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Posted on: November 22, 2010 5:00 pm
Edited on: November 22, 2010 5:14 pm

Les Miles gets asked all the good questions

Posted by Chip Patterson

UPDATE: Okay, so the video won't embed.  Which stinks.  But still you can check out the video at the Deadspin link below.  It is definitely worth your time.  And if you hate to leave the CBSSports.com page (I know it kills you), you can right click the link and select "Open In A New Tab."  You see?  I'm here for you people.  I'm here for you.

(H/T: Deadspin)

So there's this odd video LSU head coach Les Miles answering questions at his weekly "Lunch with Les" press conference.  Miles was taking a routine question from Ted Castillo of the Baton Rouge Advocate.  Judging by the casual and light-hearted reaction of the room, Castillo is clearly the type of character who can get away asking an awkward series of questions like this.  Still, the thought of a creepy old Louisiana sports reporters making routine attempts to peep in hotels...well...not that surprising.
Posted on: November 11, 2010 12:09 pm

Jackson State coach suspended for tirade

Posted by Tom Fornelli

You know, if I were a head coach of a college football team, and I just lost a game, a sideline reporter would probably be the last thing I want in my face.  I'm pretty competitive, and the truth is, when I lose, I get angry.  So I wouldn't want Erin Andrews sticking a microphone in my face and asking questions because, odds are, I would say something I shouldn't say on television and get in trouble.

So I can relate to Jackson State coach Rick Comegy.   Following a loss to Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Saturday night, Comegy had such an interaction with a sideline reporter, and he went off on the officials.  Because of it, he now finds himself suspended for one game by the SWAC.  What did Comegy say?

It's time to play Mad Libs with Rick Comegy!

"I thought they (expletive) cheated that game," Comegy said. "They took that (expletive) game away from these (expletive) kids. That's what the (expletive) I've got to say."

Just in case you can't figure out what the correct expletives were, you can listen to Comegy's mini-tirade right here .

Comegy's team was penalized 17 times for 143 yards in the game, which no doubt played a role in the team's loss, and knocked them out of first place in the SWAC East division.

Photo courtesy of the Clarion Ledger

Posted on: October 21, 2010 10:52 am

PIC: Erin Andrews eats for free in Columbia

Posted by Chip Patterson

College Gameday is in Columbia, MO this week for the Top 25 showdown between No. 18 Missouri and No. 3 Oklahoma.  The game is not only a meeting of two of the nation's last unbeaten teams, but also will be the Sooners' first test as the top-ranked team in the BCS standings.  It will be the show's first-ever visit to Columbia (though they were on site for a neutral-field bout between the Tigers and the Jayhawks in Kansas City in 2007), and the town is preparing for the big college football weekend.

The local Harpo's in Columbia is running a promotion to welcome the members of the Gameday crew to town.  I feel bad for Desmond Howard.  He's been on the show for almost five seasons and still gets left out.  I have offered the same deal at my house for three years running, but have had no luck.

(h/t Friends of the Program)


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Posted on: October 11, 2010 12:54 pm

Lane Kiffin complains about officials to Pac-10

Posted by Tom Fornelli

For the second straight week Lane Kiffin was forced to stand on the sidelines and watch his defense give up a game-winning drive in the final minutes.  First it was the Washington Huskies kicking a game-winning field goal in the closing seconds, and this past weekend it was Stanford.   Though this week Kiffin feels that the officials gave Stanford some help getting it done.

He even filed a complaint with the Pac-10 about it.

Before USC running back Allen Bradford scored a touchdown that gave the Trojans a 35-34 lead with 1:07 left in the game, Bradford had picked up a first down on the run preceding it.  The clock had to be stopped at the time so officials could review the spot of the ball and make sure that Bradford had picked up the first down.

Which is fine, it's just that once they determined it was a first down, officials never restarted the clock.  Which saved Stanford about 30 seconds of playing time, according to Kiffin, before getting the ball back.  So, essentially, the Cardinal should have only had around 37 seconds left to make their final drive but instead had over a minute.

Kiffin also complained that no "judgement calls" went against Stanford, as it was only called for three penalties: two false starts and an offsides.  Kiffin's Trojans were called for eight penalties.  It's the second straight week an opposing head coach has wondered why Stanford hasn't been getting called for penalties, as Oregon head coach Chip Kelly complained about it during an on-field interview with Erin Andrews.

Now, this may sound crazy, but could it be that Stanford just doesn't commit that many penalties?  Plus, it's not like USC getting called for a lot of penalties is exactly a new phenomenon, so Kiffin should probably just let that go.

The clock issue, though, that's a legitimate beef.
Posted on: October 5, 2010 9:34 am
Edited on: October 5, 2010 9:36 am

Chip Kelly reprimanded for halftime comments

Posted by Chip Patterson

The Pac-10 officials are used to dealing with animated coaches, but watch out if you say something bad about the officials because you find yourself with a very stern slap on the wrist.  Oregon head coach Chip Kelly was none too pleased with the cooperation from the officials during the end of the first half against Stanford on Saturday.  Unfortunately for Kelly, sideline reporter Erin Andrews happened to catch him at a moment when "biting your tongue" was not an option. (video here)

"I just want to know why they won't come talk to us, I think (Stanford coach) Jim (Harbaugh) and him (the head referee) got friends. I don't know I just want some explanation on some things," Kelly said.

Just after the aforementioned quote, Kelly quickly woke up from his blackout state to realize what he was saying.  He bailed himself out with an obligatory "but it's not the officials, we have to play better" statement, and some more mumbling about "halftime adjustments."  Of course, whatever adjustments Kelly did make clearly paid off with the Ducks shutting out Stanford 28-0 in the second half.  But the Pac-10 officials were none too happy with Kelly's comments and issued a statement of reprimand on Monday.

"The Pac-10 has specific rules that prohibit our coaches from making public comments about officiating, and this prohibition specifically includes comments that create doubts about the credibility of the Conference's officiating program," Scott said. "The Conference expects each Pac-10 coach to adhere to our standards of conduct and to conduct himself or herself in a manner which will reflect credit on the institution and the conference."

Chip Kelly may feel a little more free with his words after recently signing a contract extension, making him the second-highest-paid coach in the conference.  The six-year, $20.5 million extension has made Kelly a coach that is likely unaffected by reprimands.  Want to get Kelly's attention?  You'll probably have more luck if you dip into his wallet.  Such a gesture from the university will give him the confidence that it will take much more than public reprimands to jeopardize his status with the school.

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