'm afraid of heights, so I couldn't handle it when I got way up there on top. The submarine was cool, but there was no room to move. This is part of the bowl trip, and we love it."
No, the news that various Blue Raiders are enjoying a tour of an old submarine and are looking forward to meeting Danica Patrick isn't going to shove Rich Rodriguez out of the headlines. But it's worth remembering anyway the next time some pundit or another suggests contracting a bowl out of existence; sure, there might be some benefits, but it's worth asking if they outweigh denying two teams of players who worked their tails off all season some modicum of reward, however meager the payoff of the GoDaddy.com Bowl might seem.

Posted on: October 18, 2010 12:27 pm

Go Daddy takes over the GMAC Bowl

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Whenever I've watched the GMAC Bowl -- and I watch it every year -- I can't help but think to myself "You know what this stellar matchup of teams from the MAC Conference and Sun Belt Conference needs?  More stupid commercials with Danica Patrick in them.  That would really put the whole ensemble together."

Well, I've finally gotten my wish.  It was announced on Monday that GoDaddy.com would be taking over the title sponsorship of the GMAC Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, giving us the very first GoDaddy.com Bowl.   Get excited, people!

"We're excited to have a powerhouse like Go Daddy behind Mobile's biggest event of the year," said GoDaddy.com Bowl President Jerry Silverstein . "Go Daddy stepped up big time for this sponsorship, which is good for all of us. Our bowl holds the record for the highest-scoring game in college football bowl game history. We are looking forward to another marquee match-up."

My only fear is that while the first half of the game will be shown on television, they'll then force all of us to go online to see the conclusion, and when we do, we'll all be severly disappointed.
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