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Posted on: May 11, 2011 5:20 pm
Edited on: May 11, 2011 5:23 pm

The BCS is laughing at you

Posted by Tom Fornelli

When I first heard the BCS announcement today about the "punishment" it has handed down to the Fiesta Bowl, I could only laugh. Maybe I should have been outraged, but laughter is the natural reaction to a joke. Which is exactly what this whole thing is, and all that the BCS has ever been.

For all its improprieties, the Fiesta Bowl was told today it must pay a one million dollar fine and follow tighter BCS guidelines. In other words, pay this paltry sum of money -- "walking around" money to the Fiesta Bowl -- then do what you should have been doing the entire time.

It's the equivalent of parents sending their child to his room as punishment, where cable television and his XBox await.

Part of me wishes the BCS could run the entire judicial system for this country. "Tom Fornelli, you have been found guilty of murder. Pay a $50 fine and try not to kill any more people." I'll do my best, your honor.

So now, the Fiesta Bowl will reach into its very deep pockets, pull out a wad of cash and go back to being a BCS bowl game. Which means it will once again have the chance to award a couple college football teams the opportunity to pay their way to Glendale, pay for millions of dollars in tickets, and then play a football game where the vast majority of income will fill the Fiesta Bowl's coffers.

It's like a time-share seminar on steroids, only you've got to keep paying rent on the condo even after you've already bought it.

The Fiesta Bowl may not learn any kind of lesson from all this, but I have. Or at least, I've been reminded of it. The BCS may in fact be a joke, but the BCS has been in on it the entire time.

What I hope more people realize today is that the joke has been on us.

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