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Posted on: January 17, 2011 12:02 pm

VIDEO: Denard Robinson renews commitment to UM

Posted by Chip Patterson

With new head coach Brady Hoke's arrival in Ann Arbor, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson saw the end of the scheme that helped him become on of college football's most dangerous offensive threats.  But just because Rich Rodriguez (who recruited Robinson to the Wolverines) has been replaced does not mean that Robinson will be seeking other playing opportunities.

Robinson recently reaffirmed his commitment to the program publicly, speaking to a local television station about his decision to stay in Ann Arbor and play for Brady Hoke.  He specifically mentioned his teammates, and advice from family and friends to welcome the new challenge.  If Robinson is able to come close to replicating his success with Hoke, he will quickly become one of the most sought after talents at the next level.  The ability to adjust and thrive in multiple systems will begin to erase Robinson's stigma as a poor dropback passer. 

Of course, limiting the interceptions will help erase that stigma as well, but you have to start somewhere.  The Michigan offense was built for the Robinson-led spread attack, so the adjustments could be a little rough for the Wolverines at first.  Hoke has shown his ability to create quick turnarounds at Ball State and San Diego State, but the bar is much higher with Michigan fans.  Losing a talent like Robinson would be a huge blow, regardless of what system is in place.  Now the new staff can begin working with their best offensive threat, developing the look for Michigan in 2011.

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Posted on: January 14, 2011 11:41 am
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Forcier's father says Tate wants to play at UM

Posted by Chip Patterson

Michigan quarterback Tate Forcier did not have a great 2010.  He lost the starting position to Denard Robinson, found himself caught up in some academic issues, and recently was not even confirmed as a member of the team by new head coach Brady Hoke.  Mike Forcier, Tate's father, recently reached out to the media to try and clear up the situation.  With the reports that Forcier was not enrolled in classes this semester, many assumed that the quarterback was planning to transfer.  His father says otherwise.

"Tate wants to stay (at U-M)," Mike Forcier told TheWolverine. "I didn't come with a moving van. Our intent is to do whatever is necessary for him to rejoin the team and become a student-athlete again. We haven't talked to any other schools and we won't until we've exhausted every resource here. But Tate wants to stay and we want him to stay."

Forcier's future in Ann Arbor is murky, but if the sophomore from San Diego is able to make his way back onto the field the Wolverines will be in a much better position in 2011.  If Robinson returns, new coach Brady Hoke could re-open starting competition between the quarterbacks.  It would be a chance for Forcier to new his career, even if it was in a splitting-snap scenario with Robinson.
Posted on: January 3, 2011 2:49 pm

Twitter Poll: Where would Denard go? (If he does)

Posted by Chip Patterson

As the rumors continue to swirl regarding Rich Rodriguez's status at Michigan, the questions have already begun to be directed at the players - particularly quarterback Denard Robinson.  Robinson was Rodriguez's recruit, and when asked about the possibility of transfer in the even his coach is fired, he was decidedly mum on the topic.  
Robinson was asked after the game if he will be playing for the Wolverines if Rodriguez is not the coach. "No response," Robinson said. When asked how he would feel if Rodriguez does not return, Robinson did not say much more. "That's my coach, that's who recruited me," Robinson said. "That's it."
It would be a huge blow for Michigan to lose the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, but if Michigan fires Rodriguez - they are also likely getting rid of the spread-run system in which Robinson has thrived.  A debate began among the Bros here at the College Football Blog on where Robinson could possibly land, so we took the question to the masses.

Here are some of possibilities discussed.

Most everyone who chimed in seemed to agree that one option, should Rich Rod be fired, would be to follow him to his next school.  Robinson is absolutely perfect for his offense, and that would be one heck of a package for a BCS school to receive.  Pittsburgh was suggested early, though as our own Tom Fornelli pointed out, Panther fans would be awfully confused to see that scoreboards can go that high.

@accmaniac suggested Oregon as a possibility.  While this does seem to fit in the system, Darron Thomas is only a sophomore.  I doubt that Robinson is going to sit out a year in order to get one season as the starting quarterback.  

@CFBExaminer jokingly threw out Penn State.  Funny considering the mass exodus of quarterbacks from Happy Valley, but I doubt seriously that Robinson will end up at any school in the Big Ten.  However, I would guess that should he transfer, it will be to a BCS AQ school.  Which leads us to...

Point #1 from @JContiz3 - When Robinson was being recruited in Florida, only UCF was really recruiting him as a quarterback.  Would George O'Leary and the Knights make a play for Rodriguez? @bweixlmann suggested that Robinson could fit in as a slot receiver or running back - which would open him up to far more possibilities.  However, I think he will want to play quarterback, and will want to be at a BCS AQ school.

Point #2 from @JContiz3 - unrelated to the question, but he pointed out one very troubling fact for Michigan fans - if Denard does transfer, that means the Wolverines will have let Robinson and Ryan Mallett out the door in a three year span.

@michaelkmcneil suggested South Florida as a potential landing spot for Robinson.  Skip Holtz utilized mobile quarterbacks in his time at East Carolina, but B.J. Daniels is only a sophomore - so I think the same logic as the Oregon suggestion might apply here.  Though with the proximity to his hometown of Deerfield, FL I would not rule it out.

@rconboy1964 suggested West Virginia.  My guess is that coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen would prefer not to start the implementation of his offense with Robinson trying to run the Air Raid.  Although if a position change were made, I could see him being a factor in the slot in such a system.

And of course, @KegsNEggs pointed out that "Houston Nutt would be all over that."  Thanks Adam.

Thanks to everyone who participated, feel free to keep the conversation going in the comments section below.  As always, follow us on Twitter at @CBSSportsNCAAF 

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