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Posted on: October 13, 2011 3:16 pm
Edited on: October 13, 2011 3:17 pm
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Posted on: February 11, 2011 4:01 pm
Edited on: February 12, 2011 6:04 pm

Billy Donovan would let Jacoby Brissett play

Posted by Chip Patterson

Jacoby Brissett's recruitment lasted five days past signing day, trying to decide between Miami and Florida.  The talented in-state quarterback could have been distracted from his decision because of his focus on the Palm Beach Garden Dwyer basketball team.  In addition to being one of the top-rated dual-threat quarterbacks in college football, Brissett is also a standout on the hardwood.  Since his commitment to the Gators, people have speculated as to whether Brissett would join the Florida basketball team at the conclusion of football season.  Head coach Billy Donovan recently weighed in on the issue for the Orlando Sentinel.
Donovan said Brissett can help the Gators, but the length of the seasons makes it difficult. Basketball starts workouts in September and practice in October, while the football team is still playing its schedule. Assuming the Gators make a January bowl game, Brissett couldn’t join the basketball team until some time during SEC play.
Donovan went on to describe the difficulties of jumping right in with no knowledge of details such as inbounds plays and elaborate pressure schemes.  However, a player of Brissett's talent is usually worth giving it a run -- at least for the extra body come tournament time.

Below is the video of Donovan answering the Brissett question, courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.


Posted on: October 26, 2010 11:02 am
Edited on: October 26, 2010 11:04 am

Urban Meyer misses Cam Newton. Probably.

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Cracks abounded yesterday when Twitter collectively heard that Urban Meyer had described the agony of watching former Gator Cam Newton go apenuts for Auburn by saying "It's really hard." (No, the CBS College Football Blog was not above joining in .) Which, all gym-class joking aside, it has to be at this stage; Meyer and his offensive staff have been totally unable to either adapt John Brantley to the existing Gator offense or adapt the offense to Brantley, a problem that Newton would have rendered utterly irrelevant if he'd remained in Gainesville.

But even so, was that actually what Meyer meant when he said it? Someone get us an ALCOA sponsorship, because here's the transcript , and now You Make the Call :

Reporter: Do you allow yourself to watch Cam Newton on Saturday? Did you watch him?
Meyer: It’s really hard, I’ll tell you that. I don’t watch much of it.
Reporter: It’s really hard to watch it?
Meyer: Yea.
Reporter: Because…
Meyer: I just think he’s a very good player, and I’m trying to watch more of the teams we play, so I spend my time watching the other ones we’re going to play.
Reporter: So like every Florida fan in the country, you think, ‘What if he was here?’ You let yourself...
Meyer: No, no, no, no. I didn’t say that.
Reporter: Does that ever cross your mind?
Meyer: No.
Reporter: Liar. (Laughter ensues)
On the one hand, Meyer's defense makes logical sense. If you're one of America's most richly-paid coaches and your team is riding the first three-game losing streak of your current tenure, with your biggest rivalry game of the season coming up against one of the SEC 's hottest teams, you probably don't have a whole lot of time to kick back with a cold one on Saturday afternoon and watch one team you won't play take on one you've already played.

Then again: the highlights of Newton's masterpiece performance against LSU were near-inescapable Saturday for even the most causal of football fans, and suffice it to say Meyer is not a casual football fan. Meyer is certainly aware of them, aware of what Newton is doing at Auburn, and aware that -- according to the Miami Herald 's Mike McCall -- he made a sizable mistake in evaluating Newton's potential:

Newton left because Tim Tebow decided to come back for his senior year and John Brantley was waiting in the wings.

That's where UF's staff really messed up--they just missed on the kind of talent they had in their hands. The decision was effectively made when Brantley and Newton were freshmen and Brantley got redshirted, meaning he'd be around longer after Tebow's departure. There was also some talk of putting Newton at tight end, though we'll never really know how serious it was.

The verdict here? When Meyer adds "I'll tell you that" to the difficulty of watching Newton, he's not talking about carving out the time for it. He's talking about watching a player he recruited, groomed, and eventually let walk away win a Heisman Trophy -- probably -- for someone else while the quarterback he promoted instead flails. Meyer is only human. You can bet it's hard.
HT: Team Speed Kills .
Posted on: October 14, 2010 11:01 am
Edited on: October 14, 2010 11:05 am

Meyer: Demps probable, Brantley at full speed

Posted by Chip Patterson

Florida's home loss to LSU on Saturday night left Gator fans with a lot of "what if's."  Fans wondered how the game could have been different if quarterback John Brantley had been 100%, or if the outcome would have changed with the presence of speedy playmaker Jeff Demps.  Head coach Urban Meyer was able to deliver good news on both players on Wednesday.

"Good news on Demps," Meyer said during the SEC teleconference on Wednesday. "He's feeling a lot better than he did last week.  Obviously, we need his big-play shot. I put him as probable for Saturday (against Mississippi State). He's going to do some practice (Wednesday) and then, he's telling me, he's going to practice (Thursday)."

While the exact extent of Brantley's rib and thumb injuries have been a topic of much debate, Meyer continues to insist that his starting quarterback is ready to play.  Though this time he has some more evidence to present, with Brantley going full speed in practice for the first time in almost two weeks.  Brantley was limited leading up to the LSU game due to shoulder complications from his rib injury.

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Posted on: October 12, 2010 6:11 pm
Edited on: October 12, 2010 6:25 pm

Offense costing Gators more than wins?

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The headlines folllowing LSU's 33-29 win over Florida Saturday were universally in the vein of "Les Miles's brand of crazy deserves its own entry in the DSM-IV," and with good reason, because Miles's brand of crazy does totally deserve his own entry in the DSM-IV.

But the Mad Hatter's endgame theatrics shouldn't have entirely overshadowed the number his defense did on the Gators, who were held to all of 242 total yards, 12 first downs, a miserable 4.0 yards per-play, and just one scoring drive longer than 17 yards. At home. The performance dropped Florida--only a top-3 offense in yards per-play for the past three seasons, when that Tebow kid was around--to an unthinkable 96th in total offense, 81st in yards per-play. The Gator fans baying for offensive coordinator Steve Addazio's blood kind of have a point.

But the bleacher rabble can be ignored. Gator recruits, not so much. And it doesn't sound like they're all that impressed with Addazio's work either:

That's not some run-of-the-mill recruit walking out on the Addazio show there, either; Mike Bellamy is a five-star, top-100 player that by most accounts has been the Gators' No. 1 target at running back for months, even after he committed to Clemson in June. Florida's recruitment of him is probably over. But Bellamy was always leaning elsewhere; what did Florida commitment A.C. Leonard, a four-star tight end out of Jacksonville, think of the performance?
Jacksonville University Christian tight end commit A.C. Leonard was in attendance Saturday, but according to a report from, he came away from Florida’s loss a little down on the Gators.

Leonard now says he’s down to three schools — Miami, Alabama and Florida.

When asked if he still considered himself committed to Florida, Leonard responded “Yeah, I guess.”

That's recruit-speak for "No, I am not actually committed in anything other than name." Your thoughts, wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin?

With his size Benjamin could also be considered as a tight end, but Florida is recruiting him strictly as a wide receiver. That’s something Benjamin likes, and after watching how Florida lacked many big plays from the receiving unit, he sees that his services are needed.

What he was unsure of was how Florida’s offense looked. With a traditional passing quarterback, Benjamin expected to see a few more deep plays from the Gators.

“(The offense) was OK, but they didn’t throw the ball like I wanted them to,” he said.

Again, "OK" is recruit code for "horrifying."

This doesn't yet consititute a crisis, by any means -- it was just last February Urban Meyer and Gators were bringing in a class hailed my many recruitniks as the greatest of all-time -- but it's another step towards Florida's problems in attack reaching critical mass... and Meyer finding someone other than Addazio to run his offense.

Posted on: October 11, 2010 9:39 am
Edited on: October 11, 2010 9:53 am

Report: Brantley played with cracked ribs

Posted by Chip Patterson

Florida quarterback John Brantley's health has been a hot topic of speculation in Gainesville, particularly following the 33-29 loss to LSU under the lights in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on Saturday night.  Brantley struggled at times to move the offense down the field, particularly in the first half.  LSU's defense kept pressure on Brantley all night, holding him to 154 yards and forcing an interception.  Brantley downplayed the effects of an injured throwing thumb and banged up ribs on his play after the game.

"There was never any doubt that I was going to play," Brantley told reporters after the game. "I knew since Monday or Sunday I was. They're [ribs] just a little banged up. Nothing too serious. Nothing you can't play through."

A report from's Joe Schad tells a different story.  While head coach Urban Meyer and Brantley described the ribs as "damaged" and "banged up," the injury is actually hairline fractures in four ribs, according to Schad's source.  Brantley reportedly wore a protective vest during the game, and complications from the injury kept him from throwing in practice on Thursday and Friday.  Additionally, the thumb which Brantley described as a "minor thing," is actually reported to be fractured.

Regardless of the extent of Brantley's injuries, the Gators need to get healthy soon.  It's the first time in six seasons the Gators have had back-to-back losses, and with South Carolina's victory over Alabama, the battle for the SEC East just became very interesting.  The Gators will gladly welcome a change of pace with Mississippi State and an off week before their annual matchup with Georgia in Jacksonville.

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Posted on: October 5, 2010 8:56 am
Edited on: October 5, 2010 9:02 am

UF RB Demps: Foot injury affecting game

Posted by Chip Patterson

Even though he spent most of the preparation week in a protective boot, Florida running back Jeff Demps was still on the field and active in the Gators' 31-6 loss at Alabama on Saturday.  But his presence on the field against the top-ranked team in the land does not signify a complete recovery for the speedy junior.  He led the Gators in rushing, with 11 carries for 47 yards, but on Monday admitted that his foot was "not 100 percent" against the Crimson Tide.
"It bothers me when I'm running and also it bothers me when I try to cut, plant or come back,'' Demps said. "I'm trying to tough it out, but at the same time, I think it's affecting me."

Demps is the primary threat out of the backfield for the Gators, with 414 yards rushing and 61 yards receiving on the season, and having him healthy is essential for the Gators offense.  He said he was not informed until right before the game that he would take the field, though it looks as though he should be ready to play on Saturday against No. 12 LSU.  The defensive unit has been one of LSU's strong points this season, and regardless of any ongoing offensive woes, the Gators cannot expect to win the game without more production on offense.  

In order to get that they will likely need Jeff Demps, because outside of a one game explosion from Trey Burton, they don't seem to be getting it anywhere else.

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 1:54 pm

Florida-Alabama gets primetime kick off

Posted by Chip Patterson

As the top ranked team in the nation, Alabama enters each game with a huge target on their back.  Each team is going to give the Crimson Tide their best shot, and more than likely the entire nation will watch it happen.  The Tide will have their toughest challenge yet on Saturday, traveling to Fayetteville to take on No. 12 Arkansas in their first game in a brutal conference slate.  

The following week doesn't get any easier, as Alabama will rematch the 2009 SEC Championship Game against No. 9 Florida in Tuscaloosa.  The game already promises the standard hype and intensity of recent Alabama-Florida games, and now that attention will be heightened with a primetime kickoff.

CBS will air the Florida-Alabama game in primetime, as the back end of an SEC double-header that will begin with LSU and Tennessee in the standard 3:30 ET slot on Saturday.  Florida and Alabama will kick off just after 8:00 ET under the lights of Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa.  It will be the first primetime SEC battle of the season on CBS.

Florida and Alabama have met in the SEC Championship game for two years running.  Both years, they entered the game undefeated and ranked as the top two teams in the nation.  Both teams are predicted to win their respective divisions and meet in Atlanta for a third year in a row, but this time they get an early season preview.  It will be difficult for either team to expect to play for the national championship after losing a regular season game, even with an SEC Title.

This special regular season meeting of the two powerhouses will now have all of the importance of an SEC title game, including the primetime kickoff.  Why not?  After all, it's FLORABAMA!

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