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Posted on: April 11, 2011 8:09 pm

Locker room bandit steals from 7 Georgia players

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Football Faculty Appreciation Day! A wonderful tradition at the University of Georgia where the professors and other academic professionals are allowed to attend a Bulldogs football practice, get to know the coaches, and further understand and appreciate the program as a whole. Here's a video report by the Georgia athletic department from the latest iteration of the annual event, which took place just this past Thursday.

Notice anything unusual about that video? Maybe someone taking over $1,000 worth of electronics out of the locker room? No? Well, that's a shame, because UGA police would really like to know who exactly did that. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, according to campus police, seven Bulldogs players reported items missing from their lockers after the event, including iPhones and iPods. And as the police pointed out, the fact that it happened during this event is hardly a coincidence:

Jamel Allen, Kenarious Gate, Abry Jones, Jordan Love, Rhett McGowan, Alex Ogletree and Shawn Williams all reported that items totaling $1,330 were stolen out of their lockers last Thursday afternoon, according to police reports. No players are expected to have been involved in the thefts.

“We haven’t ruled anything out but have no reason to suspect that,” UGA Police Lt. Eric Dellinger said.

Last Thursday afternoon the normally heavily-secured building — which requires fingerprint identification to access – was unsecured for “faculty appreciation day.” 

“It’s not uncommon for thefts to take place in secured buildings during events like this,” Dellinger said. “The lockers they were taken from weren’t locked.”

Yep. Let's just run that last paragraph back again.

“It’s not uncommon for thefts to take place in secured buildings during events like this,” Dellinger said. “The lockers they were taken from weren’t locked.”

Now, we're not victim-blamers here on this blog. Those who commit crimes and other bad acts bear the brunt of responsibility for them, and they alone should be punished accordingly. That being said, if even the police say this type of theft is "not uncommon," why on earth are the Georgia athletic department and UGA Police putting the players in a position where their valuables are unsecured around the general public?

That all aside, one more observation I'd like to make is that it would be nice if there were stronger anti-theft remedies on iPhones and iPods than just mere password protection. Perhaps there's a third-party application available for tracing stolen or misplaced iPhones and iPods via the cell phone towers or network IP addresses the device accesses, but it's certainly not a standard feature on all Apple mobile products, and it seems like in cases like these the devices would be far less attractive to potential thieves if they broadcast their location every time they were so much as turned on. Get on it already, Apple. Do it for the Dawgs.

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