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Posted on: February 16, 2011 12:41 pm
Edited on: February 16, 2011 2:41 pm

Lane Kiffin drops not-so-subtle hint to HBO

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Every summer I look forward to HBO's Hard Knocks series that follows an NFL team through training camp. It's just incredibly interesting to see life behind closed doors on with a NFL team. It's that appetite for such knowledge that has often had me wish HBO would do something similar with a college football team. ESPN and the Big Ten Network have done it before, but I'd prefer to see the show on a premium channel like HBO where there are less restrictions on what can be aired.

It would give all of us a better idea of what life is like for a college football player as he balances school with football, and we'd see the amount of work these kids put in every day. Plus, can you ever really have enough college football? It'd be an excellent way to bridge the gap between the seasons for college football fans, and you know it would be a ratings hit.

The problem may be finding a program and a coach who is willing to give such access to the media, but I believe we may have found one.

Lane Kiffin may say it's just a random thought, but I read that as "HEY, HBO! COME FILM US!!" Which would be fine with me, and it may be one of the first things Lane Kiffin has ever done that I thought was a good idea. Though if given my choice of which program I'd like to see profiled, I'm not sure USC would be my first choice.

I'd like to see a program that was working in a new head coach, or a huge program that was trying to bounce back from a down year. So, with both of those things in mind, I think a series featuring Texas would be the most interesting choice. You have Texas coming off of a down season, and a ton of coaching turnover on Mack Brown's staff. It'd be compelling television to see how the Longhorns prepare for a new season with the goal of getting back to the top of the new Big 12.

Which school would you like to see?
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