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Posted on: September 17, 2011 5:25 am
Edited on: September 17, 2011 5:28 am

Game day weather updates, Week 3

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Pretty chilly this morning, eh? Yep -- that's football weather. We've got a lot of games on today's schedule of Top 25 teams. A LOT of games. Almost seems like it practically doesn't matter whether a program schedules a tough opponent or a cupcake in the non-conference, doesn't it? At any rate, not much bad weather on the horizon today, but summer's sure not sticking around this year. Happy tailgating/game-going!

Noon kickoffs

No. 21 Auburn at Clemson, 12:00, Clemson, SC: Mid 60s, overcast

No. 18 West Virginia at Maryland, 12:00, College Park, MD: Mid 60s, mostly cloudy

Afternoon kickoffs

Louisiana-Monroe at No. 23 TCU, 2:00, Fort Worth, TX: Mid 80s, mostly cloudy

Tennessee at No. 16 Florida, 3:30, Gainesville, FL: Upper 80s, partly cloudy, storms

Washington at No. 11 Nebraska, 3:30, Lincoln, NE: Lower 60s, cloudy, storms

No. 7 Wisconsin at Northern Illinois, 3:30, DeKalb, IL: Mid 60s, partly cloudy

Missouri State at No. 12 Oregon, 3:30, Eugene, OR: Mid 60s, partly cloudy

No. 23 Texas at UCLA, 3:30, Los Angeles, CA: Lower 70s, clear

No. 15 Michigan State at Notre Dame, 3:30, South Bend, IL: Mid 60s, partly cloudy

Arkansas State at No. 13 Virginia Tech, 4:00, Blacksburg, VA: Lower 60s, mostly cloudy

Evening kickoffs

Navy at No. 10 South Carolina, 6:00, Columbia, SC: Lower 60s, cloudy, light rain

Florida A&M at No. 20 South Florida, 7:00, Tampa, FL: Mid 80s, partly cloudy, storms

No. 22 Arizona State at Illinois, 7:00, Champaign, IL: Mid 60s, partly cloudy

Stephen F. Austin at No. 19 Baylor, 7:00, Waco, TX: Lower 90s, mostly cloudy

Idaho at No. 9 Texas A&M, 7:00, College Station, TX: Upper 80s, partly cloudy

No. 17 Ohio State at Miami, 7:30, Miami Gardens, FL: Mid 80s, partly cloudy, rain

North Texas at No. 2 Alabama, 7:30, Tuscaloosa, AL: Mid 70s, partly cloudy

Troy at No. 14 Arkansas, 7:30, Fayetteville, AR: Lower 70s, cloudy, storms

No. 1 Oklahoma at No. 5 Florida State, 8:00, Tallahassee, FL: Mid 70s, partly cloudy

Late night kickoffs 

No. 8 Oklahoma State at Tulsa, 10:00, Tulsa, OK: Lower 70s, mostly cloudy, storms

No. 6 Stanford at Arizona, 10:45, Tucson, AZ: Lower 70s, clear

Posted on: October 13, 2010 3:38 pm

Miami fans go punching each other (again)

Posted by Adam Jacobi

It was only five short weeks ago that the nation was treated to a giant brawl in the stands for the Miami-Florida A&M game. We're guessing it was Hurricane-fan-on-Hurricane-fan violence, mainly because the Rattlers don't actually have fans. But here's the thing: that's a game that Miami won, 45-0.

So if the Miami fans get punchy during a victory, what happens in their next home game when they witness a Miami loss to hated rival Florida State? What's that? Oh, more punching, it would appear:

It should be known that we do not condone fighting in the stands; that is illegal and crime doesn't pay. However, if some other fans just so happen to be exchanging knuckle sandwiches, we do approve of documenting the fighting and uploading it to YouTube. You know, so as to help law enforcement or whatever.

In fact, if the caption on the video is to be believed -- "When I asked a Police Officer why it took so long to respond, she stated 'this is happening all over the stadium'" -- then it's a shame that we've only got one video of fanpunching from last week's game. Come on, people! Do it for the greater good of society! Show us the punching. DO IT.

Posted on: September 2, 2010 9:00 pm

Miami pounding Florida A&M

Posted by Adam Jacobi

There are a few competitive games being played today. FAMU-Miami is not one of them. The Hurricanes are drilling the Rattlers at the half, 35-0.

Jacory Harris is leading the charge, completing 12-15 passes for 210 and 3 TDs, and he's made it look as easy as you'd hope from someone playing Florida A&M.

Fans who continue to watch this game in the second half may reliably considered sadists.

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