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Posted on: June 21, 2011 11:58 am
Edited on: June 21, 2011 1:12 pm

Joe Paterno breaks NCAA rules too

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It seems there is no coach out there who isn't capable of breaking an NCAA rule from time to time as even Joe Paterno, the legendary head coach at Penn State, can find himself running afoul of the NCAA. In a recent interview with ESPN for a show he's doing with Duke's head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, Paterno came clean about a minor violation he committed recently.

Passing by Holuba Hall, where several football players were conducting unsupervised workouts, Paterno stopped to watch for a few minutes without speaking to anyone, he said. Suitably impressed, he returned to his office where he reported to the coaching staff that at least one player had looked good and caught his eye.

"You know you broke a rule?" someone said, pointing out that coaches aren't permitted to watch players working out before the start of practice in August.

Penn State spokesman Jeff Nelson said the university will report the incident to the NCAA.

"Our compliance office is aware and will relay the circumstances to determine if there was a secondary violation," Nelson said.

Bring the hammer down on them! Sanction Penn State back to the Stone Age!

Seriously, this isn't a big deal at all, and I highly doubt anything will come of it. Though it does highlight how silly some of the rules the NCAA puts in place. I mean, oh the horror of a football coach watching his players work out. Soon he might say something nefarious like "good job!" 

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