Posted on: February 15, 2011 11:52 am

Florida State's Jermaine Thomas is stubborn

Posted by Tom Fornelli

I wonder, if Jermaine Thomas were to hit the wrong gap on a running play in practice, after being corrected by Jimbo Fisher or one of the Florida State coaches, would he run through the correct gap when the play was run again? You would think so, but Jermaine Thomas doesn't seem like the type of kid who learns from his mistakes.

You see, last week Thomas was pulled over while driving, and was charged with driving on a suspended license. So, it would seem logical, since Thomas already had a suspended license, and was given a ticket for driving with one, he may reconsider getting behind the wheel for a bit. Apparently logic is not Thomas' forte.
For the second time in one week, Tallahassee police arrested Jermaine Thomas and charged him with driving with a suspended license. Thomas was first charged on Feb. 4 with driving with a suspended license. Police stopped him on Thursday and charged him with the same thing.
He posted $250 and was released after the first arrested, and then posted $500 the second time, according to Leon County Sheriff’s Office records.
Maybe the third time will be a charm? Seriously, the only thing that could make this story better would have been Thomas driving himself home from the sherriff's office.

Thomas had 490 rushing yards for the Seminoles last season, and was tied for the team lead in rushing touchdowns with six.
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