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Posted on: December 29, 2011 12:25 pm
Edited on: December 29, 2011 12:25 pm

Chad Glasgow leaves Texas Tech

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It must be the offseason in Lubbock because Texas Tech is looking for a new defensive coordinator. The school announced on Thursday that defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow has left the school.

This is nothing new for the Red Raiders, as the news comes nearly a year to the day that it was announced former defensive coordinator James Willis was leaving the program. All of which means that Tech will be looking for its fourth defensive coordinator in four years, and the third defensive coordinator since Tommy Tuberville took over the program.

As for who the new coordinator will be, we can't be sure. Tuberville has said he'd like to go to a 4-3 scheme next season, which means the Red Raiders will also be employing their third different defensive scheme in three seasons as well. The team ran a 3-4 under Willis before switching to the 4-2-5 under Glasgow in 2011.

Glasgow's scheme didn't work out very well in Lubbock, as the Red Raiders finished 115th nationally in total defense, while finishing 113th in pass defense and 120th -- out of 120 schools in the FBS -- in run defense. The Red Raiders also gave up 39.3 points per game, and you aren't going to win very often when you're allowing nearly 40 points per game.

Of course, you do have to wonder if the results were a result of the scheme and the coaching or the fact that Texas Tech's defense has had to learn an entire new defense every season. I guess we'll find out in 2012.
Posted on: June 30, 2011 12:03 pm

Former Texas Tech coordinator gets probation

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Former Texas Tech defensive coordinator James Willis has pleaded guilty to the charge of assault and domestic violence stemming from an incident in December.

It was reported that Willis had gotten into an altercation with his wife on December 22nd, and just a few days later Willis was no longer working for Tommy Tuberville at Texas Tech. Willis has been sentenced to six months deferred probation and could face up to a year in prison if he's found in violation of his probation. He must also attend anger management classes and do 30 hours of community service. 

According to the police report, Willis' wife Shalane Willis called police to the couple's house on December 22nd claiming that Willis slapped her, hit her on the nose and threw her on the bed during an argument. She then ran out the front door and to a neighbor's house where she called 911.

Willis only spent one season at Texas Tech as defensive coordinator, but had worked under Tuberville alongside Florida head coach Will Muschamp at Auburn. Willis was replaced at Texas Tech by Chad Glasgow.

Posted on: December 27, 2010 11:43 pm

This may be why James Willis left Texas Tech

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Earlier on Monday we told you how defensive coordinator James Willis had left Texas Tech and was pursuing other job opportunities, including the opening at Florida.  Of course, there was some question as to why Willis had suddenly decided to leave Texas Tech, and the school would give no clarification as to whether Willis had resigned from his position or had been fired.

Well, the school still hasn't said what caused Willis' sudden departure, but I think we've found the reason why.
FOX 34 News has learned that a domestic dispute is reported to have taken place at a Wolfforth home, that according to several sources, is the residence of former Texas Tech football defensive coordinator James Willis. 
Wolfforth Police Chief Rick Scott confirms that police were called to a home at 305 North 10th in Wolfforth at 3:15, the morning of December 22.

According to Scott, the victim was a 33-year old female and the suspect is a 38-year old male.  James Willis turned 38 back in September, so do the math.

Call me crazy, but I believe this may be why Willis is no longer with the team, and odds are that it will affect his potential candidacy at Florida or any other job for the time being.  Texas Tech is currently in Dallas practicing in preparation for its game against Northwestern in the Ticket City Bowl on New Year's Eve.
Posted on: December 27, 2010 11:36 am

Red Raider coordinator James Willis to Florida?

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

If you've kept up with the AP headlines, you know that Texas Tech defensive coordinator James Willis has left Tommy Tuberville's Red  Raider staff a week before the Raiders' appearance in the TicketCity Bowl. But according to this report from the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal , there's a lot more to Willis's departure than in your run-of-the-mill firing or resignation:
The Avalanche-Journal learned Sunday night Willis was talking about a job with the University of Florida and Tech coach Tommy Tuberville found out through third parties. The two came to a mutual agreement Willis should leave Tech ...

“I wish James the best of luck, but it is important for (the) football team to keep pressing forward,” Tuberville said in the statement. “We have a great defensive staff here that will carry the load along with my assistance as we prepare for Northwestern .”

Tech spokesman Blayne Beal said Tuberville would not discuss the situation further until Monday in Dallas ... When asked whether Willis’ departure was a resignation, Beal declined to say.

If Willis does wind up making the move to Gainesville, it will come as a surprise (even to parties who aren't the apparently blindsided Tuberville) no matter how it happens. If Willis has agreed to become a position coach on Will Muschamp's staff, it'll mean a step back down the coaching ladder and away from what looked like a secure position on his longtime colleague Tuberville's staff (not to mention a likely pay cut). If Muschamp is planning on naming Willis his own defensive coordinator, he's bringing aboard a DC with only one year's experience at the coordinator position, and a fairly lousy year's worth of experience at that; Willis's Red Raiders finished 116th (out of 120 teams, you'll recall) in total defense and a slightly-less-horrific 85th in scoring defense.

As auditions go, that's not the kind that usually lands a gig as plum as defensive coordinator for the Gators. But you can't accuse Muschamp of not knowing what he's getting into; he and Willis worked together under Tuberville to forge some frequently dominant Auburn defenses in 2006 and 2007.

So Willis-to-Gainesville does make some sense, if not a lot of it. In any case, this is not how anyone would have foreseen Willis's time in Lubbock coming to an end, as the pairing of Tuberville and his longtime assistant seemed destined to be a fruitful one. Instead, Willis spent his only season in the coordinator's chair trying desperately (and unsuccessfully) to patch various holes and wrapped it up going behind his employer's back to look for something better. It's fair to say it's not what anyone -- Raider fans, Tech brass, even Tuberville himself -- would have ever expected.
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