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Posted on: May 15, 2011 12:43 pm

Ohio State hasn't received gold pants yet

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Every year that Ohio State beats Michigan the Ohio State Gold Pants Club gives out gold pants charms to the players, coaches and everyone involved with Ohio State football. Well, nearly six months after Ohio State beat Michigan last season, the Gold Pants Club is yet to give the team its reward. Though it's not because the pants aren't ready yet, it's because nobody is quite sure what to make of the 2010 season just yet.

According to the club president and former Ohio State lineman, Jim Lachey, it's because Ohio State is "dealing with some outstanding issues we've never had to deal with before." That's what Lachey told the Columbus Dispatch, and of course, those "outstanding issues" is the investigation currently taking place at Ohio State. An investigation that, ironically enough, began with Ohio State players trading previous pairs of gold pants for tattoos.

Lachey says there are a few reasons why they don't want to hand out the pants yet, and it's not just because the win against Michigan could be vacated.

"If they vacate the win, it makes no sense to award the gold pants, at least in our minds," Lachey told the paper. "And if you hand them out and say, 'Oh yeah, we'll need to get them back if the win is vacated' - I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be a smart way to go.

"And I'll be honest: We don't want to see any 2010 gold pants on the market right now."

Ouch. Not even Ohio State booster clubs trust the players anymore. Lachey also said that the club is considering the idea of holding on to all pairs of the pants until each player has run out of eligibility. In other words, if an Ohio State player beats Michigan four times during his college career, after his senior season, then he'll receiver all four pairs. At least that way, if the player does decide to sell them, it won't affect the football program.
Photo courtesy of The Columbus Dispatch 

Posted on: December 23, 2010 12:37 pm

Get your Gold Pants on eBay

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Earlier today it was announced that five Ohio State players had been suspended for selling awards and receiving discounts on tattoos.  The players, including Terrelle Pryor, have been suspended for five games in the 2011 season.  Some of the things Pryor sold included his 2008 Big Ten championship ring, his 2009 Fiesta Bowl sportsmanship award and the Gold Pants he received in 2008.

Gold Pants are an award given to Ohio State players by the school for beating Michigan.  Of course, as it turns out, Pryor isn't the only former Buckeye trying to trade that gold in for some cash.  Why, if you want you're own pair, all you have to do is hit up eBay.

Now, obviously, these are from 1967.  But, still, you can buy them.  I don't think this particular player will be suspended or told to give the proceeds to charity.  So buy without guilt!
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