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Posted on: August 5, 2011 11:39 am
Edited on: August 5, 2011 11:40 am

Iron Bowl helps catch deadbeat parents

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Helpful advice for any deadbeat parents out there. If you happen to get a letter in the mail saying you've won tickets to the Iron Bowl to see Alabama play Auburn this year, don't go pick them up. You're likely being set up to be arrested. My other advice would be to pay your child support.

Last Friday in Opelika, Alabama, local police set up such a sting in which they sent letters to parents who owed child support telling them to show up and claim the Iron Bowl tickets they just won. The police then put on a big show for each of the parents before getting them in a room and informing them they were being arrested for not paying child support. All while news cameras caught the entire thing.

Now, while I don't exactly have a problem with these people being arrested, I do have quite a few problems with the way the police went about all of this. If you have the ability to set up this entire thing, why not just arrest the people? Why go through all the trouble of setting up a ploy like this, then having the news cameras come in and shoot the entire thing. How much time and money was wasted to make sure this happened?

Then there's the fact that they're making these people into sympathetic figures. Yes, they deserve what they're getting, but it just feels wrong. If you want to do a news story on it, then call the local news and do the interviews with them after you've arrested everybody. There's no need to have the cameras in the room with you as you're doing it.
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