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Posted on: April 21, 2011 11:48 am

Duke LB arrested on cocaine trafficking charges

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Duke being Duke, the image of their football players tends to be that of a collective of academics-first goody-goodies that might be a little too smart to play championship football, much like Vanderbilt or Northwestern in the SEC or Big Ten.

No, it's not fair, but Blue Devil reserve linebacker Tyree Glover may have been trying a little too hard to disprove that stereotype. Glover was dismissed from the Duke program yesterday after having been arrested Tuesday on charges of trafficking cocaine and marijuana possesion. Per the local Herald-Sun:
The 6-foot-1, 255-pound sophomore linebacker from Crescent City, Fla., was being held in the Durham County jail Thursday in lieu of $750,000 bond ...

[Police spokesperson Kammie] Michael said police then obtained a search warrant and searched his dorm room on the Duke campus where they found marijuana.

Michael said police confiscated 29.6 grams of powder cocaine and 72.4 grams of marijuana.

Glover wasn't a major part of the Blue Devil defense, with 20 total career tackles, but he had appeared in 23 of 24 games since his 2009 arrival on campus.

Something tells me that at Duke, those 23 appearances aren't quite going to be what Glover's abbreviated Blue Devil tenure will be remembered for.

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