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Posted on: April 12, 2011 12:43 pm

NCAA warns players about draft parties

Posted by Tom Fornelli

You know, at times the NCAA seems like an overbearing parent that just doesn't want their kids to have any fun. I mean, imagine for a moment that a good friend of yours, and a former teammate is attending the NFL Draft this month and his entire life is about to change. He's going to be drafted, and he's going to get a contract and earn more money than he ever thought possible. Wouldn't you want to be there with him to celebrate this occasion?

Of course you would, but the NCAA would like to remind you that you'd be better off sitting at home and watching on television. The NCAA sent a letter to the NFL which the league then forwarded to the players invited to this year's draft. The letter was a reminder to the players that any of their undergrad friends who plan on attending the draft or any draft parties with them have to pay their own way for everything. Travel, lodging, food, bar tabs and anything else that may come up.

In the letter from the NCAA's Dena Garner, she warns the players "not to jeopardize the NCAA eligibility of your friends or former teammates."

Now, let's be honest here. How many college football players are out there who can afford to fly to New York, pay for a hotel room for a weekend along with meals and everything else? I doubt there are many, so really what the NCAA is telling the undergrads is "stay home."

Bunch of party poopers.

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